My Vagina

thar she be
thar she be

Does the title of this post make you uncomfortable? How about the photo?

I bet the answer to both is “yes,” and that’s part of what’s wrong with this fucked-up society. Neither the photo, nor the word “vagina,” are overtly sexual…but because the subject is pussy, people freak out. WHY?

(Note: if you’re freaked out by the photo because it’s bald, you have a semi-valid concern. The fact that I shaved it (for a body paint session) DOES kinda make it pedophilic-creepy. But I’m well over 18, and it’s still just skin.)

I’m as guilty of this as anyone. As a nude model, I have what we in the industry call “limitations:” on my Model Mayhem portfolio, I state that I am willing to shoot anything up to “Playboy-style” nudes — which basically means closed-leg, as opposed to “Hustler-style” open-leg shots.


I consider myself a real free-thinking bohemian-type — what’s so bad about nudity, nipples, etc.? I’m comfortable running around naked all day, every day…but if a photographer wants to photograph my vag, I freak out. It seems like an invasion of a very “private” area.

taste the rainbow
taste the rainbow

But WHY? What is so fucking private about the vagina? If someone wanted me to open my mouth as wide as possible, to photograph my uvula and tonsils, I’d have no qualms. What’s so magical about the vagina?

To me, it’s just a fount of piss, blood and unpleasant secretions — the most unpleasant of which potentially being the mucous-covered head of a crowning fetus (a catastrophe miracle which, thankfully, has never been visited upon my particular vagina) (yet). But the vagina seems to symbolize a lot more for many people.

To wit: despite the clearly-stated limitations on my Model Mayhem profile, photographers are always trying to get me to SHOW MORE VAGINA. It’s like a fucked-up game with some of these guys, and sometimes it gets so exhausting/tiresome that I give in, in the interest of getting the fucking shoot over with faster: OK fine, have at it. You wanna see some pussy? Here ya go, motherfucker. It’s a relief in a lot of ways — I can stop sucking in my gut, pointing my toes and smiling, and just flop back without having to worry about my facial expression or anything else — because you know they’re already in Macro mode, with no time for anything above the 33rd parallel. It’s easy!!

I finally had enough of this cat-and-mouse and amended my Model Mayhem bio to read as follows:

“…if you REALLY want to photograph my labia minora and other innards, be advised that my rate for clinical, up-close spread vag shots is $700/hour. So go ahead; bust out your most powerful telephoto lens, jeweler’s loupe, what-the-fuck-EVER, and blast away! I’ve been told I do have a very shapely vagina smile For $700, you too could have 60 wondrous minutes of staring at/photographing it. Although why you would want to, I have no idea! “

apologies to Shepherd Fairey
apologies to Shepard Fairey

I got the idea from a stripper I once I knew, who told me that some Japanese guy once paid her $5,000 (or some ridiculous sum of money) to simply stare at her vagina up-close, like within a couple of inches, for an hour. Are men really that fascinated by the vagina? Apparently so! Do you guys want to crawl back in, or what?

Alas, however, since modifying my MM bio I haven’t had any takers. Maybe it’s because the pervy photographers on there are too cheap; or maybe they’re just not as interested as I thought. Or maybe they think I’m being facetious. But the truth is, I’m serious!

I will gladly lay down and let you photograph my vagina for an hour — labia majora, minora, clitoral glans, urethra…ALL of it! As long as you don’t touch it/poke anything in it/harass it, I’m fine (I will part the curtains myself, at your direction, in a strictly clinical fashion.

annie sprinkleMy reasons for doing this are manifold; first, I’d genuinely like to clear up some of the bullshit mystique surrounding La Vagine. Keeping shit under wraps is what leads to all kinds of retarded superstitions — nothing kills bullshit like the blasting rays of the mid-day sun.  In this, I’m inspired by Annie Sprinkle and her “Public Cervix Announcement,” a performance art piece in which she lay back and spread open her vagina with a speculum, then let all comers have a look inside (Google it; it’s awesome). (And will ya check out the expressions and body language on the men looking at her…priceless!)

Second, I’d like to make a buck. If I can get anyone to pay me $700 for one hour, that would be awesome. I hereby solemnly swear to donate $100 of any such bookings to Planned Parenthood [amending my Model Mayhem page to reflect this as we speak]!

Third, I’d like to get over my own vestigial hang-ups regarding having my vagina photographed. If it is, as I say, truly just another body part…then I should have no problem putting it on display, a la Sprinkle. Just not in a dumbass cheesy “Come and plow me, Big Boy!” kind of way…more in a “Here it is, what you always dreamed of: the dank, fleshy portal to my uterus.”

Is that a boner-killer? Sorry!



