The Girl’s Guide to Being A Fetish Model

This week, Queen Sally Dingdong made her triumphant return to the showroom at the hotel where I work, back from her palatial estate in Florida, or Botox camp, or wherever the hell she was. All I care about is the fact that I FINALLY got to get off the Carousel of the Damned, and stop working all these awful little nickel-and-dime shows around town where I’ve been making $30-$40 per night. Say what you will about Madame Dingdong — she has a rabid fanbase and they don’t mind spending their hard-earned francs on souvenir photos. So I’ve actually been making decent money at my camera girl job lately!

Unfortunately for this blog, that means I haven’t had to hustle quite as hard for random odd gigs. Still, I did spend one DOOZY of a day shooting videos for a sock-worship website on Monday…and this alone was interesting enough to fill a whole blog.

Now, some of you have already heard me blather on and on about the various types of fetish videos I’ve shot, and you’re probably sick to death of hearing about it. But for many others, this is new and exciting…so I’m going to make this blog “The Girl’s Guide to Being a Fetish Model.” Ready? OK!

Basically, fetish modeling involves shooting soft-core (often fully-clothed) niche pornography catering to various splinter kinks, ranging from foot fetish to FemDom to farting. Everyone has their hot buttons, and I’ve come to find out that people are turned on by some VERRRY strange things. But who am I to judge? My motto is, as long as no one’s being hurt (unless it’s someone who WANTS to be hurt), there is no moral wrong in shooting these types of content. It’s allllll in good fun!

I first got involved in fetish modeling back in October of ’08. I had just broken up with a long-time boyfriend, with whom I had bought a house (at the worst possible time, during the real estate bubble here in Vegas). Well, he bailed on me and the house, which was in my name, so now I had to bust my ass to make my obscene mortgage payment every month. As you know by now, my camera girl job just ain’t gonna cut it…so I had to explore other avenues.

I was surfing craigslist in a rather disconsolate mood, despairing at the lack of tradeshow hostessing and promo modeling gigs (this was the depths of the Recession, and such gigs no longer flowed as freely) when I made the leap. Back in those days, craigslist had a separate section for Adult Gigs (since shut down due to some unfortunate murders). Now, normally I would just check the Event, Talent, Marketing/PR and TV/Film gigs…but on this day I was soooo despondent (and probably tipsy) that I decided to check out the Adult Gigs as well. And there I saw an ad looking for “girls with no tattoos and nice asses for non-nude fetish work.”

Well, that’s more or less me, so I submitted my photos and was soon chatting with an affable pornographer named Luke, who operated out of Phoenix but happened to be in Vegas scouting for talent. I met him at Caesars for drinks, and he was a likeable guy with a sort of earnest frat-house vibe — if the Island of Broken Toys had a fraternity, he was their houseboy. I called him Luke the Mook, and he explained the whole business to me: he used to be in the business himself as a fetish actor, but had graduated to shooting and directing his own video clips — 5-10 minute mini-dramas which were posted for download on his various websites for a fee of $5-$10. Guys from all over the world ordered his clips around the clock, and he made a decent living at it.

Anyhoo, he hired me on the spot, so the next weekend he flew me down to Phoenix to shoot content for his facesitting site. Now I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong — facesitting is TOTALLY different from face-sitting. Face-sitting (with the hyphen) is what you do in a 69 scenario — straight porno. FACESITTING (sans hyphen) is when a big-assed woman sits on a man’s face, effectively smothering him so that he can’t breathe. It’s not so much about the vagina as it is about the mounds of suffocating flesh — and indeed, many of these videos are non-nude, so there’s no vag either way (although I did see a video once of a hugely obese black woman’s naked ass smothering a white man, as she exhorted him to “Sniff my ass, Honky!”).

I was pretty nervous, since I’d never done ANYTHING like this, but Luke was very accommodating. He had found a sub (submissive; i.e. the guy I’d be smothering) who was willing to shoot for free out at his house in the suburbs, so we drove out there after making a quick pit stop at Panda Express, since for the first clip Luke wanted me to sit on the sub’s face while eating an entire meal — ignoring him and basically treating him like a piece of furniture, which is apparently what gets these guys off.

