Welcome to my new website!!


New website, new bikini!

I finally finished designing my new website (well, with a lot of help from my friends at Misfit Media!)

I can’t even tell you how GREAT it feels to finally have this done — and to once again have a place where I can spill my guts all over the internet. I can do that to a certain extent on my YouTube channel, but not really — my videos are long enough as it is! I have long needed a secondary outlet, for all the stuff I can’t fit in my vlogs. So, that’s what this blog will be: a place for all the stuff that didn’t make the cut. 

I have this one viewer who’s always berating me because my videos are too long. According to this guy, my content shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes — and I agree with him; if I want mainstream success, I should be cranking out 10-15 minute clickbait quickies. So I’ve been trying to make shorter videos…which means there’s almost always lots of footage that ends up getting deleted. 

Getting ready to watch the annular eclipse last month

Well, now I have a place to share the stories and tidbits that didn’t end up in the videos! I can also share logistical info, and dish on bloopers I made in the process of shooting (there’s always a few).

And most importantly…I can share my personal thoughts and feelings about the stuff I’m shooting. I don’t usually get into that too much in my videos — there’s just not enough time. So this blog will allow me to share these extra insights, as well.

I’m going to try and post at least one blog per week, related to one or both of that week’s videos. Like I said, there’s usually a few tidbits I had to leave out, and I almost always have behind-the-scenes photos to share, too. 

And in between those video-related blogs, I may just post random personal stuff from time to time. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t have a single person in my real life who will listen to me talk about my problems, so I might end up doing that here. Lucky you!! 

Shooting nudies for one of my upcoming calendars

But for now, all I really want to say is: I’M ALIVE!!! Hello, birds! Hello, trees! I HAVE A VOICE AGAIN!

And I hope you’ll check in here periodically to listen to me. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified when I post something…and be sure to leave a comment, letting me know what you think.






56 responses to “Welcome to my new website!!”

  1. Ian Avatar

    Hi. My name is Ian. I’m from Australia. I don’t think your videos are to long. I enjoy them immensely. Love the scenery. The vastness and colours. My thing is, whilst your talking about the subject I’m listening to you but I’m looking into that long distance behind you and seeing the real America. I think you’d enjoy a trip over here. Our countries are so similar, relatable but immensely different at the same time. Regards Ian

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you! I would DEFINITELY enjoy visiting Australia, and I do plan to…one of these days, when I find a suitable travel partner!

  2. Julie & Conrad Saturnio Avatar
    Julie & Conrad Saturnio

    Hey Sarah,

    Love your videos! We enjoy following along on your adventures. You definitely keep us entertained with your quirky sense of humor and history shared about the various places you visit. And video length is just right, by the way! Look forward to getting your newsletter so can stay updated with your blogs.

    We like to venture out too and more so now that we’re fully retired. Have taken our two daughters and two granddaughters all across the country on various road trips. Still so much more to see!

    Take good care,
    Julie & Conrad

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you! Glad you’re enjoying!

  3. John Rush Avatar
    John Rush

    I like the new format. The only thing I’d change is the font, since I prefer serifs. Purely subjective, of course.

    Also, you might consider straying from strictly vlog reports, time permitting. You’ve plenty to say on other topics, and you might occasionally want to recommend an especially good restaurant, or warn of a business that should be avoided, or share other experiences and/or opinions that won’t fill a video.

  4. hugh hall Avatar
    hugh hall

    have you ever looked at the stone compess south of your town

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      I have hiked up to the Stone compass just south of my house! It’s pretty interesting… But it’s on private property, so I have to be careful about what I shoot over there.

    2. Judi Angelo/ San Diego, Ca Avatar
      Judi Angelo/ San Diego, Ca

      Hey! You sure reminded me of myself! When I was your age!!!! I love watching you! And you and the Flea Market is on my bucket list! So I hope to meet you at the next Firefighter’s Flea Market! Can you send me the address for Flea Market as well as lodging! (RETIRED Firefighters from San Diego in family) Love ya! Judi

      1. wonderhussy Avatar

        We don’t know for sure when the next event will be.. probably sometime in the fall! I will announce it here, and on my YouTube channel, when we figure it out!

        As for lodging, there are a few motels in Tecopa, and plenty of places to stay in pahrump, which is about 45 minutes away.

