Gypsy Trailer Quest

I just got back from some serious desert adventuring with my sister! We had an amazing time and met many kooky people and had many fabulous adventures that I plan to blog about as soon as I get two seconds. But in the meantime…..

My beloved trusty pop-up camper is on its last legs, so if I want to cruise around this summer having more fun times, I need to replace it!



I am looking to buy a 13′ fiberglass trailer, as seen in this photo. They are usually made by Scamp or Casita, but I’m open to any similar, lightweight trailer that can be pulled by a 6-cylinder Ford Ranger. (I don’t want another pop-up, though…I want something I can just crawl into bed when I park.)

I can buy a brand new 13′ foot Scamp/Casita for around $14,000, but I don’t have that kind of coin lying around, so I need a used one. Since I’m already used to roughing it in a pop-up, it doesn’t need to have a toilet or shower — I just need the bed and the propane stove, mostly. I’m fine buying a junker and fixing it up, so long as it’s structurally sound and the gas line works — that kinda shit is beyond my fixing ability.

But what I *AM* good at is painting and decorating….so when I do finally get one, I plan to gussy it the fuck up, bohemian gypsy style! Then the adventures can truly begin…

So, does anyone have or know of a trailer I can buy? I’ve been checking craigslist, but I figure I’d ask here, too. I am based in Las Vegas, but am willing to drive 500 miles in any direction to pick up. Keep your eyes open for me, will ya??




Having had numerous pop up trailers like yours, I speak from experience. You don’t want a hard sided trailer if you don’t have electricity and air conditioning. A trailer becomes extremely hot in the summer, and especially in the desert heat. I think you already know this, but you want the convenience of not having to set up a trailer I suspect. A hard sided trailer is also much safer.

Have you given any thought to a slide in camper for a truck? They are very nice.


I want something I can unhitch at the campsite, so a slide-in is out. And as for the heat, I don’t plan to stay inside during the day, so it’s not a problem! I survive Burning Man every year without a/c…..I’ll be fine!


Check Craigs list in Fresno there was a fairly nice one for $700 but he hasn’t got the title but don’t think that would be much of a problem.

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