Saline Valley Hot Springs

IMG_0308My NUMBER-ONE FAVORITE desert adventure of ALL TIME was this trip I took out to the ultra-remote Saline Valley Hot Springs, way the hell out in the farthest northwestern reaches of Death Valley….miles from anything, and WAY out of cell phone range. It was actually kind of scary, and one of the only experiences I’ve had where my life was in actual danger. But that always makes for the funnest adventures…no?

IMG_0314I read about it in some New York Times online article, and knew I had to go. So I rounded up this guy I used to date, a crazy Bulgarian artist/party animal named Boris, and headed out one sunny April afternoon.

Now, I had done my prep work fairly diligently — there aren’t really any roads out there, so you can’t just Google Map it; you have to follow these hokey directions like “turn left at the dry lake bed,” “turn right at the metal bat on the pole.” I wrote down the directions (and the mileage) as accurately as possible, and gave my truck a cursory once-over to see if she was seaworthy enough to make the voyage. The only access road into the Saline Valley is a fifty mile long IMG_0315rutted, severely washboarded dirt road strewn with boulders and the bones of stupid fools like me. The forums I read online advised that one drive no faster than 5 mph (FIVE MILES PER HOUR!!!), or else you might break an axle. Can you imagine driving 5 mph for FIFTY MILES?! It’s an insane test of patience.

You are also advised to bring plenty of drinking water, TWO full-sized spare tires, a can of Fix-a-Flat and lots of food and First Aid supplies. This road is R E M O T E as F U C K, with virtually nonexistent vehicle traffic, and as mentioned ZERO cell phone coverage (this was back in 2011, but I’m sure it’s the same today). So if you break down, you’re fucked.

IMG_0326Well, I sort of glanced at my truck, assumed I had a spare under the truck bed, threw in a couple 2-gallon jugs of water and some firewood and stuff, and took off. I was really lucky that I didn’t end up one of those horrible Death Valley statistics — I was woefully underprepared. Plus, the road was so bumpy that the firewood ended up poking a hole in one of my water jugs, so that it leaked out and I ended up only having 2 gallons for the two of us all weekend. D’OH!

IMG_0328From Vegas, we drove up through Pahrump to Death Valley…and then all the way across Death Valley to the western edge, sort of near Panamint Springs. All that took us about 3 hours, so I thought I was making pretty good time. But I underestimated how long it takes to traverse a fifty mile washboard road at 5 mph. Literally 5mph — you could not go any faster, the road was/is that bad.

IMG_0357It was a beautiful drive, and I kept my eye on the trip odometer to make sure I was following the mileage correctly, since there aren’t exactly any signposts out there. There’s nothing. That place is like the surface of the moon — the most remote place I’ve ever been. No signs of human habitation whatsoever.

I was fine as long as it was light out…but as dusk approached, I got kinda nervous. Some IMG_0359of the landmarks I was supposed to use as signposts would not be visible in the dark, ya know! So I just undid my seatbelt and drank some wine as I drove along, to calm myself down. What else are you gonna do???

To his credit, my traveling companion Boris was a good sport throughout — he didn’t seem fazed at all! We just listened to music and cruised along, and it got darker and darker. When it was full-on dark out, I was IMG_0362afraid we were gonna have to park and camp on the road for the night — I couldn’t see the dry lake bed where I was supposed to turn or anything. But somehow, we figured it out. Someone had left a solar light on a stick at one of the turn-offs, so we were able to follow that — albeit very uncertainly. Some asshole had also left a Hansel-and-Gretel-esque trail of empty beer cans on the road; normally, I despise litter, but that litter sure came in handy. Man, I was really kinda IMG_0375freaked out at this point.

But then we spotted the glint of a campfire, waaay the fuck off in the distance. I tell you, I was never so happy to see a sign of human habitation before in my life!!! We figured it was the Springs…but even if it was just some crazy rancher, I was heading towards it cuz I was freaked the fuck out!

