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Wonderhussy VIP Newsletter Aug. 2023
Hey everyone! Wonderhussy here — sitting at a hotel bar in Reno, sipping on a White Claw (they don’t have Ranch Water), waiting for a friend who’s meeting me for dinner.

I haven’t been in a city this big in a loooong time — I’ve been traveling around the American outback for the last few weeks, ever since I got my dang shocks rebuilt and was finally able to get out of Death Valley. Idaho, Montana, Wyoming — and just last weekend, Goldfield, Nevada.

It was while I was there, for the annual Goldfield Days event, that a viewer described what I do as “peering under the skirts of the world.” HA!!! I thought that was a pretty good description — I *am* nosy, and curious to a fault…and I’m always poking my nose somewhere it probably shouldn’t be.

But I can’t help it — the world is so WEIRD and WONDERFUL! I feel compelled to see as much as I can, and share it with anyone else who’s interested.

Which brings me to my website — the redesign STILL isn’t finished, and it’s taking much longer than I’d anticipated! I thought it would be up and running by now, but I’m meeting with my web designer tomorrow, and hopefully it won’t be much longer.

It’s really been bugging me, because I need a place I can express myself FREELY! As we all know, I can’t promote my magic beans on YouTube — so I figured I’d use my website as a platform to do so. We are currently selling 3-packs of the sleep gummies, since they’ve proven so popular — since many of you have told me you take them nightly, I figured it’d be good to buy them in bulk! Buy 3 get a FREE pack of 30 count Wonderhussy Delta 9 Gummies!

But it’s not just magic beans — there’s all kinds of stuff I can’t really talk about on YouTube.  I recently visited a working brothel, and did a video about their hot spring…which of course got demonetized, because duh. But it was still a lot of fun to make, and I really enjoyed meeting those women and hearing their side of the story — and would have liked to tell more!

After I finished shooting the video, they invited me to join them at the Nevada Brothel Awards in Elko — and talk about interesting!! That awards banquet was FASCINATING —but there was no photography or filming allowed…and even if they’d let me, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to post THAT on YouTube!

Which brings me back to why I need to get my website up and running…I need a place to talk about the strange things I see and do, that are “too hot” for YouTube. Nothing X-rated or anything — just some of the weirder and wonderful-er stuff I find when I’m peering under the skirts of the world.

You know what I mean?

There are some things you can’t put on YouTube….but you can put most anything you want on!

Sarah Jane

P.S. Look for me at Burning Man, as I will have some samples of my “Magic Beans” to pass out to my VIP Followers! Also you might be in one of my videos! Look forward to meeting you there!

Kenny Sherrill

Hey!! This is the first time I’ve tried this so I hope this works. Never been that interested in Burning Man, I remember when it all started and took just a mild interest in what wad going on. Hope you have a good time and say Hi to sis, I think you are a wonderful young lady. Old Kenny


I hope you’re having. a great time at Burningman! Wish I could join you! Looking forward to the day! In the mean time I will be sending you a gift as well as looking forward to your posts!

Heath Wolfe

Hi Wonderhussy.
I Love You. It was really muddy at Burning Man. It was all over the Local News here and the National News. I wondered if You were safe when Burning Man was in the News. You’re truly awesome Adventuress. I was even concerned about You when that tropical storm passed by where You live. I instantly thought of You and hoped that You were okay. You’re the best.

Sincerely Yours,
Heath Wolfe @
Call me sometime.
1 515 478 4989
Maybe We could meet sometime. I’m from Adel,Iowa.

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