My First “Artistic” Nude Photo Shoot

This past Sunday I went out on a photo shoot/exploratory foray into the desert near Pahrump with one of my all-time favorite photographers, Randy Fosth aka Shutterbug Studio. 

Why is he one of my faves? Well, aside from his excellent eye for light, and his amazingly subtle editing skills…he was the first ever photographer I shot nudes with!

This was back in the summer of 2008. I had been modeling for about 6 months, but was super shy about doing anything risque or sexy — let alone any nakeys! Then, two things happened: first, I broke up with my long-time live-in boyfriend, who was very square about such things. After we broke up, I basically went buck wild and started running around like a madwoman, doing all the crazy stuff I felt I couldn’t do when I was with him.

Right around that time, I was chatting with a photographer friend about various photogs in town, and Shutterbug came up. “He won’t shoot with you unless you’re 5’10” and have double Ds,” my friend claimed (this is a kind of negative friend who often says shit like that to bring me down…but still a friend).

“Oh yeah?!” I took that as a challenge, and went straight home to my computer to look up Shutterbug’s site. On it, he had a casting call posted looking for nude models. I figured he might deign to shoot little old flat-chested me if I was NAKED…so I submitted my info.

He had me come over to his home studio and shoot some test shots…and I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive. I was still fairly new to modeling, so going up into some guy’s house and getting naked was a big deal. Still, I’d been to a nudist resort before, and had actually posed for one shitty implied nude photo back in the day (2000)…so I wasn’t *that* freaked out.

Basically, all he wanted to do at this test shoot was make sure I didn’t have three nipples or any weird birthmarks, tattoos or scars. Upon confirming the virginal nature of my skin, he agreed to shoot me for a coffee table book he’s working on, and we made plans to travel out to a secret location of his in the desert south of Vegas.

Now that I’ve been modeling nude for a few years, I’ve gotten lazy — but back before that first shoot I was on TOP of it! I didn’t eat ANYTHING for two days before the shoot, so my stomach would be nice and flat…and I washed the hair on my head, and shaved all other hairs from my person. Then, the morning of the shoot, I did 300 crunches to tighten up my abs just an extra bit more. Whew!!

So the day of the shoot, I went over to the photog’s house — and I must admit, I was still a bit apprehensive about traveling into the desert with a virtual stranger — especially a 6-foot-plus, steely-eyed, crew-cut militia-man-type who looks like he’s about to go postal at any moment!! Seriously! I have since become really good friends with him, and have come to learn that he’s a softie and a true artist…but going by looks alone, he’s kind of a scary badass!

Anyhoo, we packed up all our equipment (camera gear, Pepsi and cigarettes for him; not much needed for me) into his Jeep and headed out to one of his secret locations. The thing with Shutterbug is, he could shoot you in a Motel 6 dumpster and make it look beautiful — he’s THAT good with light. So this “secret location” wouldn’t strike you as anything special if you saw it yourself…it just turns out to photograph extremely well!

I was still kinda nervous and not sure what to do, but Shutterbug helped with my posing and stance: “Suck it in HARD!” “Pop the butt out!” “Stretch on your toes as high as you can!” Shooting nude is a LOT harder than shooting clothed…because there’s nothing to hide any flaws. All you can do to look good is flex and twist in just the right way, using your musculature to shape your body… just like a lump of clay.

At this first shoot, I hadn’t realized the importance of tanning in the nude…so I had a really bad tan line on my butt. Worse, it was crooked…my bikini bottom had ridden up my asscrack on one side, so the tanline was uneven, which Shutterbug gave me no end of grief about. I learned my lesson and from that point forward I have always tanned in the nude….but still, the crooked tanline didn’t seem to stop that from being one of my most popular photos! (See below left.)

Anyhoo, we got a lot of really cool shots that day…and I have since shot with him on several occasions. He enjoys exploring the desert, and has the 4WD Jeep to do it in, so we make a good team. One time we went on a 2-day expedition out into the Mojave Desert, just taking weird turns and seeing what was at the end of different lonely roads. We discovered a LOT of strange stuff out there, including this compound built from old tractor-trailers and shipping containers that was only reached by driving waaaaaaay out down this road that runs through a shooting range (yikes). We drove up to the compound, which had a big “NO TRESPASSING” sign in front, but that didn’t stop my militia-man friend from cruising into the yard to see what was up. A toothless Native American crackhead came shambling up, surrounded by no fewer than FIFTY pit bull puppies, at which point we turned around pretty quick and got the hell out of there! Who KNOWS what that guy was up to way out there?! Meth was likely involved, and we weren’t trying to get mixed up in all that!

Anyway, this past Sunday we just went out in the desert near Pahrump, out to this weird old abandoned religious shrine in a canyon. We shot there for awhile, and then went exploring in the surrounding desert, which form a distance looks flat and boring. But up close, we found all kinds of cool stuff!




An abandoned airfield, a little community of trailers, a mannequin’s arm and a bunch of burned-out, busted up houses… that desert was better than Disneyland! We shot in and among the houses for awhile, until three rednecks rolled up in a pickup truck with a bunch of shotguns, and started blasting away doing target practice RIGHT NEXT TO US. Really, guys?!?! There’s a whole big desert out there, and you have to do your shooting right next to us??? It was kinda cool though, because the staccato noise from their shotguns synced up perfectly with the clicking of the shutter…so it sounded like Shutterbug was literally blasting away!

