The International Car Forest of the Last Church

photo by Shutterbug Studio
photo by Shutterbug Studio

Two artists created this bizarre collection of busted-up old cars stuck face-first into the desert and covered in graffiti, just outside the tiny town of Goldfield…about 3 hours north of Vegas.




Rusted car photo by Shutterbug Studio
Rusted car
photo by Shutterbug Studio

The artists had some kind of falling out and no longer maintain the site, but one of them still owns the land and is apparently fine with photographers shooting here. It’s usually deserted, so you can easily shoot nudes undisturbed…if inclined. It’s also just a cool place to wander around and explore.

The car forest is right off U.S. 95 just south of Goldfield, down a fairly decent, short dirt road that in most weather does not require high clearance/4WD.

The town of Goldfield itself is amazingly picturesque, but people actually still live there, so you’d have to be discreet if shooting nudes. Gold Point ghost town is not too far away, and would be a better option for that anyway.

Yee Haw Photo by Shutterbug Studio
Yee Haw
Photo by Shutterbug Studio

Also, along the way to this location, you pass sand dunes, a dry lake bed, a busted up old airplane and an abandoned brothel…any/all of which could easily be combined into your shooting itinerary.

GPS: 37.699782, -117.229445

Wonderhussy rating: 8/10


Can you access ghost towns to shoot at night? I have some ideas using colored light to back light buildings, windos and things.

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