Then we saw the metal bat on a signpost — IMG_0384the bat is like the unofficial mascot of the Saline Valley Hot Springs, since little bats fly out from the caves surrounding the valley at night, so we knew we were close. From there, it was just another few miles — we pulled into the Springs camping area with a massive feeling of euphoria, set up camp, guzzled some wine, and then headed over to the bonfire.

HOLY HELL! The campfire was set up in this sort of communal area with a big stone firepit and benches and stuff, and there were several drunk/eccentric/conspiracy-believin’ kooks gathered ’round, bullshitting and swapping conspiracy theories. AWESOME!! We joined right in, making friends at once with one of the regulars, a super-drunk naked guy who took us on a moonlight tour of the springs area. We went pretty far afield with him, with nothing but the moon and the stars guiding our way — it starwas fantastic! The sand out there is such a bright white, that the reflected starlight was plenty bright enough to see by. It was incredible!

After drinking awhile longer we were exhausted, and passed out cold in our tent. But the next morning it was ON — we could finally see the springs in the daylight, and it was a fantastic spot. I don’t like to use corny words like “magical” — but it was! A true IMG_0522oasis, lush and green, surrounded by shaggy palms in the middle of the most forbidden, barren moonscape I’d ever seen.

Apparently, a hardcore desert kook (I use this term extremely affectionately, FYI — I consider myself a desert kook too, ya know) named Lizard Lee lives out there and takes care of the place — unofficially, of course, since it’s part of Death Valley now and he is most definitely not a ranger. Saline Valley is IMG_0498so remote that no one from the Park Service even bothers to fuck with them out there, so they’re all naked all day, every day, and pretty much left to their own devices.

Lizard Lee had a pretty elaborate compound cobbled together out there, made from trailers and spare odds and ends of sheet metal (how he got that stuff in there, I’ll never know — I guess there’s another, slightly easier access road in from the IMG_0417California side)…but alas, at the time of my visit, Lee was out of town visiting his long-distance girlfriend in San Francisco or somewhere, so we didn’t get to meet him (how he was able to maintain a long-distance relationship without cell-phone coverage is beyond me…although there was a satellite phone, for emergencies…so maybe he used that for phone sex). Lee had left this awesome drunken Russian guy in charge, and that dude was tits! He sat around IMG_0452soaking in his private hot tub drinking vodka — that’s the kind of guy he was.

Anyhoo, Boris and I kind of ambled around, soaking in the springs (naked, of course) and checking stuff out. I didn’t bother with any makeup, since why the fuck — but wouldn’t you know it, about halfway through the day these Jeeps came joggling down one of the side roads carrying a bunch of photo equipment, and these two photographers got IMG_0440out and approached me where I was standing around naked.

The one guy started in with a spiel, pitching me on how he could take some tasteful nude photos of me out there if I wanted — he obviously thought he had to butter me up, not realizing I am a wanton, brazen hussy who gets naked for photographers in the desert all the time! When I informed him that I am a nude model, he was delighted —

pic by E. Killian
pic by E. Killian

but I didn’t really want to pose for him, since I had no makeup on or anything. Not to worry, he said — he had an infrared lens that would somehow photograph below the top layer of my skin (?!? I still don’t get how that works), and I could leave my sunglasses on. So, I agreed…and did a spontaneous photo shoot way the fuck out in the middle of nowhere!!!! FABULOUS!!!

IMG_0465After the shoot was over, Boris and I decided to hike up to the Upper Springs, which are totally undeveloped, a couple miles north of the rest of the pools. Stupidly, it was the hottest part of the day when we undertook this, and we were naked…so by the time we got there it was all I could do to lay down in the muck under a bush and pass out for a few minutes. I was so exhausted I don’t know how I made it back to camp…but we did, and all we had to eat was shitty peanut butter and bread and stuff, with more wine. I remember thinking I would have killed for an ice-cold Coke right then, but I made do with what we had.