  5. Tom Pogue Avatar
    Tom Pogue

    I tried to go to your shop to order, but the message said something about “reload cache”. HELP! What do I do? We will be passing through Tecopa in mid Dec. and could grab something if any of your local businesses display/sell your inventory. My “starched and strait laced” wife needs a Wonder Hussy shirt so she can get in touch with he “inner Hussy”. 🙂

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Haha! I don’t carry any of the merch myself, unfortunately, and it’s not sold anywhere other than on my website. Maybe try again? I’m sorry you’re having these hassles, but I just don’t know any other way…

  6. Mark Avatar

    Ten years back I lived in Tecopa for a year. I have lived many places (Portugal at the moment) but I miss Tecopa more than anywhere else. So many good stories to tell.
    Discovered you yesterday. Wonder if you’ve been to the canyon shrine? It was nearly in ruins ten years ago but carried with it some powerful energy.
    I lost contact with friends there. Maybe you can, at least, tell me if they are alive!!! Of you can help it would be much appreciated.
    Muito obrigado.
    as the call me here . . . Marco

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Wow, far out! Feel free to email me privately if you want…. wonderhussy@gmail.com.
      I have been to Cathedral Canyon…is that what you’re talking about? It’s pretty busted up, but still there!

  7. John Kuczmanski Avatar
    John Kuczmanski

    Hi Wonderhussy. I’ve been following you since your MM days, blogs and videos. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Tecopa Festival. I bought a window sticker (all proceeds went to the Tecopa Fire Department) and proudly display it on my truck. It gets a lot of comments from those asking what the sticker is about and from those who know of you. Keep up the awesome attitude and great content. Thank you for entertaining us with informative content.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you for helping support our fire department!!

  8. Vivian Crecelius Avatar
    Vivian Crecelius

    Great website! We enjoy your videos. Your style and sense of humor come shining through! Never a dull moment as your content and editing move right along. Appreciate your openness and honesty. Enjoy seeing you support your desert community and friends there, too.
    Lived in Tahoe City in the 60s and spent time in Reno and Virginia City. Thank you for taking us back to Nevada and parts of CA. A real joy! Look foreword to your newsletters. Best of everything to you now and in the New Year. -Vivian C.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you, Vivian! I’m glad you’re enjoying my videos… And thanks for stopping by my website!

  9. Thomas Graham Avatar
    Thomas Graham

    Hobo Hot Tub. You made my day. Splish Splash

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Glad you liked it! It was the hardest I’ve ever worked for a bath, but very rewarding

  10. Christian L Rodgers Avatar
    Christian L Rodgers

    Hi Sara . I know you like a good mystery. about 30 years ago there was a double murder at the upper springs in Saline Valley. The couple disappeared and left all their stuff in their van. the Inyo County Search and rescue looked for then. There was a large reward offered. years later the 2 were found buried in a shallow grave on top of each other. She was the heir to a silver fortune. The government got involved because it looked like a threat to national security. Maybe you can solve it.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      I’m very familiar with that case! But I think they solved it it was that Marine, Mike I think his name was, who used to hang out at the springs.. I think they pretty conclusively proved it

  11. Douglas Cox Avatar
    Douglas Cox

    Hi, Did you ever think that you are doing what your supposed to be doing? Think about how your adventures really enlighten people, and me, with your videos. I spent 21 years in the military, worked in law enforcement, worked for the government and now I am 100 percent disabled wanting to travel and go out into nature, but I don’t for one reason or another, so I do it through you to a degree. Hell I have a masters in clinical psychology and I still can’t figure out what in the hell I am doing in life and I’m 57. SO I think your doing what your supposed to be doing, after all you enjoy it, and no, don’t move back to Vegas, I’m trying to get out of Vegas. Oh and last is tell those people that get anal about you missing a video because your sick to get a life. Hope you feel better and I wouldn’t mind you taking time off to get better. Thanks for the videos.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you!!!! But I would note that people quibbling over my missing a week aren’t necessarily just being anal…. I might be there only window to the world, you know? There are lots of folks out there like you!
      Anyway, I appreciate your awesome comment! It made me feel pretty good about myself!! Thank you!

