wonderhussy’s guide to vegas

I enjoy wallowing in the murky shallows of the Vegas adult scene, and I also enjoy writing about it! When I get the time, this will be a resource for those coming to Vegas seeking a truly gritty experience.

In the meantime…

…I’ve been getting a lot of requests for advice and info on Vegas strip clubs, night clubs, restaurants and swingers’ clubs. I’m happy to provide this info, but ya can’t expect me to sit around typing emails all day — I’ve got cakes to fart on!

So if you do have any Qs, feel free to email me… I’ll do my best to answer, and if you feel my info has helped you…for dog’s sake show a little love and deposit a few bucks in my PayPal. I’m not asking for $100…just whatever you feel my advice was worth.

Or, you can just wait for me to finish posting my Guide to XXX Vegas. Coming soooooooon!

You can also check my Yelp! reviews….I have a TON of stuff up there!


Hey there,

I discovered you through a yelp review. I was surprised at how well written it was, and intrigued by your photos I checked out this site. This led to more curiosity, and I found myself really digging what you have to say.

I honestly have never done something like this, and it took about a week (and a fair amount of brandy) to realize that it might be fun to write you.

I happen to agree with most of your stances on whatever it was I read. You seem to live life carefree and outside of the constrains of society, which I admire. While fetishes aren’t my thing (and perhaps not yours) it’s cool to see someone who just doesn’t give a fuck and can roll with it since, hey, who are you or I to say what is acceptable? It;s not that I don’t believe in judging others, I do, but I do believe that the standards by which we judge others are arbitrary. Profiling works well if you’re a cop trying to solve a murder, but I disagree with that when it comes to comparing your personal interests with others.

Anyhow, here’s a bit about me. 27, athletic, career in place, good looking, love intellectual conversations, etc etc. Basically I think you would dig me if we met in person for a drink at some point. I live in this town and frequent Fremont (and am happy to see you’re a fan) and think it would be fun to hang out.

Any questions just ask! Love the blog.


Dee Hill


Have you ever shared with your fans why you haven’t gotten a cocktail waitress job at one of those ultra-expensive 800 dollar a bottle places? I know that you’ve said that you hate those kind of clubs. But those photo jobs seem awful, too.

Also, would it be any worse to be a booking agent for one of these places–either free lance or with a casino?
I work with a young woman of 19, who dreams of working in one of these places for a year or two, saving up money to be a nutritional therapist. Do you have any tips for her?

If you want to experience rude people, you should live in Boulder, Colorado.
So much tude, so little talent. If you say hello to someone, they look at you like you’re crazy. Unless you look and sound exactly like them.
Anyway, I thought of you when I watched this great video performance on Youtube by Sergio Mendes and Brazil ’66 on the Eartha Kitt show. She introduces them by saying: “And now a new look, a new sound, a new approach can only mean Sarah Jane.

Best Wishes and Thanks For The Fun and Stylish Blog,


Haha, it DOES sound like she’s saying Sarah Jane 🙂

There are 2 main reasons why I’ve never become a cocktail waitress in a nightclub (one of my exes was well-connected, and was always trying to get me to take a job in one).

1. I’d have to get fake tits. DEALBREAKER!
2. I wouldn’t want to work a 6-hour shift in an earsplittingly loud room full of cigarette smoke and douchebags!

True, my photo job is miserable…and I don;t even make any money at it! I think I’m scared to quit and move on, or some weird psychological barrier is holding me back.

My advice for your friend is to get fake tits, move to Vegas, suck a bunch of dicks, do a bunch of blow, go out every single night and associate with fake-ass douchebags and bitches. She’ll have the coveted job in no time!


