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I’m Off to Burning Maaaaaaaaaaaan!

Well everyone, I'm leaving for Burning Man tomorrow, so this is the last you'll hear of me until mid-Sept.   The event doesn't actually start until Sunday the 25th, but I got an early arrival pass from one of my … Continue reading

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Shut Down in San Francisco!!

 I'm supposed to be leaving for Burning Man next Wednesday, and I have a MILLION things to do in preparation. I need food, water and other supplies, plus I gotta pack my costumes, spray paint a wig, get my oil … Continue reading

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Ice Cream, Bondage and Rubber Titty Fail

As mentioned, I've been in a scramble all summer long to make $14,000 (it was $13,000, but some more unexpected expenses came up the other week…grrr). Never one to just sit around and ask the Lord to rain manna down … Continue reading

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