After we ate, I rallied and we headed to the communal IMG_0495area where everyone was soaking in one of the big pools, telling jokes. This went on for hours — there were people there from all over the world — Germans (of course), Russians, Canadians, even a Hungarian. They all told their favorite jokes, and it was goooood times. Then they talked about the various regulars who go down there from time to time — some people stay for weeks, just relaxing and meditating and reading and stuff; there’s no better place for it, I tell you! Apparently there’s also a chef from some big-time resort in Big Bear who comes down around Thanksgiving every year with an RV full of girls and gourmet food, and he prepares a huge elaborate feast for everyone there. OMG! I have to spend IMG_0480Thanksgiving down there some time! But the bitch of it is, you never know exactly when he’ll arrive — it might be one day, or the next, or the next. So you’d kind of have to camp out and wait for him, I guess.

Then there was one guy who was like a talc miner from the area — he actually lived and worked on a ranch fairly nearby (within like 50 miles or so), and he came over all the time to soak and chat. I can’t imagine what IMG_0490his life must be like, living way the fuck out there like that, with only a bunch of naked hippies within a 50-mile radius to talk to. Crazy!!!

There was also some talk about the low-flying fighter jets that would buzz past every now and then — I actually had seen one myself earlier that day, cruising along from one of the Air Force bases in the area. I hope the pilot got a good look at my naked ass — IMG_0505this was before I had the misfortune of dating any Air Force pilots myself, so I was still feeling somewhat neutral about that branch of the service. But anyway, it was surreal to be in such a remote place, and then have a fighter jet scream past all of a sudden, out of the blue.

Anyhoo, I turned in kind of early that night because a) I was exhausted from the heat and the day, and b) I was already kinda IMG_0462freaking out about the drive home in the morning. The bitch of it was, I had to be at work at Caesars Palace by 6pm…and it had taken a good ten hours for us to get to Saline from Vegas! If I broke down or anything, not only was I now basically out of water…but I also had no way to call my boss and let him know I was stranded, so I’d probably get fired as a no-call, no-show (that’s how those asses at Cashman Photo are, I tell you!). Also, of course I was kinda low on IMG_0414gas…D’OH!!!

So we got up at like 6am, filled our empty water jugs with totally non-potable hot springs water (hey, in an emergency it would be better than nothing!!), and headed back down that same 50-mile washboard road (the Saline Valley regulars call it the 50-mile bullshit filter, since it keeps out all but the most dedicated — or insane — travelers).

IMG_0594At least this time, I had plenty of daylight…and the way back is always easier than the way in, although there were a couple of hairy spots coming up over the mountain pass where my poor 2-WD truck’s rear wheels spun angrily. I just took my time, and forced myself to go no faster than 5 mph (which is probably the only thing that saved me, in retrospect)….and sure enough, around 3pm or so we finally emerged back onto the blacktop. Man, I have never been so happy IMG00277-20110503-1256to see asphalt in my life!!!!!!

The first thing we did was stop at this burger joint at the side of the road near Panamint Springs and beat the fuck out of some cheeseburgers and Cokes. YUM!!! It was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten, let me tell you. Then Boris took the wheel, and I put on some makeup and stuff so that I could basically go straight to work as soon as we got back into down. And…that’s what I did, IMG_0557astonishingly. And those fuckers at Cashman never gave me one iota of appreciation for it!

Anyhoo, now that a couple years have passed, I find myself thinking more and more about going back to fabulous Saline Valley — and staying a little longer this time! April was the right time to go — the road was in decent shape, the snow had melted, but it wasn’t too hot yet. There’s a limited window of time to get in there, I guess — I IMG_0483think even the other access road, from the California side, becomes impassible in the winter.

But if I go again, I’m taking a 4WD Jeep or other high-clearance vehicle — AND I’m bringing tons of water and supplies, AND I’m bringing spare tires (come to find out, I did not have a full-size spare under my truck bed– just a donut!!! AND, I got a flat tire a couple weeks later back in Vegas…so imagine IMG_0562how shitty that would have been out there!!!!). (And, did I mention my gas light came on while I was still on the dirt road?! I barely made it to that gas station/burger joint!!!!!)

So, in sum: if you have this type of vehicle and you want to go check out Saline Valley, let me know! I’ll do it in a heartbeat. Although, I may need to wear a disguise, since apparently some crusty oldtimer out IMG_0527there thinks I’m an asshole for telling people about it, and encouraging others to go out there. (He claims I don’t stress enough how dangerous it it…but I really think he’s just one of those exclusive types to wants to keep it to himself, the fucker.)