So we got to the sub’s nondescript tract house out in the hinterlands, and as Luke bustled about setting up the lights, I sat in the living room and made awkward chit-chat with the shy, bespectacled lord of the manor — a tech-industry uber-geek with an intense smother fetish. By volunteering to appear in these videos, he was sparing himself the expense and hassle of going to a strip club, wherein the strippers might laugh in his face at his odd request. So it was a win-win.

Still, he was SUPER nervous and would hardly look me in the eye, so I let my gaze wander around his home, which was filled with hundreds of sci-fi DVDs, countless Lord of the Rings memorabilia, a Playstation 3 with full Rock Band setup, and (inexplicably) Norman Rockwell prints on the walls. It all added up to a touchingly depressing scene, especially when the lighting was finally ready and the sub assumed his prone position on the living room carpet, hands folded expectantly across his belly. Luke set the coffee table with my Panda Express meal, and I sat down to eat, planting my camouflage-pants-clad ass squarely on the sub’s face. “Aaaaaaand….action!”

I relaxed and let my full weight crush his face, as per Luke’s strong exhortation: “I don’t want to see your quads engaged at all! Just ignore him completely, like he is a piece of furniture.”  So despite the meek protests and weak struggling of the sub, I relaxed and enjoyed my fried rice, chow mein, orange chicken and kung pao chicken.  Normally, I would huff down a meal like that in about 4.5 minutes.  But since the clip had to be at least 11 minutes long (to allow for editing), I ate at a more reasonable pace than normal, stopping frequently to take a sip of water and to dab at my lips with a napkin — all niceties for which I normally have little or no time.

Well, that clip went well enough, and we proceeded to shoot nine more 10-minute masterpieces featuring my ass in spandex, panties, shorts and jeans, all squashing the face of the hapless uber-geek. As the shoot went on, the sub started complaining that I was hurting him — and indeed, his face was flushed with broken capillaries (and probably arousal). But Luke took me aside and told me not to listen to him, that he was just being a “pussy” and that I was doing a great job. It was awkward for me because I honestly don’t LIKE hurting people…and this whole sado-masochistic scene was new to me. But I played along and recited my lines, and at the end of the day everyone was happy.

Speaking of “lines,” these videos were for the most part unscripted, but with laughablyhalf-assed plot setups…like in one, the sub was sitting on the bed when I came in and said, “Wanna hear a secret?” And then BAM, I knocked him down and sat on his face for 10 minutes. In another, he was sitting in the hallway staring at the wall when I came in: “What the hell are YOU looking at?! I’ll give you something to look at!” BAM! Squash!

The last scene of the night was the most dramatic, a scenario in which the sub was trussed up in rope, and I entered wearing a Soviet officer’s getup: “So, they tell me you won’t talk….I’ll get you to talk, American!” Bam, squash, repeat. How he was supposed to divulge American military secrets with a face full of my ass, I have no idea. It’s fetish, people!

Meanwhile, it was pouring rain outside — one of those monsoonal thunderstorms they get down there, with lighting and thunder cracking in the background. Very dramatic! We packed up the lights, bid adieu to the thoroughly flustered, red-faced sub, and left him alone to… uhhh, do whatever it was he did when he was alone after spending three hours with some bimbo’s ass on his face. Ahem. Luke and I went back to Luke’s condo, and stayed up far into the night chatting about the fetish industry.

I had no idea about any of this, and I was totally fascinated! Luke had himself attained a measure of fame in the smother fetish community as an in-demand sub back in the day, but had graduated to filming/directing him own clips because it was far more profitable. As mentioned, he posted the clips on his various fetish sites and then sat back and collected royalities as perverts the world over placed their orders, night and day. Even as we sat there chatting, orders came rolling in from Europe, Canada, India, Japan and Saudi Arabia (two of his biggest markets used to be Russia and China, but due to widespread fraud, he was no longer able to accept credit cards from those countries). With each order, Luke made a tidy profit. It all added up!

