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Gang-Probed by Doctors at a Creeeeeepy Medical Conference

<— Have you ever seen that "First World Problem" meme? Where they compare REAL problems like clean drinking water and child soldier militias to the fake-ass bullshit problems we Americans whine about?  Well, this week, I was BURDENED with First … Continue reading

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Mountain Biking, Snoopy, a Party Bus and a Blow-Up Doll

  Well people, as mentioned I need to make $13,000 ASAP, so I'm trying to hustle and get as much work as I can these days. Unfortunately, the well has been kinda dry lately. What happened to all the pervs?! … Continue reading

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Rude Assholes at Work and Lecherous Nudists

Oy, VEY IS MIR! What a SHITTY week!!! The shit, of course, all centered around my shit-ass job as a souvenir photographer at a certain Strip showroom. I’ve been doing this job for 12 years (!!!) and it used to … Continue reading

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