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Awesome blog!
I was wondering what your costs were (mainly just entrance/ camping fees) ? I’m trying to do an impromptu trip to this place in a month and have no reservations. Can I just set up camp once I get there without any sort of reservations? Please let me know, thanks!



Looking to go to Saline Valley next year. You seem to really enjoy hot springs.

If you want an adventure, check out Potts Ranch in Monitor Valley, north of Tonopah.

I’ll send you some video of the place if you send me your email. It’s out in BFE, nobody there. Awesome!

aaron kast

grew up nor cal my family and cousins n friends used to spend 2 to 3 weeks down there every year usedd to get permits to catch the wild burros till it was made it illeagle. there was nothing down there then one smallhotsprings pool. was mid 60s to early 70s ran the valley like it was ours one game warden there at the time. that was vacation every year

Opel Cadet

People like you is one of the reasons NPS wants to close down the springs. Not only you engaged in the behavior incompatible with the spirit of hot springs, you felt the need to blast it on you blog. This tells me you are quite a narcissist.


I agree that I’m a narcissist, but why is that incompatible with the spirit of the springs? I cleaned up after myself, left no trace, was friendly and respectful to all I met there and I had a great time. I guess your main issue is that I wrote about it…so that others can find it. I guess you want to keep it for yourself…well, I’d argue that your miserly attitude is more in violation of the “spirit” of the springs than mine! What happened to sharing?


Wonderhussy is my kind of woman. We need more like her. Many many more. The world would be a better place if millions of Wonderhussy were running amok.


Let me know when you plan on returning to Saline Valley Hot Spring or any other hot spring. It would well worth my time and effort to drive there and see you in all your beauty.

John Doughnut

” So, in sum: if you have this type of vehicle and you want to go check out Saline Valley, let me know! I’ll do it in a heartbeat.”

I’ve a 4×4 Jeeep , a few weeks off and am itching for a proper soak . I’m eyeballing the weather for Saline Springs , Deep Creek weather is nice but my heart pounds for Big n Little Caliente (closed) , if you wanna do Saline lemme know and Ill drive in , the Ca road is shorter , 4×4 only . Included :h20,good food,dank..a platonic time)


I just went to Saline in late October…the road was super easy, like a suburban expressway, lol. I do want to go back sometime this early spring…let me know when you’re going!


Loved your blog, Wonderhussy! Couldn’t have said it better myself.
Was there for Thanksgiving in 1981 with some friends. We had a huge potluck and musical jam with the people who live at and care for the springs, miners and ranchers from the valley, visitors like ourselves, and even some who flew in for the weekend.
It was the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had! I almost got my wish to stay there for good. This happened on the last day when it started to sprinkle and our driver yelled at us to pack up and get the #### out of there fast! As the rain got stronger, the fine white dust turned to gumbo and made us taller with each step we took. Then we headed for Olancha because we were headed for L.A., but near “Sarcasm Chasm” we had to stop because the rain was turned to snow and it was already a couple of feet deep.
Some old timer local miner, (maybe it was Lizard Lee?) had a cabin he invited us all into and we feasted on leftovers from the Thanksgiving feast and sang and danced all night. Someone in the valley had a ham radio and they radioed in to Bishop, CA, where messages went out to our loved ones and bosses, that we were snowed-in in Death Valley and would not be at work Monday. The county came and plowed the road for us and we got out and home safe the next day.
The people at work did not believe us. How could you be snowed in in the desert?

It was the most memorable Hot Spring adventure of my life. You captured the spirit of it very well!


WOW!!!! That really does sound like the funnest Thanksgiving ever! Even from your brief description, I totally got a sense of how much fun that must have been….I’m jealous!!! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to spend Thanksgiving at Saline!


Do you think that road is passable in January? We are in Lake Mead area now and have an AWD high clearance, though no full-size spare, only a doughnut tire…?
Big thanks!