By this time my mind was reeling, and I retired to his guest bedroom to rest up for the second day’s shoot, which was to be for one of his other websites: “How do you feel about farting on camera?” he asked me…and I replied that I’d give it my best try! So in the morning, I chugged a half-gallon of milk (I admit to being slightly lactose-intolerant, and I figured that would work) and we started filming.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t really able to produce more than one loud fart…so we made an emergency run to Taco Bell for a bean burrito, which I ate and then tried again: still nothing! By this time, my belly was bloated up like a zeppelin, but the gas would not pass. Even when I laid on the floor and had Luke step gingerly on my stomach, pressing with his foot, I could not produce an audible fart. I guess I was raised to be a lady, and not fart on camera for strangers! (N.B. I have since been advised that eating an entire pack of sugar-free Mentos the night before a shoot is GUARANTEED to produce lots of loud farts…haven’t had occasion to try this yet, but I heard it from a reliable source.)

By this time it was almost time to head for the airport, so Luke paid me anyway for my efforts and packed me off back to Vegas. But this was only the beginning of my long, storied career as a fetish model.

One thing led to another, and by word of mouth and referrals from Luke I was introduced to others in the fetish community here in Vegas, and began shooting for many other sites. Here is a brief rundown of some of the fetishes I’ve shot:

  • Trampling, in which a woman in high heels walks up and down the prone body of a man. Many trample-ees take pride in their ability to withstand the weight of up to 7 women at once, all wearing stiletto heels! Some especially get off if you trample their nipples and balls, LOL!
  • Tickling, in which the girl is tied up or otherwise restrained and then tickle-tortured as she giggles and screams (I shot my first one of these in a hotel room at Excalibur…a VERY weird scene which you must remind me to tell you about sometime)
  • Foot worship, in which you sit there and let some “foot slave” (sub) suck your toes and massage your feet (I’ve done these for videos and also at live events, which you must also remind me to tell you about sometime). These can be barefoot or in socks, stockings or heels (each is its own niche fetish)
  • Wet & Messy, in which you sit in a kiddie pool and pour brightly-colored goo all over yourself while having pies tossed at you and cake batter dumped on you, then rub it around and let it slop into your granny panties so that it looks like you have a diaper full of nastiness. The money shot here is to let the goo slowly slop out the leg holes…that’s the thing that sends the wet & messies over the edge!
  • Inflation, in which you don an inflatable sumo costume underneath some regular-looking XXXL clothing, and then slowly blow up until you “explode” (the money shot here was when the buttons popped off my shirt). (I also did one where my boobs blew up…remind me to tell you about THAT one some other time, too!)
  • Overeating, in which you pig out and rub your swollen belly and moan and groan about how full you are
  • Belly button (just laid there playing with my belly button, poking my finger in it and stretching it out
  • Spitting, sneezing, hocking loogies (self explanatory)
  • Giantess, in which you torture and torment a little action figure or Ken doll with your ginormous ass or feet
  • Vore, in which you pretend to eat one of those tiny figurines from a model train set — basically you pop it in your mouth, tease it with your tongue and teeth, and talk about how you’re going to digest him and your stomach acid is going to eat him alive and then you’re gonna poop him out
  • Piggy faces (just making weird faces)
  • Ear-twisting (grabbing another girl’s earlobe and twisting it, or also just putting on various pairs of long, dangly earrings)
  • Burping (root beer is best to get loud, bassy burps)
  • Humiliation, in which you talk to the camera P.O.V.-style about how lame “you” (the viewer, who is supposed to imagine he’s your slave) are, and how tiny “your” penis is
  • Breath holding, in which you hold your breath as long as possible while hooked up to an EKG and a heart-rate monitor, so the fans can watch your vitals go nuts as the oxygen level in your blood goes down. The money shot here is at the end, when your stomach starts flip-flopping in these weird spasms, trying to force air into your lungs. 
  • Underwater breath holding, in which you float around like a mermaid, stroking your face and combing your hair until your stomach starts flip-flopping
  • Heartbeat, in which you do jumping jacks or whatever to get your heart rate up, then hook yourself up to an EKG and heart rate monitor, or even to an ultrasound so the fans can watch your heart beating (many of these fans are cardiologists, oddly enough!). Once I even did one where I just laid there with a toothpick jammed into a piece of gum on my sternum — when my heart beat, the toothpick vibrated. And another time, I laid in a bathtub with a puddle of chocolate syrup pooled on my chest, rippling with each heart beat.
  • Stomach noises (my favorite), in which you eat something that makes your stomach loud (Pop Rocks and soda, or raw fruits and veggies worked particularly well for me) and then lay back on a pillow with a stethoscope and record the sounds your stomach makes as it                                                                                      digests the food
  • Balloon fetish — I’ve shot two types: one is breath related, where you inflate a balloon and then inhale the stale air from it back into your lungs, as many times as you can before running out of oxygen. The other is blowing up balloons and then sitting on them til they pop!
  • Hairy armpits, in which you stroke your nasty-ass Euro-pits and maybe shave them
  • Coughing, in which the money shot (or money sound, I guess) is if you can produce a harsh “barking” sound when you cough (this can be cheated by laying on your stomach on a sofa, with your head hanging down off the side)
  • Wrestling, in which a big, muscular female bodybuilder wrestles you into submission
  • Flex Appeal, in which you flex your biceps and show off how strong you are by lifting other women (I have squatted and carried 6-foot, 175-pound female Amazons, and in turn been picked up and carried around like a baby by them)
  • CBT, or cock & ball torture — I haven’t really shot this, except for that one shoot the other week where I kicked the guy in the nuts repeatedly…but apparently, there are sites where chicks jam their stiletto heels into guys’ ballsacks and whatnot
  • Crushing, in which you mash up stuff (food, plastic objects, whatever) with your feet or high heels
  • Ponyplay, in which you ride a guy like a horse and beat him to go faster
  • Damsel In Distress, in which you are bound and gagged and tormented (my LEAST favorite type of shoot…I *HATE* it

