Nude Modeling Desert Tour — 1 Day/8 Hours $500

I have been modeling nude in the desert around Vegas for years, and have amassed a collection of amazing locations. When you book me for a shoot, I will send you an interactive map including photos, info and GPS coordinates to all of them. To simplify things and to minimize driving time, I have grouped my favorites into two possible itineraries: Tour A and Tour B.


  1. Red rocks


by Shutterbug Studio






The topography here is identical to that in Valley of Fire, and similar to Red Rock Canyon, but this location is more remote and thus far less crowded. This is a good place to shoot midday, as there are lots of shaded areas and slot canyons filled with soft, reflected light. The parking lot is paved, but it’s advisable to hike about 10 minutes on a very easy, flat trail to the farthest reaches of the area, in order to ensure privacy.

photo credits: Shutterbug Studio (2) and EDF Photography (3)

2.  Abandoned industrial site

10 Nude Giant Tube 065_web

11 Nude Giant Spiky Gear 013-BW_web

14 Nude Silo 012-BW_web





13 Nude Entertainment Room 002_web

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.35.55 AMScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.34.51 AM





AMAZING ruins on a massive scale — gears, pipes, old buildings, rusted machinery and tons of interesting junk. It looks like the set of Mad Max; totally post-apocalyptic and bizarre. There are a few shaded areas to shoot here, even at midday. You can drive right up to the site and park; no hiking required.

photos by Shutterbug Studio (1-4) and Marshall Bradford (5-6)

3. Dry lake bed


keith holmesIMG_1490





Classic flat, parched dry lake bed. No shade, so this location is best left for sunset. Very bumpy dirt access road, high-clearance vehicle advised.

4. OPTIONAL ADD-ONS: these locations are also along the way, and can also be stopped at if desired.

01 PBR Can 015_web

20151118_16550509 Nude Hot Spring 042_web





1.Giant beer can graffiti art, just off the dry lake bed

2.Railroad tracks next to the beer can, just off the dry lake bed

3.Tropical oasis warm spring pool, with waterfall, midway between red rocks location and industrial site


  1. Red Rocks (same as above; because of its exceptional beauty, I use this location as the starting point on both tours).

2.Abandoned warehouse







Colorful graffiti and tons of natural, filtered light. You can drive right up to the site; no hiking required.

3. Abandoned silver mine












Very rustic wooden building and assorted junk, with beautiful rust patterns and wood textures. No hiking required to access the site, but there is open desert with cactus, Joshua trees and some small sand dunes out back, which require some hiking to access.

photos by: Pacific NW Photography (1,3), Astroid Photography (4) and Oyo (5,6)

4. Dry Lake Bed

photo by Cam Attree






Another classic, parched dry lake bed, just off the highway. You can drive right out onto it with no hiking.

*NOTE: if you want to hit ALL these locations over two days, here’s my two-day itinerary.























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