Behind the Scenes of My 2024 Calendar Shoot

Another day, another random bath shot… that didn’t make the final cut

WHEW!! My 2024 pin-up calendar shoot is finally over — and what a relief!

Shooting 12 different looks in 12 different locations is a lot of work. I spread it over 4 days… which means I had to spackle on makeup 4 days in a row, including my most hated accessory of all: false eyelashes. UGH! I’ve said this before — I have beady little eyes, like the Possum aka George Jones. So getting fake lashes on them is no easy task!

Me and my beady little eyes

Before I go any further, I should note that all the photos in this blog post are also-rans — none of them made the final cut, but I still like them and wanted to share them one way or another. My photographer friend Jessica Katharsys, who shot all the photos for the calendar, did an amazing job! But if you want to see the best of the best…. head on over to the online calendar store and order one for yourself!

Trying to look hi class and fashion-y

Modeling is actually kinda stressful for me, because I have a measure of PTSD from my days as a freelance model in Vegas. Back then, even though I was making a living doing it, I never felt I was very good at it. I’m short, flat-chested, and built like a penguin — with short, thick legs and a long torso… which is not exactly what you’d call a typical model physique! But, I did make a living modeling… so like most women, I was probably just being too hard on myself. Still, it’s an industry based purely on looks… so it’s tough not to be too hard on yourself! And it can be psychologically taxing.

Either way, the day I retired from modeling to focus on YouTubing was the 2nd best day of my professional life! (The BEST day was the day I quit my loathed job as a souvenir photographer at Caesars Palace, which I did for twelve years.) But I’m happy to come out of retirement every now and then, for something fun like these calendar shoots. Especially when I’m working with someone as capable and fun as Jessica!

I felt this one had too much booty for the final cut!

Meanwhile, I also put together my other 2024 calendar. Every year, as I go about my travels around the West, I shoot selfies with my cell phone of me frolicking around these beautiful landscapes nekkid. I post these on my other Instagram account, and sometimes on my main Instagram account and Facebook page — with a “magic bikini” drawn over the bad parts, to avoid getting penalized by the social media police. But at the end of the year I compile the best ones into a calendar — with no magic bikini! So if that’s more your speed, check out my 2024 Nude In Nature calendar.

Sometimes I wear a magic winter hat and pumpkin spice latte, too

Anyway… all this calendar stuff is over now, which means I can finally RELAX! Well, actually — “relax” isn’t really something I ever do; I have tons of other projects going on. Now that the calendars are done, my next big project is compiling my old diary entries from my old website into an eBook — so look for that coming soon! I had some pretty interesting and scandalous adventures when I was working as a nude and fetish model in Vegas, and if you ever read my old bog, you know what I’m talking about! So look for that coming soon.

I also have to get ready for Christmas — our mom is coming to visit the compound for the very first time, so we have a lot to do to get ready for that. I’m super excited to show her all the interesting and beautiful stuff in this area — and brother and his partner are coming, too! On top of that, we’re doing a community winter solstice party on the 21st, and then my sis and I are hosting a cocktail party on the 23rd — so the holidays are shaping up to be a lot of fun this year!

Finally… I can go without makeup again!

But, believe it or not… compared to having to spackle on makeup and tweeze on fake eyelashes, and suck in my gut while climbing on top of a railroad car in high heels, all this stuff on the horizon is relaxing!

Sometimes, the best Christmas gift of all is being able to run around in your pajamas and furry boots… without makeup!





30 responses to “Behind the Scenes of My 2024 Calendar Shoot”

  1. Steve from Illinois Avatar
    Steve from Illinois

    Had to order both calendars just because from a quick looking over them they are indeed that good. Sure most supermodels are 5’7″ and taller but
    I so much rather have a real woman on my calendars like you Sarah Jane!
    Glad that fam is coming to visit you and sis at the compound to show off
    a little hard earned success and I hope for more success for you in 2024.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Very kind of you!! Thank you!

      1. Randy Abbot Avatar
        Randy Abbot

        you are just too awesome !! Love your adventures. Where can we see more of your friend, Margot?

        1. wonderhussy Avatar

          She has a TikTok channel and her username is @rahyndee… You can just go to TikTok and look her up there!

