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Covered in Warm, Melty Peanut Butter

I thought I was done with the porn convention when I left that late-night BDSM afterparty up in the Hard Rock penthouse early Sunday morning. WRONG! Apparently, there were a few stragglers left in town…so I was able to pick … Continue reading

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Sucking Adventures From the Teat of Life

Early January is always the shittiest time of the year for me, because of one thing:           (That’s supposed to be misery, fatigue and boredom emanating from the letters.) That’s right, the Consumer Electronics Show is … Continue reading

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Partying With the Sister-Wives!

The big news around here is…… …I FINALLY QUIT MY FUCKING PATHETIC LAME-ASS LOSER JOB!!!! For twelve long years, I labored as a souvenir photographer in various Vegas Strip showrooms. I got the job the very first month I moved … Continue reading

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