Wonderhussy Stickers, T-shirts and Such

I’ve had a lot of people asking me about buying stickers, hats, t-shirts and such…only problem was, I never had the time to set up an online store! Thankfully, my sis stepped in to help, and designed some stuff for me…if interested, you can check it out here:


When I logged in to write this post, I also realized there were bunch of comments I had never responded to…apologies for that! WordPress apparently doesn’t notify me about EVERY comment…just sometimes :-/

In any event, I don’t update this site much, because it has been marked as an “adult” website, so I can’t use Google AdSense or link it to my YouTube channel 🙁

Even if I deleted all my old blog posts and photos, there is realistically no way to “un-adult” this URL…so sadly, I’ll have to start from scratch with a brand new website…and a new URL. Boooo!

RIP, Wonderhussy.com


John Rush

Establishing a new site/URL is your decision, but if you do so, you might also keep this one open, even if new material is limited to vlogs that Youtube will certainly demonetize. You’ve spent years building it, and you’re completely associated with the brand; you don’t want someone else taking it over and potentially turning it into something you disagree with, or worse, turning it against you. Plus, I’ve yet to read all of your blogs.

Speaking of demonetization, this vlogger has uncovered a sneaky YT practice (you might disagree with his outlook, but watch at least halfway through to learn how to remonetize):


Youtube needs competition that’s not hostile to free speech.

John Rush

He discusses it from about 2:00 to about 5:00. If your video has a green $ symbol, it’s monetized, but if it has an amber one, it’s been demonetized. To challenge demonetization, click “Request Review”, and they’ll usually respond within 24 hours, though it sometimes takes longer, depending on their workload. If your video doesn’t violate their policies, they’ll send you an e-mail post saying it’s been monetized. However, the vlogger reports that his demonetization was for the first day or so of his posting, when he usually gets the most views, so remonetizing after that lets Youtube pay him much less than if it had stayed monetized.

If your videos are demonetized after going through the YT algorithm while it’s waiting to upload, chances are you won’t be remonetized. However, if it’s challenged by some anonymous complaint, which is often just a disagreement with what you said, you stand a better chance of being remonetized.


Oh… I’ve already been doing that all along. That’s not really something he discovered, it’s standard operating procedure! I agree with him though, I get most of my views in the first 24 hours as well…. So what I do is, I upload my videos a few days ahead of time, as “unlisted.” This means it is publicly viewable, but only to those people who have the link. This allows me to see if I get a yellow light, without everyone knowing the video is up. If I get a yellow light, I can appeal it, and have it reversed before I make the video viewable to everyone. This way I don’t lose any money.
It sounds like I could actually teach this guy a thing or two!

Eric M

Wonderhussy I’ve been following along on your adventures you post since the beginning of time it seems like. Definitely before the Youtube and Vimeo channels or at least before they took off in popularity. It’s so sad to hear about how Youtube tries to screw content makers over since I was going to suggest that maybe you should make some of your Youtube posts have the age-gate on them so you dident have to worry about any inadvertent nudity you might be showing in a perfectly legitimate environment such as hot springs and such.

However from the comments above I am guessing that would also be something that would be automatically demonetized by Youtube which seems mostly stupid but I guess is there answer to not letting youtube turn into Pornhub or something. LOL

Anyway I just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying seeing your adventures, nude or not, all over Nevada and other areas for many years and I hope you can keep having fun with doing this content for a long time to come.

I live down near Green Valley HS myself and have lived here since 1989 and I think what you do to promote natural beauty in and around Nevada is amazing and they should be naming a street after you or something. 🙂

Keep doing your thing lady. It’s alot of fun to see you going out and about and showing your adventures since I myself can’t really do much of that anymore due to medical issues.


P.S. Sorry for the long ramble, I have ADD also and I tend to write book length comments when I feel like there is alot to be said. 🙂


Hello there – just found you when CVirus started — looking for exercise videos, since at 83 I don’t get to the trails anymore. As everybody here says, you’re fabulous, and I am starting to feel somewhat protective. Have two daughters around your age. That being said, I’m concerned that you stay healthy, and think the Cokes may eventually cause problems. See https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/13/health/sugary-drinks-cardiovascular-disease-wellness/index.html. (Yeah, I drank Pepsis in my 20’s — LOTS of sugar! now mild kidney disease.). Anyway, just sayin’ — stay healthy, girl. You’re a trip!


Thank you, Sherry! I know, soda is terrible for you!! I have been limiting my intake to rare occasions only…and it’s funny, I just talked about this in a video I shot the other day which will be coming to my channel soon 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad you are enjoying my stuff and I appreciate that you felt protective. Big hug to you from me!


Your blog has provided many hours of entertainment for me in these SARSII-Covid times. You are the most amazing person and let others see inside your world. Thank You.

Dennis dodge

Glad your back ! We missed u and your magic beans lol ! Did you get your truck fixed? Waiting for another great adventure. Love ya WH


I did get my rig fixed! It was a dirty tensioner pulley that was making a squeaky sound…thought it was the alternator, but my mechanic took a look and it was a relatively quick fix!

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