Robin Hawkins

I ordered the gummies when the video first came out. Unfortunately, I never received them When can I expect to receive them?


Hi Robin, this is Johnny, contact me about your order and I will get your order out.
I see your trans action ID #64218514****, we are good to go!
We had a glitch with the shipping system when the site crashed on Feb 22.
Orders were taken, but not sent to the shipping software for some reason.
Unless people contact us directly, we are unable to know who didnt get their order.

Jim and Kathy priest

Sarah, my wife takes the gummies to help her sleep, she says they really work- I wouldn’t know as I can go to sleep almost at will , anyway thanks for the help. We love your channel and as a professional mechanic I can tell you that you won’t hurt your rig by driving it with leaking shocks as long as you don’t over stress them. How’s that for covering a lot of territory in a small comment box?


Thank you! I decided to just get my current shocks rebuilt, instead of sitting around waiting for new ones.. so with any luck, I’ll be out of here within a week!

Brandon Clayton

I broke my leg and have been on medical leave.ordered some and they worked great!!! First time really trying thc! It’s was just what I wanted!!! I just needed something that would relax me and help me sleep…. thanks I have been watching your YouTube Chanel for years !!’n


Greetings Wonderhussy ~ just wanted to convey to you & yer fans; Your ‘Sleep aid’ gummies are helping me sleep better than I have in years! ~ Chuck’M@2023


Greetings Wonderhussy ~ just wanted to convey to you & yer fans; Your ‘Sleep aid’ gummies are helping me sleep better than I have in years! ~ Chuck’M


Ok, so i’ve ordered the, Sleep Aid & Delta 9 gummies, the Sleep Aid gummies felt like a gentle warm rush, that put me into a sleepy mode, “once they took effect 1/2 hr. i’d say.” My head caressed my pillow, and i fell fast asleep. The Delta9 gummies made me feel, happy and in a wake dream state, i was laughing , at annoying stool softing, diarreah commercials, from boring, mind numbing, network TV. so, i switched over to Youtube, checked out, cool places with wonderhussy, and men flying on hoverboards, and hand assembled people sized drone, thought i was dreaming of, The Jetsons Cartoon, but it was actually happening! Thanks, Wonderhussy& John, oh right, i do remember, She crashed the internet, way to many orders came in, but i waited the next day, and my order went right through. Question, do you offer a Sleep Aid with less sugar?

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