photo by Alejandro Cerdeña
photo by Alejandro Cerdeña

I am a full-time freelance model, and I post many of my photos here in my blog.

To see my full portfolio, you can go to www.ModelMayhem.com/Wonderhussy…but you must be a Model Mayhem member to view the nudes.

If you’re not a Model Mayhem member, you can follow my Tumblr at www.wonderhussy.tumblr.com… I post many of my nudes there.

I also occasionally post stuff on www.Diverxity.com.


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Mike SIlvestrini

Hello Ms. Wunderhussy,

I stumbled onto your youtube video, Abandoned Hot Spring Resort in the Middle of Nowhere, NV, by accident when I looked up videos about the double hot springs in the Black Rock Desert. Lol, yours was the next one. Having no idea who you were I began to watch. You were in a hat and sunglasses. Who knew. Innocent enough, right? Well after watching a second Wunderhussy video about hiking down a ravine to more hot springs, I was curious, so I googled. Lol!

With all respect, I have to say you are one the goofiest, most down to earth woman I have run across. I have to say you are very cute and sexy as well! I was intrigued already though, before googling and finding out about the sexy part. Hell, I’m not even sure why I’m writing this. I assure you I’m not a stalker or anything, you just struck me I guess, and I enjoyed your personality. You are just an honest, beautiful person, and it caught me by surprise.

Anyway, thanks for the light-hearted entertainment. It was great!

Best regards


Colby Spencer

Well…hell. I’m a gay man and even I’m intrigued! Also a Las Vegas local and would love to go on an adventure someday! Much love to you Wonder Hussy! Your fan…Colby-


Thank you!!! I sincerely appreciate the kind words and positive feedback… Sometimes it feels like I’m just throwing stuff into a void, so I enjoy messages like this immensely 🙂

Walt Mezynski

These are my exact same thoughts, I couldn’t have articulated them as well as Mike did here. I am really glad I stumbled across your videos on You Tube. You are definately not throwing stuff into a void as you thought in another response. You are a one in a million girl and I enjoy watching your videos, even though I have not yet seen any nudity. Sometimes having to use your imagination is better, but I doubt that holds true in your case. I will keep watching.

God Bless America and God Bless You Tube.


hello, i watched your video about raintree and you mentioned a drum cicrle. i’m new to Vegas and looking for a place to play my congas. can you tell me about any drum circles?

Gary Banks

Love to see you do more glamour shoots as a cowgirl, especially if you can pose wearing a gun belt (and one with possibly two holsters and guns & bullets in loops), cowboy hat, boots & bandana,

Think you look absolutely lovely!!

larry bush

i like to buy some videos of you naked,i probably want have enough money to buy one,next month on the 3rd of the,
month i might can pay 50.00 dollars for a video of you naked
showing your tits and pussy and ass,you need to include a note
with the video telling me what i can do and not do with the video or pics,like were i can post them on the net or wether i can post them.on the net id i do it would be to help you make more money
and maybe me a little extra cash to if its legal.


Thank you for the offer! I have retired from nude modeling, though… The only naked stuff I do anymore is the photos I post on my Instagram 🙂 I enjoy making my YouTube videos much more¡


Most of these places are MANY miles from anywhere….in the middle of the very remote desert. Any traffic that does pass by, just keeps going…few stop to investigate or steal stuff from inside!

Patrik Serrander

I do see that and understand that, never seen that kind of action to just drop things from urhands and vanish in the thin air for good.. dont meen ur exploring but other american on the net.. one they was in a aboneded manssion full with things like stereo. Dvd. Cameras. Flatscreen tv. And so on and on..just free to grab for anybody some just dear to stick in their head inside..


Have you ever been up to Canada yet wonderhussy u should come check it out and maybe I could be the one to show you around Calgary Alberta Canada


Hmmm interesting…so all I need to get is a pardon and they’ll let me in? I can’t find a straight answer online anywhere…I have heard horror stories from friends turned away at the border; I wouldn’t want to risk it!


You’re more than welcome…ya having good info before I decide stuff is best.
Again I’m learning tons from reading your blogs I love your attitude and style:)
Life is short…do it now!


And you are amazing individual wonderhussy and I love it that you run around naked all the time and would you consider yourself a nudist because I am one and I am the same way


Hello W.H. I watched some of your videos and I like the abandoned places you go to, It’s amazing to wonder about the history of the buildings. And I understand that you are a model who takes people to such locations, that made me feel a bit uneasy tho, be safe please! Make sure people know where you are and with whom at all times. Take (picture) their ID and send it to a friend for example (Maybe I have seen to many horror movies,) I’m sure you already knows this but anyways. Keep on keeping on 🙂 (if that is how you say that.)