  12. Christian L Rodgers Avatar
    Christian L Rodgers

    Hi Sara
    I watched Glass House and agree that it is one of my favorite video’s. I tried to find out more information but had no luck. I have worked in construction and have some idea of what it took to build out there. The only mention of the builder was he traveled in and out by helicopter. I to would like you to go back sometime. Even though someone put holes in the drywall ,I am surprised that there is no other vandalizing or bullet holes in the glass.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Wow, bringing everything in by helicopter makes sense.. it was so isolated out there! I’m glad you appreciated the builder’s archestry. I thought it was a beautiful place! And I agree, it was a miracle the glass wasn’t all shot up.

  13. Jay Redfeather Avatar

    I have a holster l made for you after your visit with the one legged miner!

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Wow, no kidding?!

  14. Douglas Cox Avatar
    Douglas Cox

    Hi, Just watched the circles in the desert and here is what I think your looking at is boundary markers. They are not evenly spaced apart so that blows the alien involvement out the door. Prospecting spots wouldn’t have been that close together let alone in a line. Ancient circles as a trail wouldn’t have been that close together unless they were blind and established brail, but using a circle guide to set up something noticeable and close like if they had wood to use as a fence would be sort of the same thing where a surveyor would keep them in line of a boundary but not so picky as to how close together.
    Now lets get into the probing by aliens. What if someone dressed up as an alien and …..Just kidding, but you put it out there, snicker giggle.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Ha!!! I’m still not sure about the boundary theory though… it seems weird to have made so many of them, so close together. Still, I guess it’s the most plausible explanation so far!

      1. Jeff Vietzke Avatar
        Jeff Vietzke

        I think the circles are some 300-700 year-old Native American religious or spiritual markings. Too much work for a border. And that desert pavement can stay like that on high ground for eons. I’m amazed that some Kyle hasn’t come along on his ATV doing brodies on them by now!

        1. wonderhussy Avatar

          Kyle😆😆 Haaaaa!!!!

  15. Jeff Vietzke Avatar
    Jeff Vietzke

    Hi Sarah Jane! Just found this. I think–if anything– your videos are too SHORT. Just as I’m getting engrossed, they’re over. Some of the best stuff on youtube, better than anything on commercial TV, in my opinion. I have to get better at giving them likes and comments on my computer. (I watch them on my TV which doesn’t have that function). Your ability to make a mundane rail siding on the side of the road actually interesting is amazing. Keep up the good work. You are bringing entertainment, enlightenment, and joy to a LOT of people. I’ve gotta get down there and meet you and Ross. I like that guy a lot.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Sure! Thank you 😃

  16. Jack Avatar

    Your doing fine. You keep me entertained. Thanks.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you! I appreciate the kind words 😃

  17. Christian L Rodgers Avatar
    Christian L Rodgers

    Hi Sara
    I am a big fan. Watch you every week. I got your hat for Christmas ,and its a snap back. It almost fits on the last snap. Do you have a 7 and 7/8 inch’s fitted hat?

  18. Jim Avatar

    Just found your You Tube recently and I just can’t get enough of you, and the desert locations you visit. Been to Death Valley many times over the years with camper and or on a motorcycle. I am from Orange County CA but recently moved to Temecula in Riverside County. May come out tomorrow and hopefully get to meet you at the fundraiser. If not I will be coming out to take a closer look at Tecopa and maybe run into you then.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you! I’ll be at the flea market all day today and tomorrow… Hope to see you there!

  19. Jim Avatar

    I really enjoyed getting a chance to meet you today. Waiting in line I noticed how you gave each and every person your time and attention and hugs for everyone! Would have liked to talk to you more but there were still others behind me waiting for their turn. I actually got to spend a fair amount of time talking to Eliza and she is really cool as well. Hope to cross paths with you guys sometime in the future. Hope you raise a good amount of money for the fire dept.

  20. Wonderhussy Avatar

    Thank you so much for stopping by! It was frustrating for me, because I wanted to spend more time with everyone… But at the same time, I didn’t want people to have to stand in line too long. Thank you for being so classy and understanding about it!

  21. Gregory Foscato Avatar
    Gregory Foscato

    Dang Me! Missed the flee mkt –

    WEll, it WAS only 2000 miles away! Hi from Fasky in WI. My last name is almost the same as the sweet wine from northern Italy, But with an F. That wine grape and origin are from the same Reagion or the Foothills of te Italian Alps. Yes I’ve been there but only that once. It was nice.

