Oops, No Audio!

I just realized I screwed up when I edited my video about Nellie Bly Baker. At 18:44 there’s a record scratch sound, and then silence….cuz my dumb ass must have accidentally erased the voiceover audio file I recorded. Dang it!

It was SUPPOSED to say, “OK, I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s TRUE! I wore my old Mobil hat all over the place for years, until it got funky, and I tried going back to the Lee Vining gas station many times to buy a new one, but they never had it in my color. I bought other colors, but they never really looked right on me, so eventually I gave up and had my own knockoff version made.”

Unfortunately there’s no way to go back and add in the audio now that it’s already been uploaded, short of taking the video down, re-editing it, and then re-uploading it. But then it would lose all its views…and I don’t know, it just seems like an unneccessary hassle. I mean….I guess you can sort of tell what was going on, just by looking at the B-roll. RIGHT?

Ugh….how embarrassing! I guess that’s what happens when you crank out as many videos as I do, though. I must be getting burned out!