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Miss Merciless

You know, I have always quoted some unholy amount of money in order to avoid certain activities as a domme. Of course some activities are just out of the question but others that I don’t love can be a lot more tolerable if the price is right. And don’t worry, if someone will pay me $600 to pee on them you’ll find your Mr. Right or Mr. Money to Blow who will take you up on your macro-vag rate.

Jay Horn

Ms. Hussy you have a lovely pussy. Guys always want more – be it high school backseat base running or lapdances. (there is no sex in the champagne room – Chris Rock)

That having been said, the vagina is a pretty special place – it is where babies come from and boys don’t have one. If I was a male model, I’d be pretty “uptight” if someone insisted on closeups of my gas-hole.

Lee Bartholomew

Oh you should see pjgirls*com smh throw a whisk up there now. And some girls are doing it on their period days. Having lost some of my ring fingertip (at the time Wisconsin eh had a great workers comp. ) Finger went in chain came out hamburger. Blood??? hahahahaha Plastic Surgeon was called. I paid zero and awarded about $1800 in workers comp passed that. Course then I had to have my fingers sewn together for 2 weeks and they tell me don’t pull them apart. Ahem morons I can’t fucking feel them. How am I supposed to know when I’m pulling? (Aug 2000) and I type fast and I lose a fingertip. well today I still type around 90-100 wpm and keyboards hate me. Well Dells especially because they get worn down. (must be because I learned on a typewriter) if I did this on a tablet it’d break. But hey alsscan speculums been around since the dawn of time. Although usually they do it on non period days. Nothing like having a whisk up someones vag on 1080p video and watch the blood drop down. Okay and she’s probably very horny right now which is the only reason she’s got a whisk up there. Although I keep trying to get you and TCRESTANI to show up together on he has a talk show type show on youtube. rather popular and sometimes visited by some rather crabby people. Probably not safe for tv. 🙂 search for him on youtube. no i have no idea what he really looks like and he’s big on Back to the Future. But I’m sure if you wanna discuss this interesting Vagina stuff only you can make it interesting. Otherwise yeah watching a video of a model on ALS Scan tell one of the photographers this fetish is weird with the speculum and would she ever date a guy with such a fetish and she answering s big NO. Oh well. 🙂 But mostly because we don’t have one and thats interesting. Besides why can Hot Kinky Jo get other girls to shove up to their elbows their arms up her backside. let alone having a speculum to let people look up there. 1. um does she know what she’s doing to her body 2. OUCH

R ehl

way to much thought and energy given to this stuff. maybe its me but the previous post was exhausting to read, no offense. i dont speak for other guys, so imho… most straight guys loooove to look at nude females, all bits, some more than others depending on one preference and ill bet we are no diff. than a lot of females. its stimulating as hell. The importance someone puts on one body part or another is in that persons mind, it really has no more meaning than that. more or less societal driven, weather or not you chose to believe or not. YOU are challenging that norm, devils advocate in a way and good on you for it. norms are fucking boring. btw – im pretty sure that the guys you see in that speculum pic are not the norm, id like to think most of us have a life. peace wonderhuss


I got here watching your adventure videos. What’s your rate for a couple of days of exploring the Pony Express trail?


I’m glad you were not put off by reading this… I only show one facet of myself on YouTube, but I have a lot of other stuff going on besides exploring abandoned buildings My day rate is $500, for modeling or exploring or camping or hiking or whatever you want to do that is of a non-sexual nature! ✌️


Thanks for replying! I see how busy you are, it’s pretty impressive… must drink a lot of coffee! I’ve done a bit of exploring through the 395 corridor and around the Mojave. There are some places of historical significance I want to walk/drive through in Northwestern Nevada. I started watching your “adventure” videos just a few days ago and thought wouldn’t it be cool to be out there with her… So I searched for “Wonderhussey” and there’s her birthday suit! Anyway….kept poking around, it was amusing. You’re very open in some ways and that’s such an engaging quality. I was really just looking at exploring by trucks (mine too) some hiking. All things considered $500 is fair, my rate is similar! :). I’ll give it some thought! Have you been to Aurora or the Spark Plug Mine?



Still around here?
I’ve morphed over here from your hot springs youtube videos.
Enjoying your blogs and nudes.
We’ve been to a couple nudist hot springs.
So fun.


Glad you are enjoying my stuff! I don’t have enough time to write blogs anymore unfortunately… Making these videos takes all my free time! I am trying to work out a plan where if I maybe work on my patreon account and generate more income there, it will allow me to book less modeling gigs and spend more time writing blog posts to go along with my videos. I am trying to make this into a business… It’s tough!


I do appreciate your hairless vagina but much prefer yours with a little hair on top. O hell, who am I kidding I’ll take it any way I can get it.

