Hi, I’m Wonderhussy: an all-American idiot, iconoclast and adventuress with an insatiable curiosity about — and love for — the weird wonders of this wide, wild world. I don’t take anything too seriously … and I ain’t skeered of nothin’!

Having spent 21 years in Las Vegas selling yo-yos and romping around nekkid for the benefit of photographers, I eventually grew curious as to what’s outside the Vegas city limits … and from the very first abandoned brothel I stumbled upon in the Nevada desert back in 2016, I’ve been sharing my adventures on YouTube. Hot springs, ghost towns, lonely desert outposts and high Sierra hideaways … I hunt them all down in my quest to discover the secret history of the American West, one strange place at a time.

Now based in a tiny hot spring oasis on the fringes of civilization at the edge of Death Valley, I spend my days roaming the vast emptiness of the Mojave Desert and beyond, poking my nose into every abandoned trailer and historical site I come across. If I can’t find the backstory in my research … I’ll gladly come up with my own over-the-top scenario as to what happened to the previous inhabitants of any given ghost town. (Don’t believe me? Just watch!)

There’s no mountain too high, no road too rough — and nowhere I’d rather be than the middle of nowhere. So get in, sit down and buckle up — we’re going adventuring!


The Daily Mail called, and I answered from Burning Man 2023! Here’s the interview they published where I tell them how the rain weeded out the weak. In response to this, I was awarded the title of “worst woman on earth” by the salty bros at Barstool Sports.

But I’m not salty — I’m down to help a bro, as evidenced by my profile in the Reno Journal Gazette in which I tell the story of the time “three dudes…got their toy hauler stuck near Big Dune in Southern Nevada” and my girlfriend and I had to tow them out. “It was like desert ‘Baywatch’ … We should have some red swimsuits made so that we can run over in slow motion next time … as we carry our tow straps to help the next trio of hapless bros!”

I’ve also been featured on the Life is a Gamble Podcast, Magic Matt Alan’s Outlaw Radio and in Las Vegas Weekly … as well as having my very own profile (and tasteful full-page nude photo) in Penthouse magazine. Now I’m just waiting for that call from Time, when they name me Woman of the Year!