In addition to all those freaky fetishes, there are MANY more that I haven’t yet shot. Some of the others on my list include spandex (I have so many pairs of colorful spandex pants, I don’t know WHY I haven’t been hired to shoot this stuff yet), bubble gum-blowing, spanking (despite the massive spankability of my ass, I prefer to be the spanker, not the spankee) and hair (I have a LOT of hair, and I know there’s a fetish for it…just haven’t figured it out yet).

Some of the other fetishes that are NOT on my list — that are just TOO creepy for even me — include peeing, pooping, chloroform (where you pretend to be passed out while someone undresses and chokes you), drowning, pretend-incest and bug crushing (many of these are actually illegal, anyway).

So anyhoo, this past Monday I did a shoot for a sock-worship site, in which I wore various types and pairs of sox and allowed a slave to suck and worship my socked feet, before forcing him to remove the sox with his teeth and then worship my bare feet with his tongue. Gooooooooood times! We even did one outside, in a mud puddle, where he had to lick all the dirt and grime from the socks…which he did with relish! Crazy.

What was really crazy was that the sub for this shoot was someone I actually already know socially! I just didn’t realize he was into foot worship. It just goes to show…I have met all kinds of subs on these shoots, from all walks of life. I shot a whole day once with a cop from Las Vegas Metro, slapping him and trampling him and riding him around like a horsey — and he LOVED it! He was a big, tall, strapping good-looking guy, and he said that he got tired of people fearing and respecting him all the livelong day — sometimes, he found it therapeutic to be abused!

