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OK everyone, I know I suck at updating this blog. I haven’t posted anything new since December!

But it takes so much time just to shoot and edit my videos, I find it hard to squeeze in blogging. Which is a bummer, because writing is one of my true passions! But I do manage to bang out newsletters from time to time…so, if you want to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in my crazy world, make sure you sign up to receive newsletters. You can do so at the bottom right-hand side of this page — or the bottom right of my homepage.

If you do already get my newsletter, you already know that I just got back from a week in the beautiful Eastern Sierra…where I checked out all kinds of fun stuff like the mysterious columns on the east shore of Crowley Lake (above). It’s a real bummer they don’t allow camping there, because these formations would look really cool under moonlight! But… then the beach would be covered in trash and drunk people, so I guess maybe it’s for the best that it’s day-use only. And I found a really nice campsite nearby, anyway.

But I’m back in Death Valley now…and boy, is it hot here! That means it’s time to get outski again, and soon — with any luck, I’ll be off again in a week or so. First stop: a trip to Hollywood. And not just to stop in and visit my manly meathead friend Mike Z (hi, Mike!) — I mainly need to hit up my favorite wig store on Hollywood Blvd, and get a new wig or two.

You may have noticed in the first photo that my Marilyn Monroe wig is in bad shape — that’s what 5 years and 3 Burning Mans (Men?) will do to a wig. So I need a new one of those, and maybe something else fun to spice things up this summer.

Well, this particular wig store on Hollywood Blvd. is the BEST for over-the-top wigs — I think their clientele is mostly drag queens and other professional bons vivants, and they have an amazing selection. I first went there way back in 2001 with my sis, where we picked up some crazy over-the-top platinum bouffants. And I’ve gone back over the years to pick up my Bettie Page wig (which is also frankly in need of replacing), and a Joan Jett mullet, which never got much use because I don’t love the way I look in it.

pic by Ric Young

So anyway, Hollywood will be my first stop, and I have a bunch of travels planned after that…but first and foremost, I have to help my mom. So that’ll be my priority…but I’ll squeeze in as many adventures as I can around my filial duties!

I’ll be honest…sometimes, I feel completely overwhelmed trying to do all this myself: my channel, my blog, my gummies, hats and shirts and calendars, home maintenance stuff, car stuff, blah blah blah.

But going out into beautiful country, and having adventures, always helps to remind me why I do it!

And after all…challenges are just new adventures waiting to be met. RIGHT?!





5 responses to “If You’re Not Subscribed to My Newsletter, You’re Missing Out!”

  1. Robert Lee Avatar
    Robert Lee

    If I took a road trip to Tecopa, including Shoshone, between the summer holidays, close to 1800 miles away, not expecting to find you, what else would I find as to what is open and what is not?

    1. Robert Lee Avatar
      Robert Lee

      I don’t need an itemized list of what’s open or closed; I’m just going to take Facebook pictures of the things you pointed out in your videos. I just want to know the food and gas situation in your area in mid-summer.

  2. Wonderhussy Avatar

    Nothing is open at all in this summertime! The whole town shuts down.
    The only place that stays open for food is the Crowbar in Shoshone. The motel in Shoshone also stays open, and there is a warm spring swimming pool… I think Delights Hot Spring resort might stay open as well, and they also have a pool. But the flies are so bothersome, it’s probably not even worth coming out until October!

  3. Steve from Illinois Avatar
    Steve from Illinois

    That ersatz Life cover photo is frigging amazing. Modeling,photography and
    writing skills are all first rate. You are my favorite skilled professional Youtuber
    Sarah Jane!

  4. Wonderhussy Avatar

    Thank you! The guy who did that Life magazine mockup is pretty good!

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