Bad Brandi Bottoms Gets a Spanking From Principal Skinner

By now you may know that my alter-ego is an aspiring fetish model named Brandi Bottoms. I use this “nom de fetish” for all my video work, and most of my nude modeling too. I chose the name as a cheeky double-entendre reference to my butt and the soles of my feet, since the first fetish stuff I did was in the foot field.

But it actually turned out to be kind of a crappy name, because most of the fetish work I do is as a Domme. FemDom, humiliation, trampling…all that stuff is done by a TOP, not a BOTTOM! But I like the name so much that I just sort of muddle through anyway. In fact, I had around 3,000 slaves on my Brandi Bottoms Facebook page… until the haters at FB deleted my profile (for not being a “real” person’s).

Anyway, this blog is a blast from the past — a photographer I shot with TWO YEARS ago finally got around to sending me photos from our shoot, and I am sharing them with you today.

We did a regular photo shoot out in the desert during the day, but then that night he asked me if I’d come to his room at the Hampton Inn down in Hendertucky to shoot some “bad schoolgirl” stuff. Come to find out, this photog is a real ass-man and is obsessed with spanking and asses… and what he REALLY wanted to shoot was a video of him spanking me! But he had no idea how to go about it as to plot, pacing and dialogue.

Fortunately for him, I have a great sense of humor and a fair amount of fetish video experience, so I stepped in and helped him out. Together, we created this AWESOME tongue-in-cheek masterpiece that up until today has lain dormant in his spank-bank. But now….it can be told!

Incidentally, despite his voice and his ass predilections, this photographer is not creepy or skeevy at all. In fact, we actually became very good friends, and almost camped together at Burning Man last year. So despite what you’re thinking, this shoot was all in good fun.

After looking through the photos, be sure to watch the 3-part video at the end. There is no nudity or sexual content in the video…it’s totally safe to watch anywhere, especially church. And it’s FUCKING HILARIOUS!

Our little masterpiece begins with bad schoolgirl Brandi Bottoms getting her report card…and it’s all Fs…except for a D+ in Sex Ed. So Prinicpal Skinner calls her into his office….er, motel room…to give her a talking-to!

Of course Principal Skinner ends up doing more than talk to bratty Brandi… he advises her to look at the coffee table, upon which is laid a selection of spanking tools, and tell her in a creepily quiet, Norman Bates-ish voice to “choose an implement.”


Brandi chooses her “implement,” and Principal Skinner goes to town, whaling on her ass with a his hand, a paddle and a cat-o-nine tails. Mehtinks Principal Skinner was reeeeeeeally enjoying this punishment, as you can tell when watching the video!

Anyway, the photos are kinda funny…but the videos are the best part. Check ’em out! Remember, these were totally unscripted and we’re just ad-libbing…so don’t judge! And especially dig on Principal Skinner’s creeeeeeepy, deadpan voice and my inability to keep a straight face! Gooooooooooooooooood times….


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Mike Guernsey

Holy shit, LOL, I didn’t realize you’d finally posted this. I ADORE how you describe me and the whole shoot…that’s sooo awesome. Hmmm…I just wonder, Sarah, what size in MB’s your site can support for video. I can edit the other spanking vids down if need be as I’m finally doing things like that for my current website. Anyway, let me know if you can directly add windows movie files to the site and I’ll work on it. 3 years after the fact, LOL. Thanks, Principal Skinner!! 🙂 FYI…you’re such a bad girl!!! 🙂

James Spanner

I’d have absolutely no issues if you’d wear that schoolgirl uniform while turning the tables and using your paddle to administer some long overdue swats to my bottom -Mz Brandi ?

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