I’m looking for vintage clothing, and I mean pre-80s. I always wondered if vegas was full of 60s tuxedos, old showgirl outfits, lime green polyester liesure suits, and all the other cool older vintage lounge wear one would expect to find at the center of glitz that is your fine burg, or, if it was like everywhere else and anything remotely cool has long been relegated to overpriced ebay shops. Any good thrift shopping tips for visitors to vegas? everything else i see online regarding this topic very vague, and I am tired of having my high expectations met with 2nd hand walmart shit.


I thought the same thing when I moved here (about leisure suits and showgirl stuff)…but alas, this is sadly not the case. The cold truth is, thrifting SUCKS in Vegas. I think it’s because people move here from other places — and what do you do when you move? You throw out all your old shit first, rather than lug it cross country and then donate it to Goodwill once you get there. I have found very few cool things at Vegas thrift stores…and I’ve lived here THIRTEEN YEARS! My one small tip is, if you happen to be here around Halloween, the Deseret Industries (Mormon thrift stores) have a pretty good and extremely cheap selection of old costume stuff. But that’s only in October. The rest of the year, there ain’t shit 🙁


Hi! Hubby and I are on our way to Vegas tomorrow and will be there until the following Saturday. We’re wanting to explore the sex scene and were thinking of trying out the Red Rooster. Any advice? Yea or nay? Other places to try out. We’re not into the overpriced strip clubs. We want some real action 🙂 thanks

Tony Lynn

Hey Sara Jane: Just read the Nov. 16th CityLife column. FUNNY! Love the line about “the CATERWAULING of a demented French-Canadian CHANTEUSE”! Neeeeeer far…. wherever you aree! I read it SEVERAL times, and laughed out loud each time.
VERY, VERY FUNNY! Take care, Tony 91.5

Carlos Kochem

Please . We are from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and we will be in Vegas from sept/15 to sept/19 and we are a nudist couple. We want to go a nudist/naturist pool in Vegas or nearby Vegas.
Thanks from Brazil,

Carlos (55 y old) and Teresa ( 51 y old).


There are no nude pools in Vegas 🙁 But women can at least go topless at some of the pools that are open to the public: Venus (Caesars Palace), TAO Beach (Venetian), Moorea (Mandalay Bay), and Bare (Mirage). Also, guests of the Wynn/Encore can sunbathe topless at their hotel pools.

Sorry…Vegas is very conservative that way!


So tell me one thing. Are there any slot machines left anywhere in Vegas that pay hand paid jackpots on a regular basis and don’t just eat your money?


Hi there, just interested where you got your Batgirl costume from? It prefer it to the sort of sparkly 50’s version, just curious where you got it from?


Merry Christmas, I just came across you (wow, not what I meant) while perusing the web on a quiet Christmas day. You sound and seem like one truly happy lady, and as I have always said, the sexiest trait a lady can have is self confidence, and you ooze just that. I look forward to reading many more of your missives as well as follow your exploits. I am fairly new to LV as I moved here 7/2014 however have been here as a tourist for almost 30 years. I would hope to meet you one day for coffee or a drink and learn more about you self-confident, independent and seemingly truly happy existence. Take good care and have a happy New Year


Can we see some more of you’re Bat costume on the blog? Maybe take it with you on you’re adventures? When you’ve got a costume like that, it deserves to be flaunted!

Harv Rubin

Hi Sarah,

What a fun shoot we had Thursday! You exceeded my and Gary’s expectations with your beauty, uninhibited go for it attitude, knowledge of the area and modeling skills.

What is your email address? I’d like to send you some photos I shot and edited.

Hear from you soon,


hi, oh i see you in TX now… i emailed you at the gmail but it kicked back to me..
i emailed you about the video i saw that you did, going by kayak to a hot spring off the colorado river. id love a guided tour! depending on fee.
actually found you on the TN site as i am a certified member for years.
any plans to get back home to LV?

Bill Martin

A hot spring in the Sierra National Forest you may have not heard of called Mono Hot Springs. It’s above Huntington Lake and the last 20 miles is on a very narrow one lane twisting road. The scenery getting there is the best part. You might want to check it out.

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