2024 Calendar is now for sale!

Just in time for the holidays… Get it while it’s hot!!





21 responses to “2024 Calendar is now for sale!”

  1. Jimmy Mingo Avatar
    Jimmy Mingo

    “Inyo dispatch…This is Engine One. Happy to say..we are on scene.
    We’ve got smoke showing from what appears to be about a hundred pounds of dynamite in a pretty little package. Establishing WonderHussy Command. Send us a 2nd & 3rd alarm. The guys just gotta see this!!

    1. Paul Joseph Molnar Avatar
      Paul Joseph Molnar

      Smoke and Heat !!!!!

  2. RLW Avatar

    Great job! You’re getting more organized overall.

  3. Jules Avatar

    I bought the .pdf too for an extra $20 – so I didn’t have to wait for it to turn up all the way to the UK.

    It’s beautiful – congratulations Sarah – and Jessica too – but March and April are the very best and special ones for me! ;o)

    Jules, Bristol, UK

    1. Jules Avatar

      Correction! My favorites are April and May!

  4. Terry Ingstad Avatar
    Terry Ingstad

    Ohhhh my, Wonderhussy!!! Your calendar caused me to ummm, touch myself and now March through August pages are all stuck together. I better buy another one. Are they available in laminated form?

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Alas, no… You’ll just have to make it work somehow!

    2. Cat Jefferson Avatar
      Cat Jefferson

      That’s just downright NASTY!

  5. Ronald Sirard Avatar

    Sure like to meet you wonderhussy your so much fun to watch

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you😃

  6. JP Avatar

    Hey Sarah Jane I just placed my order for that most serene Au Natural Calendar…the XL site . Have a great New Years Eve with your Mom and Sis. Keep on a Rocking Down those back roads and finding new adventures and places to see. Happy New Year Wonderhussy.

    1. Cat Jefferson Avatar
      Cat Jefferson

      The link she sent in email didn’t work for me. Would you be so kind as to post it in a reply to me? I know a LOT of people who want one but I can’t give them a link that doesn’t work!

      1. wonderhussy Avatar
  7. Ben Campanella Avatar
    Ben Campanella

    Absolutely LOVE you and your FABULOUS videos.

    I have flown over much of the Nevada landscape in my 45- year career as a commercial airline pilot … you really bring it all to life with your beautiful personality!

    Hope to get out that way this year to star gaze.

    Happy New Year

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you!! There’s a lot to Nevada that you can’t see from the air…glad you’re enjoying!

  8. glenn vance Avatar
    glenn vance

    would like to purchase the calander also

  9. ROGER PARKER Avatar

    Your “How Death Valley got it’ Name” video was fabulous! I really enjoyed the documentary. On you tube I watch the old Death Valley Days. They had the story of the ill–fated settlers. It was very close to your documentary. It was starring, among others, Phyllis Coates, the first Lois Lane on the old Superman show with George Reeves. Also, I don’t know if you have already done it, but on Death Valley Days, they also had the story of Death Valley Scotty. I would love to watch your documentary on that. He allegedly had riches beyond belief, and a mansion that would put Beverly Hills to shame.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Thank you! I really enjoyed researching and making that video… It’s such a crazy story! I plan to cover Scotty’s Castle at some point, too.. I heard it just reopened after being closed for many years!

  10. Richard L Brown Avatar
    Richard L Brown

    How many calendars do you sell a year.

    1. wonderhussy Avatar

      Not enough!! I might not do one next to your, because it seems like more work than it’s worth…

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