As a fellow member of True Nudists, I am a fan of your videos. Please keep them coming. I’ve been to many of the places you have mentioned (Deep Creek and Arizona Hot Springs in particular – and hiking in nude is never a problem). I look forward to discovering more.

David James

You have gone to some amazing spots. I’m totally excited to follow in your footsteps and explore the places you’ve gone.
It would be awesome to run into one day while I’m out and about. I love your spirit, attitude, and lust for life. You’re an incredible woman!!!


Stumbled across your Roger Spring YouTube vid. You ever want a hot spring hiking buddy let me know. I have made it my mission to explore the 318 hot/warm springs in this beautiful state! So many hidden gems in the area to explore

Maj Tom

I just saw your Montgomery Pass video 1/2017. How times curse, has changed a fun
place. Lived the life in the area 30 yrs ago!

Thanks for the Memory’s!!!


Just ran across your video on you tube. Really weird I am sitting in Vegas a little bored and came across one of your videos looking at hot springs and then searched out a few more. I love hot springs to. Im not a nudist but I do enjoy hot springs and unique spa experiences.
I see you take trips. You should try Tulum Mexico sometime. Very hippy like and great warm water with plenty of clothing optional beach areas. Tulum is one of the great secret spots in the world.


I have been looking at more of your adventures on You Tube, and most of them are very educational.
Never knew much about your area before, but I know more now. Kind of wish I lived in the general area.

Any way I have a couple of questions
1 It looks like you use a go pro camera to tape your adventures when by yourself.
which model of camera are you using?
2 How can you tell what you are taking a picture of and to know you are in that picture.?
3 How long do the batteries last?
My questions may be stupid, but that is how one learns.
I would like to know because I am thinking of buying a go pro camera

Thanks and keep up the good work.


I use a GoPro Hero 3… and the only reason I am able to see what I am shooting is that the person who gave it to me also gave me the optional viewfinder accessory… Basically a digital viewfinder that attaches the back, so that you can see what you are shooting. And even then, if I am pointing it at myself I can’t really tell… I just kind of guess and hope for the best. It gets easier with practice! And I would say the batteries probably less a couple hours a piece? Not really sure because I have never completely drained one of them.

I should also note that I have shot some of my videos using my cell phone… At first I had a Samsung Galaxy S5, now I have the S7. The only problem with that is, if I use selfie mode so that I can see the screen as I’m shooting and know that I am in the shot, the camera on the selfie mode isn’t very good so the video quality sucks. The video quality is much better using the regular mode, but then I can’t see what I’m shooting if it’s pointed towards me 🙂 Can’t have it all, I guess!! 🙂

roger wood

Not really my forté but, maybe try jury rigging a mirror off the end of an arm extension pole. Who knows, maybe you can patent it;-)

Thanx for all the dreams you inspire. ☼/☽


Hi There

I was going to say, Hi wonderhussy, but that sounds kind of crude. After all, you are a very attractive young women. I think maybe “Desert Storm” would be more appropriate. You live in Nevada which is mostly desert and you like to storm into unknown abandon places. And, the name sort of has a 5 star ring to it. In fact, I could see a song being written about you.

Anyway, I just finished watching your historical clip of Fort Courage. You didn’t seem to know the history of the place. It was built in the early to mid 70s and it is a replica of the fort that Hollywood built for the TV show F. Troop, which aired from 1965 to 67.

Those towers you were in were lookout posts, where the soldiers kept an eye out for unruly Indians. It was a nice attraction in its day, but died before its time, probably because the TV show was short lived.

Thank you for giving me the info on your Go Pro camera.

Safe journeys and take care.


Good Day
Well, I checked out two more of your videos. The first was your trip down Vegas Blvd. I was in Vegas only once in 1966, long before your time. The only thing I can recall is how can anyone live in this furnace. God it was hot. I was there in late August.

The second video was your 4 mile hike to find a 15,000 year old tree or what ever age it was. Two things, you really need to wear proper footwear and not too smart to start hiking as the sun is setting.

I have a little adventure for you and its right there in Vegas. The address is 500 Washington Blvd, where it crosses N. Las Vegas Blvd. Maybe you have already explored it. It is the birthplace of Vegas and Morons built a small fort there in 1855.
A small section of the fort walls and a corner building survived.