But nothing beats the time I went over to a friend’s house to shoot some trampling/humiliation videos, and the sub turned out to be this pompous ass-bag local actor I happened to know from shooting commercials and stuff around town. He had been pretty rude to me in the past, so I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED beating his ass black and blue for this video!! Worse, he had supposedly just filmed a national commercial for a certain credit card company (yet was somehow broke enough to necessitate filming fetish videos), so he had to wear a Zorro mask in the clips so as not to be recognized! LOSER! Let me tell you, I gave that guy HELL, and relished every minute of it 🙂





P.S. If you’re wondering, I get paid an hourly wage for these gigs, ranging from $50-100. The real money is in residuals from clip sales, but I find it too time-consuming to operate my own site (I’ve tried it, to varying degrees of success…it takes a LOT of promotion). So nowadays I prefer to hire (you might say whore) myself out to other peoples’ sites…easier for me that way!

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Burping Girl

Wonderhussy, this is, hands down, the best article on being a fetish model that I have yet to read. I found your blog because I was curious about how to get into a burp fetish model online. I had no idea so many types of fetishes existed, though. I particularly love the idea of balloons (I think that would look great, photographically speaking.


Do you think craigslist is still a good forum for looking into fetish modeling? I want to get into fetish modeling, but don’t know where to to start.

Thanks 🙂


I get some gigs off c’list, but you have to be careful…there are a lot of private pervs on there, and I prefer to work for established websites. That being said, go for it!! I’ve gotten some amazing gigs that way…just use common sense!

Edward Hyde

I read your blog with great interest. At 110 pounds, you’re hardly heavy enough to cause any serious pain to the sub whose face you sat on.

Mr. Auscultation

I found this this posting from you while doing some browsing online about heartbeat fetishes. I have been a lifelong addict to listening to girl’s heartbeats since i was a child.
When I first recognized you as a model on fetish goddesses, i was interested in reading your whole article. I am glad that you got into a business that allows you to pay all your bills and to keep your house.
However, i did read that you said that some of the cardio work was “creepy”. I kinda took offence to that. I didn’t choose to have this fetish. I didn’t just stumble upon it, it was always there.
I have enjoyed (and purchased) your work in the past, But you should be careful about what you say about other peoples kinks, we ted to take it quite personable.


I can see that you take it quite personally! I didn’t mean to offend you — I know you can’t help being born that way, just as most men can’t help being turned on by women’s boobs and asses and whatnot. Your heartbeat fetish is perfectly legit in my eyes…and I have no problem filming clips that record my heartbeat when I am exercising or whatever. I have a heart, I’m very glad it beats, and I don’t mind letting others listen in.

Why I said it was “creepy:” on the site, we also sell videos of women holding their breath until they PASS OUT…or until they are on the brink of passing out. THAT IS CREEPY. I don’t care who is offended by my saying that — if you get off watching a woman go unconscious, that is sick.
When I film these videos, I am coached (actually GOADED) to hold my breath as long as I can — until my blood oxygen level drops to the point of unconsciousness. I THINK THAT IS SICK… AND CREEPY.

I would be very interested to hear your response. Do you get off on watching girls go unconscious? If so, I am open to hearing your defense as to why it is harmless and not-creepy.

Again, to reiterate: if you simply enjoy listening to my heartbeat, that’s fine with me and I’m sorry you’ll no longer download my clips. But…if you lbecome aroused by watching me struggle with holding my breath, while my blood oxygen drops to a dangerous level and I begin to lose consciousness………that is truly creepy, indeed.

Mr. Auscultation

Thank you for the long reply, wunder (lyssa).

My kink does not involve any breath holding at all, so I cannot defend that sorta thing.
I enjoy the stethoscope auscultations and EKG tests. I find the ultrasound machine interesting as well.
I do intend to purchase your videos in the future. There is a good stethoscope self exam you did which looks pretty cool.


I had a long talk with my colleague, who runs the breath holding site, and he gave me a totally new perspective on the passing-out thing: apparently, fans of this particular fetish don’t really get off on watching a girl pass out or nearly pass out…what turns them on/interests them is watching her PUSH herself — her willpower, or mind-over-matter. I’m totally cool with that, so I guess I have no more opposition to filming those kinds of clips!

Also, I pride myself in being as un-judgmental as possible…and calling a fetish “creepy” is pretty judgmental. As long as no one is being hurt, I say it’s alllllllll good. So, my sincere apology again!


