Arizona (White Rock Canyon) Hot Springs

164323_186789651348701_725289_nI looooove me some hot springs — especially natural, undeveloped hot springs! And my favorite ones of all are located just across the Hoover Dam, on the Arizona side.

The White Rock Canyon hot springs are fabulous. It’s about a 2.5 mile hike down a sandy slot canyon that twists and turns forever, until you finally reach the shore of the Colorado River. From there, you turn back up into the cliffs and hike back up into another slot canyon/stream bed.

the beach near White Rock hot springs...a wonderful spot to camp out!
the beach near White Rock hot springs…a wonderful spot to camp out!

After hiking upstream a ways, you reach a rickety-looking metal ladder bolted onto a cliff face, which you have to climb up to get to the springs. It’s about a 2-story climb, and the ladder is always wet, so beware!!!

Once you get to the top, you’re rewarded with three fantastic natural, sandy-bottomed pools of varying temperature…cozily tucked into a slot canyon with towering walls rising all around you. It’s fabulous!!!

Inside the springs at night. The walls are so high, it's almost like a cave!
Inside the springs at night. The walls are so high, it’s almost like a cave!

The hike back out is a real bitch, since by then you’re tired and that sandy fucking slot canyon just goes on and on for what feels like forever. But it’s still a fantastic hike.

These springs can also be accessed via boat, if you launch from Willow Beach and cruise upriver to the Dam. That way is fun, too, and in fact I plan to do this in a few weeks with a friend, and then spend the night on the beach with a campfire and some mushrooms.

UPDATE! I did do the overnight campout here, and it was amazing. Read about it here.

Bonus note: if any photographers have a boat and

See what I mean?! This was just taken with a small point-n-shoot...imagine if you brought real equipment!!!
See what I mean?! This was just taken with a small point-n-shoot…imagine if you brought real equipment!!!

want to shoot in these springs at night, some AMAZING images could be taken! Hit me up…I’m always down for an adventure! 😀

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