Of course I would pay your asking price to get up close and personal with my lens. It’s only money, I would have to make sure I have extra batteries on charge because it wouldn’t just be your vagina up close and personal, it would be your entire body, especially those gorgeous big nipples of yours.

Really enjoyed your website, I’ve only been to Vegas once but would love to come out again. My offer stands true.


I really like your utube adventures, I was a photo shoot guy in my younger days and spent a lot of time in smoke creek, black rock area, long before burning man. did a lot of shoot for metart and calendar co.
any way keep up videos, they bring back a lot of good memory for me.


you got brains good spirit and a great set of buns, who could ask for anything more, you are my favorite hot sauce.


I think the urethra is closer to the vaginal opening than is shown in this diagram of a sample vulva. Scarleteen should update their image.

I completely love your attitude and intelligence. Oh yeah, your body is beautiful.


Ironically, your videos may be getting customers in the door but it’s your writing madam that could keep folks interested. I’ve recently taken the time to read some of your witty rhetoric and it’s witty stuff. You’re a humorist, not just a pair of tits. You could weave together some of your blogs and create a very cleaver anthology. You actually have a lot to say and I suspect there is an audience out there that would love to hear your adventures/misadventures- long after gravity has its way with you. Take care and don’t let the dismissive sexist assholes write you off.
Take care,


Well, thank you so much for appreciating my writing! Unfortunately, I never made any money doing this blog… All it did was keep me a slave to modeling. Starting my YouTube channel was the best thing I ever did — though I do honestly miss writing. I’m just afraid there’s not enough literate people to justify the time expenditure.


hi there,
Wow!! you are very sexy!!!! the shaved vagina pic is very hot!!! i love the photo shoots that you have posted you are very beautiful and very hot!!!

Dean Gunn

I think you’re escapades are pretty home-spun and very nice. One correction: It’s a vulva, not a vagina. The vagina is the canal or inside part of the organ.


I stand corrected, but I use it because most people know it as a vagina, not a vulva. this reminds me of the distinction between an AR-15 and an AK-47….when people are complaining about them, they pretty much use the terms interchangeably even though they’re not the same thing. But the same basic idea either way

space cowboy

i think it has something to do with testosterone. i used to marvel and spend a lot of money dying to look at vaginas on webcam. each vagina was unique. kind of like looking at the face: thick lips, thin lips, dark lips, pink lips, etc, was just fascinating. it was almost like looking at another beautiful face that was usually hidden from view. how could i really know her if i only saw her face and not her vagina? but after looking at many many vaginas, and spending way too much money, getting much older, reduced testosterone, my need or desire for looking at beautiful faces and beautiful vaginas has been greatly reduced. mother nature gave us testosterone and eyes to find the best genes (mate) for reproduction which is indicated by physical beauty: face, body, vagina, etc. some of us males also learn to appreciate some of the female brains, speech, etc.


The reaction to the title peaks my interest mostly because I think you are amazingly beautiful both on the outside as well as the inside. The photo of your vagina is an 11 on a 1 to 10 scale.


Sarah – I wish I had found an exploring partner like you back in the day. I spent much of the 70’s and 80’s exploring the east side along Highway 395 and Death Valley. I also loved finding hot springs out in the boonies. My exploring partners were unfortunately male and not as good-looking as you, but we did have some marvelous weed induced adventures. I have watched several of you you-tube adventures – Looks fun! Can I join the party!

Jim Lindsay

I came across your fascinating web-page while I was researching your website. I’m making my own trekking/exploration site and I’m using your site as a model for my own excellent-site. Like you are with Nevada, I am with Utah. But I also travel internationally.
In any case, your Vagina-Page reminded of a trek I did in China. I was in a city called Lijiang, preparing to enter Tibet and Shangri-la, when my trekking buddies and I came across a door-way/passage-way that was shaped like a giant 8 foot high Vagina. It was beautifully carved out of wood and varnished. I asked my female-guide to ask the gate keepers to the nature of the passageway and they told her that it was the passageway into the “Kingdom of Women”. Only women were allow passed that point into a valley behind Lake Lugu. Their tribe were called the “Musuo”. I believe they are an offshoot of the “Naxi”. But the tribe claims to have been around of hundreds of years. Even though most of my group were not allowed past, they offered us a bottle of “Vagina Wine”. The wine was very strong and similar to “Rice” wine found abundantly in China.
One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t buy bottle from them and bring it back home to the United States. It had a picture of the 8 foot tall “Vagina” on the label. It would of made a great discussion piece at Christmas Dinner with the in-laws.
I do have pictures if your interested. Presently, I’m working on my web-site. I add a page per day. I plan to, eventually have hundreds of pages.
Your web-site is an amazing site for the trekker/explorer. Your the one that got me started.