Not sure…there were some pretty big storms in December; the road might be rougher than it was back in October, when I last visited. If the conditions are the same, then I think you’d be ok…but there’s no way to tell. Try checking the saline valley preservation forums online…they have a current road conditions thread 🙂


Glad you appreciate Saline Valley and the springs as much as we do! It will definitely call your name from time to time and you will find the NEED to return. A few of us are planning a trip for this weekend (Saturday through Monday) if you’d like to join. Weather is looking great. 70 during the day and mid 40’s at night.

tom koppel

YEAH ! I’ve been exploring the back country for years, but never stopped there ! WTF? Planning a trip there fer sure in April…!

Terry Breedlove

I am in Death Valley right now and just dying on the inside because i don’t have a nude model in this amazing place. Some guys get all the luck running into a gorgeous free spirit such as yourself. sigh

Eric Hall

Camping there this weekend with some good friends. I sent them your story to give them an idea of what’s in store for them. I’ve been there a handful of times myself but never camped. Looking forward to it, wonderhussy 🙂


Glad you made it to visit and hope you will return. That’s you, not a hundred other folks thanks to your blogging irresponsibly about a cool (soon to be crowded place). Please be responsible, and cool it on exposing cool places to the masses.


I live my life by the Golden Rule — do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Well, I would have others share places of beauty with me….so I am doing unto them as I would have done unto me. You seriously want to chastise me for this?

If I had never read the New York Times article about Saline, I would never have found it…but instead of being angry with the NYT for blogging “irresponsibly” about it, I’m super grateful to them for making me aware of it.

I have a hard time understanding your position — I get that you want to keep the place clean, but why keep such a beautiful place a secret? Were you never taught to share?

Mike Z

Headed there this weekend with some Jeepers from Vegas. Awesome write up, and hella good resolution pics 🙂 lol. Can’t wait to get up there. Is there anything else you would mention or recommend that you didn’t include already. Will make sure to bring extra supplies and keep the pace slow. Would you have done anything different going back a second time?

Thanks – Mike


A true personal story like that of Hunter S. Thompson, the ledgendary Rolling Stones magazine writer. I knew about the place, and I read the NY Times story too, so NO spoiler here to the world.. So thanks for your fun perspective.

By the way, the folks who maligned you for writing about your personal experience just crawled out of a rock from the 20th Century. I write because that’s just wrong but also typical of the 21st Century.

Anyhoo, write on and live the adventure… and perhaps I will go there someday if I can stomach the ride. I’ll probably fly in.


Thanks!! Yeah, I can’t believe the haters out there banging on me because of this…fuck ’em though; I’ve made friends and actually booked paid work because of this blog post! I’m glad I wrote it.
And you can fly in…but the “landing strip” is pretty rough!

Timothy Riffel

Thanks for the informative and entertaining trip report…I’m headed there this weekend….I actually flew over it last weekend, but the winds were too severe to land at the Chicken Strip…


I accidentally clicked on this blog while researching Saline and must say that after reading a few of your posts I am highly amused and even a bit addicted. Not quite ready to whip out my loupe, but I understand your draw.
My guess is that the “haters” are not hating you or your antics but dreading the immanent hipster invasion that this blog entry might have touched off. Saline is a nice quiet place to have a soak, gaze into the abyss at night, enjoy the company of Charles Manson look alikes, and generally to “chill the big puppy dog”, so to speak.
When Saline starts resembling Burning Man or Coachella it’s time to call in the airstrike, as far as they are concerned, the haters, the selfish ones. I tend to agree, sort of, in a self centered kind of way. I think you understand too. Crowds and Saline are two mutually incompatible concepts. So far at least.
Happy days.


I do understand, and empathize to some point….but remember, *I* learned of Saline from the freaking NEW YORK TIMES!!!! If the Times wrote about it, it jumped the shark long ago.

Either way, I am making a concerted effort not to be a hater, and to understand that this is the way of life — shit gets “discovered,” and one must move on to the next thing.