Sorry, I bought some of those videos. I honestly feel bad now. The rush is in the effort you put down, so epic… but… of course you would HATE doing it >.<


No need to feel guilty….it was interesting at first, and I made (and still make) money off those videos…so no harm, no foul 🙂 And it WAS a lot of effort…glad you appreciated it!


Hi, I had a look at the breathholding site, do you really hold your breath over 3 minutes? that is incredible will power!! how does it feel to hold your breath that long and how much have you had to practise?


Hi There

Loved what you said about the foot stuff. I answered and ad on craigslist and did some foot work. nothing crazy it was like the one you said about Foot worship, in which you sit there and let some “foot slave” (sub) suck your toes and massage your feet. I have big feet lol My feet only are filmed. It was fun and decent money. I wanted to know if you wouldn’t mind telling me where I might go to get more work like that or a site I can go to to find more work like that? Your awesome thanks 🙂


Alas, there is no secret to it…you just gotta beat up craigslist, model mayhem, fetlife, collarme….etc. etc. etc. Finding work is EXHAUSTING and takes a lot of effort. Good luck!


I loved this post! I started doing fetish modeling a year ago and love it! The pay is amazing and its fun ..most of the time I also HATE the damsel in distress shoots and thats what i mean by “Most of the time”!
Great article!
xo Chloe


I love this article! Thanx for your breakdown of fetish modeling. Its a lot of stuff that I haven’t even heard of before that you touched on. I have been thinking about getting into this niche and found your site via google. Do you have any tips for newbies?


No real tips…just be professional, use common sense if it seems sketchy, and most importantly……come up with a bad-ass fetish name!!! I used to go by Brandi Bottoms, now I just use Wonderhussy.


I enjoyed this blog. Im a fellow las vegan. Ive been thinking about getting into foot fetish but no idea where to start. Im not interested in showing my goods so im curious if its even worth persuing. what are your thoughts?

Doc Rugg

Liked what you have to say about fetish shoots. I’ve done some live show in Texas. And some of you reading this may even remember me. I had my own fetish troop. We did shows at a club there. I got out of the biz for a wile. But now I want to get into doing more of the trample photo shoots and videos. I not only like to see it but love to do it in my life. But I don’t live in a city that many would think of as a fetish hot spot. Phoenix, AZ. And no I don’t want to move. Any good help you can give me. PS I also like to write stories about this same thing. But there is no money in that. Or do you know something I don’t? Thank and keep being freaky.


LOL thanks….and yeah, there is really no money in writing about it. I make no money off this site; it’s just a hobby 🙁 The only way to make money off these stories would be to write them as erotica…
P.S. my first ever fetish shoot was in Phoenix… is based there. There’s a wrestling fetish site down in Tucson…probably many more I don;t know about in AZ!

Harley Cronley

I also wanted to know how to become a foot fetish model, but I don’t know their requirements. I don’t even know if my foot is good enough to be modeled on the Internet. Should I simply apply as a model or look for tips first?


Stomach noises (my favorite), in which you eat something that makes your stomach loud

This is known as “borborygmi.” I learned this word listening to one of George Carlin’s comedy LPs back in the 70’s


I was asked to do a few videos for a tickling fet site, & I was curious as to how much I should charge?? I’ve never really looked into doung fetlife stuff until the owner of the site asked me if I’d be interested. So, I’ve been really looking into it & I’m super interested. I already do risqué modeling, but I’m clueless about pricing. I keep finding results about charging hourly, but I want to charge per video. What do you recommend?


I find that the rate is usually around $50/hour clothed, $100/hour nude…if you want to charge per clip, then adjust rate depending on how long it takes to shoot. Maybe $50/clip?


I’ll be be back the weekend of Feb 21rst and I have an excellent idea!! One final wonderhussy 1 hour bondage (big money$150) and you can cronical how much you hated it and post one more bondage pic on this page and I’ll never bother you again. Really honestly us “love bondage” pervs don’t have an ounce of Ted Bundy in us. One final shoot Wonderhussy can do it!!!