This you probably don’t know and I’m not sure if it is true. When you stand on Las Vegas Blvd and look west and east you will see two different mountain ranges. The close one supposedly has a outlaw treasure buried within its rocks. I was very active in my younger years at treasure hunting and I recall reading that story.

Have a good day

mike shipp

lived in vegas for 25 yrs and pahrump for 20 been to 75% of places you post love your honesty about yourself the most cathedral canyon had campsites with running water back in the day most of your post are spot on hope to meet you someday in your travels


I watched your short video about your dog Freddy. He is so cute, and it is easy to see he adores you. In his case, being left in the desert turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Your friend found him and now he knows he has found a true home.

Do you ever take him with you on desert trips or might that scare him? You should do some kind video shoot with him.

Walt Mezynski

You are absolutely amazing, not only in your poses (Tumblr) and your personality but your video and narration of the sites you visit are incredible. I will probably be sitting here watching your stuff when my heart fails.


You are a beautiful woman. Like your looks and personality. Also like small breasts, and nice butts. You’ve got it all. Would really be very sexy if you had dark silver dollar sized areola. Wow! But you are nice as you are. Keep up the good work.


I ran across you on youtube. I have joined you on several ventures and will be watching them all. I am a subscriber now. I love your attitude and wit. It makes the adventure even more fun. I have to say i do worry about your safety. People that dont want to be found hide in those remote,abandoned places. If you have evet considered carrying a firearm for protection you should contact Jan Morgan. She could answer any questions or concerns you might have.
I grew up in southwestern Montana. If you have never been to Beaverhead county please put it on your list. It is an explorers dream. Ghost towns,hot springs,and beautiful scenery.
Anyway,thank you for what you do. I think the network tv idea is a great one. You should contact some of them and pitch the idea. Couldnt hurt,right? You deserve it. 🙂


Thank you so much for the kind words!! In my experience, everyone I have met was either much kinder than anticipated…or just left me alone. I do have a gun, but I have never felt the need to be armed with anything more than my wits and bear deterrent…maybe I’ve just been lucky 🙂
I have to been to the area around Missoula and Ennis….that’s the extent of my SW Montana travels. I camped at a place called Nupotosi hot spring that was beautiful…I think it was in the general area. Love Montana!


You should explore the area aroumd Dillon. Go in the spring so the weather is nice before the tourists flock to the area. Check out Bannock,Nevada City,and Virginia City. Also north of dillon 12 miles or so off of the old highway to Butte there is an old hot springs resort that few people go to. There are swimming pools and hot pools to soak in. If its still open it would be a great spot for you to check out. You would love the scenery too. It is surroumded by snow capped mountains. I think you would love it there. 🙂


If you decide to go there let me know. The people i worked for are very nice. I bet they would let you stay in the old bunkhouse on their cattle ranch. You probably would have little trouble talking one of the cowboys into saddling a few horses and taking you for a ride around the place.

Frederik Scholpp

So Wonderhussy, where would I go to check out your videos that have everyone raving about them? You seem to have found many of my favorite things, and put them on video. That would be, the desert, (lived in Iran as a kid, never got over the beauty of desert country) abandoned places, outdoorswomen who love to explore and beautiful women who love to lose their clothes, and have absolutely perfect derrieres 😉


You have such a wonderfully hot body, love your video’s, and especially your nude’s.
I am a new fan, I really love your small perky breast, what size are they.
I need to go to tumbler and look, I like your pictures on Flickr.

Absolutely love your body, you make this old man hard.


Thank you! My intent isn’t really to arouse so much as it is just to desexualize nudity and make it more acceptable socially… Unfortunately most of the photographers who hire me prefer to sexualize the naked form, so many of my pictures have that vibe. My breasts are 32A or maybe even 32AA… I don’t really wear a bra so I’m not exactly sure.

Gene Hart

Very cool. Like many others I stumbled on your site while researching Death Valley cabins and I was hooked. I’m an old guy and have loved remote desert spots for years and have actually passed and/or explored some of the places you describe. I can actually see parts of one place out of my kitchen window.
Your choice of a Toyota 4Runner is an excellent one, it will give you many years of faithful service. One suggestion, get a shovel! I have a four wheel camper on a dodge truck…might see you someday, hope so, not creepy or weird.
best wishes and safe travels, Gene


Right on! Thanks for taking the time to write…I appreciate your kind words 🙂
I do carry a shovel….a gift from another off-road old-timer friend. It will surely come in handy!

See you on the trail…maybe!