OMG.. . What a story! That is absolutely amazing… I definitely need to visit that place sometime. Too bad you didn’t buy the wine, for sure!
I’m glad I could be an inspiration to you, and glad to see you are making your own dream a reality!

John Lot

Hi WonderHussy,
I am making my transition over from your nudist youtube channel to here. I am a photographer and I have always found it weird that people are afraid to show their vaginas/penises. As a photographer in the past, I have found it that women have always been alright with showing off their boobs and ass but anytime it came to the pussy, they would get shy. They were always worried on whether or not if they should shave or do a landing strip etc. Do you know specifically why you were so against showing your pussy for so long ?


I think it’s because there’s a huge stigma attached to it…I still get flak to this day for posing nude. Posing topless is one thing, showing full frontal nudity is somehow considered a much bigger deal. It can really mess up a woman’s future… Many will look down on you for having done it. That’s one of the positive things to come out of our current administration –the first lady posed nude (and fully frontal at that), and people don’t seem to think any less of her for it.

John Lot

Ah great insight ! I feel like its dumb to stigmatize someone for showing their own body. Its your vagina and you can do whatever you want TBH, at least imo. I don’t think the first lady has gone full frontal btw, I believe shes only shown her boobs and ass but not her pussy. Maybe she was afraid of the backlash too ?


I just want to be honest. I’m a guy and I just find vaginas really beautiful to look at. Nice flat smooth skin with a little opening. Seems much petter than having bits dangling down there. Sometimes I wish I had a pussy.


Met you last weekend on the trail north of Mohave Preserve. I suggested you wear a bikini to get more YouTube subscribers and you said you didn’t want those viewers. LOL little did I know (but I suspected) you’re happy to be nude in public. Nudity is good for some as not all bodies should be unclothed in public.


Earlier in this post you said your rate was 500 per day for non sexual purposes. Is there a different rate for sexual interests? Not inferring anything, just asking! I love all of your you tube posts! Thank you!


Yeah, I had an offer where if you wanted to photograph my vagina up close it was $700 an hour. Pretty sure I mentioned that in this post! No one ever took me off on it, though, and now I’m retired from modeling!

Nate O'Brien

Why oh why are all men endlessly fascinated with the humble va-jay-jay? Anthropologists (the ones who look at the biology behind behavior that is universal across all cultures) would say we don’t even have a choice! They’ve done studies where they’re able to look at the real time brain activity of men and women who are shown different pictures..there will be, say, a bird… then a flower… some clouds… then, *WHAM*– a picture of a fully aroused pussy is thrown in (for the ladies it’s a fully erect penis). (You may be wondering why I used the word “pussy” for the vagina, and “penis” for penis. That wasn’t coincidental–) The results of the study showed that men didn’t need a fully nude model with a perfectly toned body, with a wanton look of abandon on her face, for the areas of their brain associated with sexual arousal to light up. Nope. All us guys need is a picture of the female genitalia… Yup. That’s right. For us, it really is that simple. **The picture alone** will light up the pleasure centers in our brains. But, what about women, you might be wondering? What did the penis flashcard do? As you can probably imagine… not really anything. The study showed the fundamental biological difference between not just how men and women are aroused, but how differently we process visual stimuli.

The real irony of all of this is for the men who stumble onto this page, see your vagina, are reminded of sex, and how they might have more of it. Really, all they’d have to do is read this comment to learn that turning a woman on happens far better through words than visual cues… BUT, because we’re men, most of us will be too preoccupied with the image of your vagina to learn why it has the effect it does, and why women might want us to look at it, and them, differently. 🙂

Jerry Gagliano

Hi Wonder Pu…sy. Ive been watching you on Tube for awhile on my Kitchen TV where i can’t comment on Videos for some unknown reason. I don’t think your Pretty pink pick or comment is offensive at all.Ive been “Wondering ” what you might look like with your panties down for a while now and i have to say you look very Tastefully portrayed.Sorry.Anyway because i feel like i sort of become close to you on a physical level enjoying your sexy moves on your videos .I just love your personal bits all the more with the rest of your sexy self now. I think your a pretty good film maker also.Love ya ,Jerry from Chicago .XOXO


Give 100$ to planned parenthood? Kinda lost respect for you. You can’t even take a rock from its place on earth for your respect for nature, but you’ll support the inhumane act of removing a living human from it’s mother’s womb. Hypocrite!


Give 100$ to planned parenthood? Kinda lost respect for you. You can’t even take a rock from its place on earth for your respect for nature, but you’ll support the inhumane act of removing a living human from it’s mother’s womb. Hypocrite!

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