Villa Sinvergüenza

my house
my house

You know how back in the day people used to name their estate? Like Monticello, Gray Gardens, Menopause Manor, Peyton Place, Graceland? Well, you might not know this, but my own humble estate has a name, too.

I call my crib Villa Sinvergüenza, which basically means “house without shame” in Spanish. Why? Because it was purchased with the money I earned doing stuff other people might consider shameful — toe sucking, ball-kicking, donut-eating, twat-flashing…etc.

I am a deeply moral person, and don’t consider any of the above activities to be “wrong,” or anything to be ashamed of. Hence, this blog…and thus also the name Villa Sinvergüenza. I used my “ill-gotten” earnings to buy the place, and I use the same ill-gotten earnings to pay my property taxes and keep up with my home maintenance and repairs. I’m a good neighbor, and a good citizen. Ain’t no shame in that!

UntitledAnyway, what I need is a little plaque to hang on the wall next to my front door, letting visitors know what’s up. Just think of all the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormon missionaries and homeless beggars I could fend off with a sign like this!

This is really important, guys. I tried to paint my own sign, but I overestimated my artistic ability, and it came out totally crappy. So I’m putting it out here: if any of you are sign painters/carpenters/craftsmen and can hook a sister up…let me know!

I only have a budget of about $50 for this thing, which is why I’m reaching out for help. The site I used to create the above example ( is trying to charge me $145 for my design, and it’s only 12″ long by 5.5″ tall!!

So…if anyone can help, let me know. I’ll gladly pay you in toe sucking, ball-kicking, donut-eating, or twat-flashing 🙂

Doug Nusbaum

I am a deeply moral person, and don’t consider any of the above activities to be “wrong,” or anything to be ashamed of.

If you look up the words: good, bad, moral, ethical etc. ad nauseum you just go down a rabbit hole and come to a conclusion that these are all fancy words for “I (do not) like” or “my group (does not) like”. Only the people who use them do not want to take responsibility for their own words and feelings so they engage in deity speak.

There is a form of english called e-prime that I think that you will like. In that form you are not allowed to use any form of the verb “to be”. So you do not get to say “that is bad” or “that is immoral”. E-prime forces you to take responsibility for your speech. You can not say “I am moral”, but you can say “I adhere as strictly as I can to the golden rule”

There are various modification for e-prime. I use forms of ‘to be’ on things that can be measured. As in “She is overweight” — the BMI measures that. The car IS red, not it appears red to me. Also for my own states of mind. I am sad. Most people will know that this is a way of describing how you feel.

Anyway, I am fairly certain that you would enjoy a few minutes exploring the concept of e-prime

Please check other emails on writing a book and melatonin


e-prime sounds VERY interesting! I’m going to try and be more judicious in my use of “to be” from now on…my speech is all I have, so I should definitely take responsibility for it!!

I did get your emails…and YES I KNOW, I really need to get my shit together and write a book!! Thanks for the friendly reminder 🙂

Dan H.

While the literal translation of “sinvergüenza” is without shame the actual meaning is much closer to shameful. It is one who has no shame but should have due to their repeated bad deeds.

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