Nigel k Clackworthy

Hello i have just been looking at your portfolio and i would like to say i think you are not just beautiful but awesome as well being an amerture photographer (from cornwall ) i hope one day to try glamour photographer and if the model i use is as awesome as you then i will be well happy keep them coming and the you tube videos as well


Thank you so much! I’m sure you will find a wonderful model in your area to help you learn… That’s the best way to do it. When I started out, I had a photographer friend who was also learning and we both kind of came up together and figured things out 🙂


I am just a senoir in my early sixties that was an amateur equestrian and worked full time as an RN to fulfill my horsey addiction. Watched the Havasu videos. How beautiful. Wish it was more senior friendly. Sucks to work too hard and grow old and crippled. Most important of all, wish the people running the place had more respect and concern for their livestock. They looked emaciated and trotted their pack animals uphill. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I saw an overweight rider trotting his horse uphill. OMG


Yeah, the horses do have a hard life…but I guess it’s better than how it used to be. As a senior, you could still get down there…I think it’s only $85 for a helicopter ride, and it’s worth it!


Hello Sarah Jane,
Discovered Wonderhussy while looking up Deep Creek Hot Springs. A place I used to frequent. Saw a couple of your travel videos with you clothed. Only later did I find out
what a beautiful exhibitionist you are. Your not just eye candy, you have a wonderful
personality and seem to know what your talking about. Keep it up sweetie! Your videos
remind me of the old Heull Howser travel shows, but far more interesting.


I stumbled across you on YouTube and you’ve had me intrigued for days. I haven’t been to a burning man since the late 90s, early 2000s, so it’snice to reminisce. Your videos are great, I have a total girl crush on you❤

Kent Kippes

Hello, I’m a dinosaur. You are the 1st that I’ve ever subscribed to. I thought that it cost to subscribe…duh. Huel Howser 1st had his show here in Nashville since he was from here.

Ralph Stewart

Thanks for all of the fun and interesting videos. Your enthusiasm and humor are infectious, your down to earth presentation of your explorations and travels says so much about you. You have bigger yarbles than most folks. Some of the abandoned places you go to scare me just to see them. I do cringe when I realize that you are walking through some nasty stuff wearing only flip flops. Beware when entering pigeon infested areas their poop can give you lung issues that will never go away. Thanks for being you!!!!!


I cannot find your 2020 Nude Calendar for sale. Am I looking in the wrong place?

As for your self description, don’t sell yourself short, some of the sexist women I was ever with had a body like your, anything more than a mouthful or handful is a waste.

Loyd Koertge

dear wonderhussy, just started watching ur videos and actually love them all. seems that u have it all great looks perfect body and personality and am impressed by all the knowledge u seem to know about machinery and guy things. i am wanting more info on a photo shoot with you and need to know how to go about it. also one of ur vids you found two old wide angle ironer, it was called ironrite. my mom had one used it quite extensively on sheets and dresses and men dress shirts when the cover was on it just looked like some other furniture. keep up the great work and looking forward to hearing from you about shooting ur beatiful. Loyd, country guy from il.


Hi Loyd, thanks for your kind words! Thanks for the information on that wide-angle ironer as well… I was really wondering what that was! Unfortunately, I have retired from modeling to focus on YouTube, so I don’t do any more photo shoots… It takes all my time to run my YouTube channel! Glad you’re enjoying my videos… More coming soon, stay tuned!

Jim Nix

Do you own your own house and if so, do you need a room mate to help with the mortgage? Is it really expensive in Vegas to own a house? I use to live in Hawaii and owning a home was not going to happen. Thanks


Hawaii is much more expensive than Vegas! Vegas is actually really cheap. I own my own house and I paid cash for it… But that was at the low point of the last recession. I think housing prices are about to get low again though! in any event, I do have a roommate to help with bills and expenses.


Discovered your page and I have a couple of questions. I’m a photographer visiting Las Vegas next month. I’d love to chat through email. Thanks in advance!

Bobby Gw

I’ve been to some of the same places you have been in. My favorite is a old mine just northwest of Rachel Nevada in the summer when it’s hot my wife and I camp near the opening of the mine where the cool air is 30 degrees cooler. At the top Of the mountain you can see the entire valley one of the most beautiful sites in the whole area you should check that out sometime you may like it


Right on, I think I’ve actually been to that mine you’re talkin about! It has a pretty big tunnel you can walk into, and a bunch of really big old Warehouse type buildings? It was a cool site, and I bet it would be a great place to camp!

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