Anyhoo, as mentioned Shutterbug is one of my all-time faves…but since him, there’ve been many more. But BEFORE him, as mentioned, there was only one time I ever posed for a nude photo…back in 2000, when I was toiling as a data entry droid at Adobe Systems back in San Jose, CA, right before I blew town and moved to Vegas.

I used to share an office with this young perv from Mexico City who was ALWAYS trying to get in my pants. We’d ride the elevator together, and the second the doors shut he’d be grabbing at me, moaning “Me encanta esto culito” and demanding “besitos.” Well, I took it in stride and actually thought it was kind of funny, and we became pretty good friends. I used to go over to his apartment on our lunch break and watch his extensive library of UFO sightings on VHS tapes, which apparently he (and the rest of Mexico City) are obsessed with. Good times!

Then I started my old blog — only this was 2000, before the word “blog” was even in use! I used to call it my “web diary” and it was great… but I needed some salacious photos to put up, so people would actually read it. My pervy officemate was only too happy to shoot some amateur pics of me in various slutty getups…and then he cajoled me into posing for one implied nude, which I am publishing here for the very first time in history!!

Now remember, this was 2000 technology, so the resolution is SORELY lacking… but here it is:

Shortly after this photoshoot I got fed up with the stupid, boring corporate life and quit my job, bought a pink 1986 Lincoln Town Car, packed up all my clothes and martini glasses and moved to Vegas. And I’ve been here ever since… it just took me another 8 years to get into modeling 🙂

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Owen Sutherland

Hello beautiful I wish I could meet you in person to tell you how gorgeous you are I’m in Colorado springs when ever you are swimming bye


In my observances I’ve noticed that women with large, natural boobs do not have nice legs. There’s usually a small calf muscle in the upper back of the thigh and they have skinny ankles to hold up those heavy hangers. On the other hand, women that have small breasts and are not overly skinny usually have the best looking, shapeliest legs! You, dear lady have a very nice butt and very sexy legs. I can only thank you for sharing.

John Stanley

I heard a year ago you say you were a nude model. So today i looked it up.
Pure class of beauty as it should be. Thank you for being the best of my day. My gosh you promoted such class


You have very beautiful photos!! I ran into you videos of ghost towns and lake mead. I’m just a single farmer with cabin fever in Jerome Idaho area lol just thought I’d say thank you for shareing your photos!

Brian E

I watch the hot spring videos constantly. Was always into exploring. Thats how I came across your page. Now I’m hooked.


I have enjoyed that photo of u handcuffed so many freakin times I feel like I owe you money! Man in another life I woulda tried to put a ring on ur finger till it killed me.


Haha…. In reality though, that photo really goes against everything I stand for. I hate being restrained and I value freedom over everything… But glad you got some enjoyment out of it!


I dont care that much for the handcuff one , i agree with this girl the cuffs in my opinion are distracting from the beautiful curves on this goddess . The pic of her laying on the tree limb right leg extended , left arm over her head is stunning . Excellent photographer
And beautiful model. Peace friend

Jack Yandell

Hello, I enjoy your free attitude , especially in the times we live in. I use to have that energy at one time. I still enjoy just going off and getting that feeling. It’s hard to explain. When I owned my Harley, I couldn’t wait to just head out to wherever. Now a days, I have the great memories and very happy I did those things and I can sit back and smile. Dear, enjoy yourself to the fullest, father time will creep up upon you soon enough, so make EVERYDAY count. Take care.

Joel Castillo

Merry Christmas WH!
I just wanna say that I enjoy your shows. They are the best of the best!
About a year ago in December 2020, I acquired covid from a patient in a hospital here in Dallas. The hospital is my place of employment.
After receiving medication from the lady Doctor and sent home, I stumbled upon your shows and you and God help me make it through this scary and frightening time. Your shows cheered me up that I almost forgot that I had covid. I continue to watch your shows and they are exciting to watch. You have a great concept and you make the desert beautiful with your spirit and smile. In my book you are my hero next to God. Your shows are timeless and I will continue to watch them.
Hugs and Love
Joel Castillo from Dallas, Tx


thanks for the peep show…Your one brave girl looks like you just live it man .anyway was surprised to see you nude been watching your shows for a few. hope you see this .if i ever come down that way ill be sure to come see you. i do the same stuff you do minus nudes and booze. but hay what a beautiful body on ya ..the black and white one with the white butt untanned would be me in a shoot…lol..


Your a class act. Your everything rolled up in to beautiful package. Your is about freedom and being able to express it. You can see T&A all over but you bring more to the table of life. Love your photos and your YouTube channel. Keep it up.

Paul Boyd

It was hard to tell just how fine you really are until seeing your photos. WOW ! You are smoking hot. Thank you for the pictures. Your amazing! I like everything about you. Keep up your great videos.


I never liked the penguin legs self description. Obviously not he only one. I think that’s why Vegas used you in their billboard. Broadest appeal (OK that the rights were free helped, but still).
I should have picked the WH rear view calendar! Apparently your pretty ageless, the calendar is 2023 and the post was 12 years ago! You work at it and it shows. Yes the “handcuffs pic” is hot, but it’s not the handcuffs.


OMG you’re beautiful!
I’m a big fan of your utube clips. Glad I found you here 😉 I recently picked up a white 4Runner looks just like yours. I’ll even model it for your personal collection if we camp out sometime

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