  2. Mike Avatar

    Awe, come on now –> “…too much booty”! That’s like saying “too much fun!”
    Looking good, as always. Give my best to your mom and fam.
    (the one from New Braunfels)

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Haha! Well, I just felt it was a bit much.. but not too much to post here!

    2. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you, I will!!

  3. Wonderhussy Avatar

    Thank you!! I appreciate your kind support.. and your well wishes! I hope you have an excellent holiday season!

  4. Paul F. Gero Avatar

    Sarah, you are lovely and pretty darn stunning…just as you are…

  5. hugh hall Avatar
    hugh hall

    grate pics big fan

  6. Paul Joseph Molnar Avatar
    Paul Joseph Molnar

    Hi Sarah. Too much booty, beady eyes, NO WAY !!!! Gorgeous eyes, a beautiful pose, you look beautiful !!!! Merry Christmas to you, your mom, your sister, your brother, the whole family!!!

    1. wonderhussy Avatar


  7. paul Avatar

    i have some ideas for you.

  8. John Mathias Avatar
    John Mathias

    Your calendars get better every year.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you!!

  9. John T Avatar
    John T

    I’m a new subscriber. I love your travel videos because I used to work at the test site at Mercury and did a lot of exploring…wild horses, cave dwellings of the first-nation people. I needed an engagement calendar and yours arrived today…wonderful.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Very cool! thank you!

  10. Eme Avatar

    Merry Christmas! I have a question…since you are always SO GOOD to us and don’t make us watch those hideous ads, I always do. I watch the ads in the beginning and the end. I just mute them and let them play. My question you get ad revenue from the ads at the beginning and the end of your videos or just the beginning or just the end? You’re the best. You truly are special and one of a kind.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      I’m not sure how it works! I have really bad business sense… I should probably understand it better :-p But I appreciate you suffering thru the ads — I’m guessing it helps! Thank you!!

  11. Dan McGee Avatar

    Really enjoyed that “behind the scenes,” video you made. Many don’t realize how much effort it takes to complete a project like that. You were amazing. And yes I’m a fan.

  12. Mike Avatar

    Another day, another random bath shot… that didn’t make the final cut
    This photo should be the introductory photo for the Nudie Ca lander

  13. J.J. Solari Avatar
    J.J. Solari

    So, who have you written articles for?

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Unfortunately, no big publications. Just local Vegas magazines and newspapers, mostly…a few for a Portland, Oregon free weekly, and one for the Marlboro cigarettes magazine.

      Still waiting for my big literary break!

  14. John K. Avatar
    John K.

    I purchased your calendar again and it’s awesome. I have some suggestions for your future calendars. Since you’ve take thousands of photos over the years, perhaps some of those can be used and a short sentence of when and where the location is. Also, while on your many adventures, use photos from those locations for your upcoming calendars. I’ve been a follower of you since your MM days, blog and now YT. Keep up the great work and thanks for taking us on your adventures.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thanks for the ideas! It’s tricky with the photos… I can’t use old photos from when I was a model, because all of those are copyrighted by the individual photographers. And when it comes to shooting at various locations I visit for my videos… When I’m traveling around camping, I generally don’t have a photographer and all the equipment with me! Let alone makeup and cute outfits! So it’s tough… But I try to sort of split the difference in the calendars I produce.

  15. Jim Avatar

    I lived in Vegas during the 70’s, back when Lake Meade was full, had a sailboat on Meade. Love your personality, fun show!

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Wish I could have been there back then!

    2. H. Henry Heinze Avatar
      H. Henry Heinze

      Jim we also boated on lake Meade in the late 60s early 70s with a power boat back then. However we later sailed other lakes a lot and our last boat was a Catalina 25. Did you ever know bill Coltman who sailed lake Meade? I know he had just purchased a Cal 27 before we lost him in North Viet

  16. Robert Lee Avatar
    Robert Lee

    You’ve really cut back; there are no new blogs or newsletters. I’m going into severe withdrawal. jk

  17. wonderhussy Avatar

    Omg I know! It’s getting harder for me to keep up with everything… I am a one woman operation! But I am planning to come out with a newsletter in the next few days, so stay tuned!

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