I am Hiring models for clips4sale but I need pretty girls … fetish, spanking , s&m , bdsm, I was in Fetish, and Porn production in the 90s ,…. Im into it again, I just sold my house , stocks , a large tract of land, several cars, antiques and everything I owned , … and Ive got 2 girls now , but I need all of you pretty young girls , Im 56 going on 31 again Im near Atlanta Ga , but Im planning to relocate anywhere but here after setting all this up, I want as many video clips as I can get girls to help, no sex ,just harmless fetish material


I’ve honestly bought some of the breath hold videos….always wondered how hard that was. And you’re right…it’s all about the wwillpower…never the pass out thing…that isn’t cool and turns me off. So does breath holding against your will, that certainly isn’t cool.


Well to be fair, it wasn’t against my will — I willingly did it, to make money. But it was definitely unpleasant…for me, anyway. There are probably some girls who genuinely get off on it 🙂


I just started looking at doing fetish work. It started with doing camming, and my husband didn’t seem to comfortable with it, and as a SAHM I do NOT have the time to work all the time to make tips. I have always been curious about BDSM and really just fetishes in general so I hit up craigslist to see if I could do some foot modeling. I really prefer not to do nude, or anything highly sexual. ie foot jobs etc. What are some real dead giveaways you got a creeper just looking for free pics, or an actual recruiter?


In my experience almost EVERY ad on craigslist is a creeper looking for free pics. But I have gotten tons of legit work there, too. If it’s a legit casting call, they almost always post a link to their website of Clips4Sale store so you can see their other work…so look for that.

That being said, there are some really nice private collectors who don’t have public sites, but will pay for photos anyway. You have to suss them out from the guys who just want free pics, which can be tricky. I’d say it’s reasonable for a potential client to ask for one photo of the tops of your feet (toes included) and one of the bottoms, plus a standard full-body shot. Anything more than that, and they’re just fishing for freebies.


I am 23. I began modeling at the age of 12. Modeling Jr. Miss and swimsuit. By the time I was 15 my mom let me model lingerie. That when photographers all over the US began hiring me. I would go to school 5 day a week. Then mom and I would at 5:00pm on a Friday get on a plane. Fly across the US for a photo shoot on a Saturday. And fly home on Sunday. During the summer, mom and I would be on the road 2 to 3 weeks at a time. Going to New York. LA. And Miami. I also worked in France. UK, Ireland, Japan, i was paying more in income taxes than my mom and dad. I did my first nude US shoot on my 18th birthday. All the modeling I do today is fine art nude or fetish. Bondage I make good money. And I love my work.


“But nothing beats the time I went over to a friend’s house to shoot some trampling/humiliation videos, and the sub turned out to be this pompous ass-bag local actor I happened to know from shooting commercials and stuff around town. He had been pretty rude to me in the past, so I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED beating his ass black and blue for this video!! ”

I know its been a while, but this sounds awesome, could you tell me what studio/title or where I would find this clip?



Thanks for the reply. I believe the clips4sale of it is still up. Do you remember your stage name for the site? I recall you were called Missy may or something when you did stuff with Luke.

Great article BTW, interesting perspective.


Hi! I’m a 29 year old woman and plus size. I’ve got really pretty feet and a nice face but I don’t really feel comfortable showing my body. I’ve recently been flirting with the idea of doing a foot fetish blog, Instagram (for pictures and videos), and possibly selling used socks and tights. I would charge for access to the Instagram account and any personalized pictures or videos a client would want sent privately. Since I’m not too familiar with the business side of the fetish community… Do you think this could be a sustainable business model? I saw that you said you had tried running your own website, but that it was a lot of work, and you ultimately didn’t feel it was worth it for you. I’ve been told I would have to do A LOT of self promotion if I wanted to make any real money at it. I guess my question, aside from the ones I already asked, is… Do you think I could make money considering that I’m plus size? Since I don’t really plan to show my body I’m not sure how much of an issue that would be. Any thoughts or advice would be great appreciated! Thank you! 🙂


If I were you, I would take my most unique asset — SIZE — and market that! There are already a billion foot chicks on Insta, etc….what sets you apart? I understand you’re self conscious about your body, but I think you could make it work in your favor as a BBW foot babe. There are tons of guys who love BBWs.
In my experience, most of these fans are cheap as fuck, so I dont know if they’d pay to see foot pix unless there was something different/special about them. I gave up on trying…I just model traditionally now. You’re right, it takes a TON of self-promotion and I just couldn’t make it work!