    Sooo, I Love your ‘new’ site and I ‘luv’ you, but oddly – I’m very new to you, so I’m only familiar with this one, new site of your’s.
    SO glad I met you through your comment on Jeff Wm. Nugget Challenge about Flee Mkt. Ah Fate! It works in such strange ways and always know what’s the best for us! 9As if We’d have any control over what happens– I have a booklet of some cute personal observations( yes, some plagiarized ) – maybe missives? Many magnetized to my reefer, NO NOT THAT REEFER – My refrigerator – reefer. Not that there’s anything BUT GOOD as to that other reefer. Anywhos my little saying about Fate goes — “If you embrace fate then you can’t believe there’s a HELL!” Think about it y’all. Take Care and See Ya – I hope.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      I love the way you think! We are definitely cut from the same cloth 😁 glad you found me!

      1. Fasky Avatar

        Yes, we are alike, except you can type more accurately. I shuda gone back and re-wrote/re-typed a few (or ten) words in my last comment. I think having to edit vids is what scares me away.
        I too, am not so much cheap, as I am thoughtful with money. I come from a family that’s as proud as you are of being “frugal?” I’ve lost track of the numbers of dumpters I dove, and flee markets I’ve flown, and dump pickings I’ve picked! Not to mention the occasional goodies on the side of the road. You obviously aren’t concerned when you pickup rotting things in shipping containers when making your observations for the masses. Nor am I and there IS a reason – all of my family members were bought up with the concept of ‘money mindful’. Yes, all of the past and present families had money, (just luck, fate? – hard work.) and still do! But FRUGAL was ingrained (engrained?) in my ancestors, parents and grandparents, & now in me. Oh well. Ha – LOL – Don’tchya jist hate that lame ‘LOL’ stuff? I s’pose it does the laughter job though.
        I saw, read? something of your’s where, I cudda sworn, you said you’re being careful to edit out things objectionable to some (was it a reference to your podcast?). As if that venue is expected to follow YouTube dictates. Does it HAVE to be that way? I for one, don’t like being denied fun stuff, appropriate adult stuff. And NO I’m not just talking about skin or language or pictures. Just whatever. I thought PodCasts were covered by FREE SPEECH! Yes?

        Hey, I sure like how Doug C thinks. It’s like he pulls thoughts right out of MY head. HaHa

        So, I’d like to tell you (mostly OTHER readers) that your Gummies REALLY ARE as tasty as you say (‘cuz sure, that’s what we’d be after, taste. Right?). But I have surprisingly ‘pleasant’ feelings too. Go figure! It’s so kind of you to make healthier treats available to me (and the public). One of the best super ‘mellows’ I’ve ever had! Yes, you sponsor these and I mean there has to be a mfr somewhere. For all I know the whole idea is you. And maybe have a say in contents or ingredients (organic, whatever), maybe tweeked things as well? GOOD JOB! I can’t help but wonder – Hmmm – (that’s wondering) – here is the major partner in a good paydirt ‘prospect’, a working claim. My best to you. (and don’t address any of that here – if there even is – any of that). Take Care.
        Whoa, I gotta goa –

        Hey! Anyone who hasn’t ordered WH’s Gummies – do so – NOW!

        1. wonderhussy Avatar

          I’m with you on the free speech.. but at the same time, if I want to continue to be able to use their platform to make a living, I have to abide by their rules. And I actually find it kind of a fun challenge to slightly subvert them! It’s a master class on the fine art of subtlety!

  22. Craig l Chadwick Avatar
    Craig l Chadwick

    I’ve just started watching Your Tube Vids, very informative, very amusing, and the Full spectrum you. Every video leaves me thinking that you would be the perfect MOM, definitely a mini you situation. I had to say.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you! I think I would have been a great mom –I’m 12 years older than my brother, and 9 years older than one of my sisters, so I did sort of raise them in a way. But it just wasn’t in the cards for me, and that’s okay! At least this way I get plenty of sleep 😃

  23. Benjamin F Campanella Avatar
    Benjamin F Campanella

    Thank You Sarah for the Vid on Mojave especially the visit to the Mojave Air and Space Port.
    Brought back fond memories landing there in two different B-747s during a final delivery flight to their final resting place…. not a very glorious or dignified ending to such a prestigious and glamorous aircraft.
    Also, Victorville AKA George Air Force Base is home to SoCal Logistics known for their commercial aircraft paint and overhaul facility.
    Love the calendar.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it! I really find Mojave fascinating… I loved making that video!