Your writing is nothing short of terrific. I have just one suggestion; lose the profanity. You have such a mastery of words it takes away from your sincerity, sounding a bit like somebody seeking acceptance in the adult world. If you don’t I’ll still read your stuff though, it’s great! Good luck and green lights…


Thanks! I have a tough time vis-a-vis profanity: I sometimes feel I should ease up in the interest of making myself more mainstream and palatable…..but then my inner punk-rock anarchist chimes in: “Why the fuck would you want to appeal to the easily-offended narrow-minded masses?!?!?!” Cuss words are just phonics…vowels and consonants, like any words. I’m just trying to reclaim them!


Saline is my favorite place to travel to. You’re welcome to join…just need to leave your ride at PSR (Panamint Springs Resort) or fly to socal. In the proper vehicle there is a sweet spot on those washboard roads around 40-60mph. October is a great time to go.
Love your blog and sense of adventure.

Walter Goedecke

Nice blog. I tried to go to Saline HS one weekend, but took the wrong road heading north to the wast, and finally had to turn around. I had visited the Racetrack Playa with the family, a bit east of the Saline Valley, definitely worth a trip.

One other person who belongs to the Ridgecrest Salon (a liberal social group – in a sea of red), says that camping overnight at Saline HS is like being in another century! I will try again when I visit the Owens Valley next time.

I would suggest also Remington Hot Springs, clothing optional, a very nice spot on the south side of the Kern River between Lake Isabella and Bakersfield, much easier to get to than Saline HS, although farther from Las Vegas. To get there, go west from Lake Isabella on Hwy 178. The springs are on the old Highway 178, now called Kern Canyon Road, south of the river. Turn south on Borel Rd, then head southeast 3.5 miles on the dirt road to one of two turnouts, and hike down to the river. Before this, Miracle HS, at the campground, is unbearably hotter, IMO, and broken down by the Forest Service, is not recommended to go to, except to look at.

The RHS has several concrete bowls, inlaid with semi-precious stones and shells, very pretty. They are maintained by a few persons who live near them.


I’ve been to Remington a couple times…I love it! Except the water is really only hot enough for me in that one little tub…and it gets kinda cramped :-p
Saline is definitely worth seeing…try again some day.


Better than having friends with 4wD, have friends with a piper cub. Even flying can take over an hour (depending on winds) but it sure makes the trip easier.

I found out after having visited that it is considered appropriate to bring a box of fresh fruit for the camp host.

Death Valley is phenomenal. Very crowded on thanksgiving and for spring flowers. Hope to run into you some time.


I’v always wanted to fly in there!! I flew over it back in February, but the pilot didn’t have the appropriate tires to land on the Chicken Strip…so I had to settle for an overhead view 🙂

Jon Levin

Lived in Bishop, CA late 70s/early 80s. Used o go to Saline Valley 4 to 5 times a year. Seeing your expose brought back many fond memories. Thanks for the article. Saline Valley is a true spiritual gift and one that I miss very much.


I have been wanting to go there for a long time…damm! My little Tacoma 4×4 would love it. I could at least double or triple the speed..roflmao.


Wow, you seem like an awesome companion to go “hot springing” with! I’ve always wanted to go to lower saline valley, but I no longer have a suitable vehicle. Something tells me a huyandai sonata would not fare well on that flat tire inducing road. My DR650 would probably do just fine, but then no room for a buddy AND cargo! Supremely envious of your experiences out there! Any upcoming trips?

Larry Kramer

Back in the 80’s when I was a teenager, I had the opportunity to go to Saline Valley several times. We stayed at a cabin in Beverage canyon. Lots of fun memories there. Saline valley hot springs was no exception. In the 80’s, the palm trees were not so tall. There weren’t as many tubs as there are now. Back then, there was a shortcut to the hot springs through the Saline Valley sand dunes. Now that track is inside Death Valley Monument and is protected and travel on it is forbidden. For those thinking of camping there, be prepared! The winds can get out of hand with 70 mph gusts – bring double sets of tent stakes with extra rope for your tent. Lock up anything food related as the burros will eat your food while you sleep. Bring enough food to last two weeks – the passes into the valley get snowed shut and it takes a week or more for Inyo county to clear the road. Don’t go in the summertime unless you’re completely insane.

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