Good luck!!!

Bazooka Joan

Hi there!

Fellow Vegas gal here – I actually think I may have seen you around with some mutual friends, but I’m having trouble seeing well enough on my phone to be sure – and I was wondering if you might be interested in doing a shoot together at some point? I’ve done a little bit of non-fetish modeling, and have been toying with the idea for a while, but I’d love to get my feet wet (literally or figuratively in this case) working with a more experienced lady. I’d also possibly be willing to be the in-distress damsel in a shoot where you didn’t want to do bondage. If this sounds reasonably interesting to you, maybe drop me a line and I can send you a picture, we can compare social circles, etc?

Either way, thanks for the very illuminating article!


This was such an interesting article! I am interested in getting started with some types of fetish modeling (nothing nude, at least for now). Thanks so much for all your helpful tips! For the videos and clips that you sell, do you use a high end camera? If all I had was the camera on my laptop, is the quality good enough? Thanks again! From one Vegas girl to another 🙂


I don;t film or sell my own stuff, I only shoot for others who have established sites. But most of them use handheld Sony cameras and the like….nothing super fancy, but not cell phones/laptops.

David Dilley

When does the movie come out? Get what’s her name too pay you too…Hiking Thru Life…With out the Drama!
Oh, and I want the calender too!



I have really long and ridiculously thick curly hair. Do you have any suggestions on where to start as a fetish model? I’m pretty open to trying new things in general, but I feel like this could be a good start!

Thanks 🙂


I’m just saying hi because I actually discovered facesitting with your videos a long time ago, and it was really nice finding this blog post and having your feedbacks about it 🙂
you are very natural and casual about it, this makes it really interesting and exciting!
A few questions :
– Did you felt aroused performing in those clips? Or was it just for fun?
– Are you done with smothering/facesitting or would you get back to it? You have an amazing potential!


Thanks! To answer your Qs, I was not aroused at all. I did it strictly for the money! 🙂 And yes, I am done with it, because I’m not comfortable facesitting naked… and that’s what the fans wanted to see. It was an interesting experience though!


Well I hope you could use some extra holiday bucks! I’ll be in Las Vegas between Christmas and New Years. I have $200 just for you for 2 hours of gentle bondage:)


hi, thanks so much for this great article. and all the answers you’ve taken the time to provide.

my husband says he thinks he and i can make some good money at this. and he’s willing to let me stomp all over him t do so. my question is how much can we make off an average video and how does someone like us get connected to the customers who want these custom clips? i am aware of c4s but didn’t see the connection to custom clips there.



I’m not really sure as I’ve never had my own clips4sale store, but I think you can generally get about a dollar a minute… So a 10-minute clip would sell for $10, 20-minute clip for 20, etcetera


Wonder Hussy. With all due respect, if you are ever offered again to perform flatulence, aka “farting” on camera, may I suggest eating a can of pork and beans, or cabbage and noodles, or a cabbage roll. Also, a good raw sweet onion can produce the desired effect. That sound coming out of your gorgeous tush would be so cool. Maybe even make a “juicer”. I know your post of the previous occasion was in 2011, but you’re young, say you are 29, maybe an offer will come up again in your modeling career. Love your blogs and videos. Keep up the good work.


HELL OR HIGH WATER of all the movies I want to replicate this is it without the bank robbery and using FORESTRY and CHEMICAL ENGINEERING bring ranch spreads to life give CHEVRON the oil so I get the royalties sweet eh? kinda like you…nice dog you have there love the TOURISM type deal you are doing worth its weight in GOLD!

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