  24. Cindy Avatar

    Hey there! Not sure if you’re looking for something to do…. You always have somewhere to go! Curious if you are interested in checking out Lundy Canyon? Right off Hwy 395 . My son and I and a few friends from Lee Vining will be doing some fire abatement the last week of May. It’s located between Bridgeport and June Lake ( I know you know Mono Lake) Lundy Canyon is Magical and so rich in mining history and logging for Bodie’s mining and housing…. Would love to see you!

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you for reaching out! Emailed you privately 😃

  25. Douglas Cox Avatar
    Douglas Cox

    Hi, was watching your latest post on do you or don’t you. First let me say that your still beautiful and you shouldn’t put yourself down. Every lady has their glimmer. I heard part of your live show where people where asking about the other girl, thought that was a bit crass on their part. I live in Las Vegas and have been married twice to women that cheated on me and so I have my own issues with me and having been on the military and worked in law enforcement and having a masters in psychology I am questioning myself all of the time. I think it is great that you get out and see the west and share it as your video does give me some entertainment twice a week, especially since I got rid of cable. I often want to travel around and see stuff by myself and just absorb the natural world, but there are times when it is nice to have someone there to share it with. Your doing what I have not yet worked myself up to yet. Also being a disabled vet does leave me some times hampered on how much I can do too. As far as the other guy, well lets just say he was fishing and your too much of a catch for him, better to be let loose then pulled in and live in regret later. Personally I enjoy listening to you talk as I live alone and hearing someone else talk is nice, especially since I am not a gabber. Your also very intelligent and that probably turns off a lot of men as we tend to like to feel smart, I am not into who’s smarter, we all have our expertise and things we know and do not know. And many may get jealous of the other guys you have as friends, but I can say that I used to have a lot of female friends and my ex would hate it, even though nothing but friendship was there, so that is a no go for many. Being a nudest, well let me tell you have the body for it I am to shy and I do not see myself as attractive at all so your much braver then most men or women. You need a boyfriend that is there with you but not surrounding you, you need a boyfriend not a husband and a guy that gives you space to do your thing as I am sure you would give to him. So please do not get down on yourself and don’t give up being you. Otherwise then I would have nothing to watch or would be stuck watching some youtuber that just babbles like some tour guide and bores the hell out of me. At least you provide factual info with personality and your own style that makes watching you fun, and to be more honest it makes you addictive to know, so keep up and don’t let the few bad points be the major over the many good points. I know I would prefer a hard charging gal to some quite princess that makes you question everything as if I could read their mind. Rock on. Oh and forget the buddha stuff and just tune into some Bread or Little River Band or Leo Sawyer or even early Billy Joel and then kick it up with some Eagles you will do fine. Love you and your show and look forward to the next adventure.

  26. Christian L Rodgers Avatar
    Christian L Rodgers

    Hi Sara, you can tell the old men with testicles half way to their knees that the cat was out of the bag on the undisclosed location over 30 years ago when National Geographic did and article about it and mentioned Chile Bob. I have been going there for 50 years and even went there for our honeymoon. I love the sunrise pool, Wizard pool, the volcano pool and of course the bathtub. We love your channel keep up the good work.

  27. Christian L Rodgers Avatar
    Christian L Rodgers

    Hi Sara. We were in Tacopa last weekend and went to the Date Ranch [ chased out by horse fly’s] then went to the Pizza place. Great pizza. Thanks for all the good tips.

  28. Derrick D'Amico Avatar
    Derrick D’Amico

    Hello there Wonderhussy, Whenever I see you I smile. There is so much positive enthusiasm emanating from you. Even when your adventures seem difficult, or are just not going the way you intended, your great sense of humor is adorable ….as are you !! I like the down to earth vulnerability you show now and then, even speaking of depression. Remember, we are rooting for you. You are safe with us. In so many ways you are a down to earth person ….but …when you dress yourself up in Model-mode, ,,,,,Va VOOM !!

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you so much! I try really hard to stay authentic and down to earth.. there’s so much fake stuff online, I don’t want to be any part of that! So I’m glad you appreciate it. Thank you for watching!

  29. Wonderhussy Avatar

    Thank you for coming out here! The flies are miserable this time of year.. I don’t blame you for leaving because of them! But they usually go away by October, so come back anytime after that 😃

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