Nude Modeling Desert Tour — 2 Day Deluxe Itinerary/ $1000

If you want to see even more of the desert around Vegas, here’s my deluxe two-day tour:


1. Red Rocks


by Shutterbug Studio

4 Horses Photography





Great location to start at, with many shaded caves and slot canyons to shoot in, even at midday.

2. Tropical Oasis pond (optional)

09 Nude Hot Spring 042_web09 Nude Hot Spring 105_webOptional stop, small tropical pond surrounded by palm trees with a small waterfall. Can be tricky to shoot at, as it’s right off the main road and there are often people there…but it’s worth a try, even if you can only get bikini shots.


3. Stewart’s Point Beach (optional)

4 Horses PhotographyIMG_5259IMG_20160406_140524





Sun-blasted beach overlooking Lake Mead. Light is harsh during midday, but the water is really blue and the beach is really white, so you can get some dramatic black-and-white or even color shots.

4. Abandoned Cement Plant

10 Nude Giant Tube 065_web

OPEN THE POD BAY DOORS, HAL By Perfekt Photography

11 Nude Giant Spiky Gear 013-BW_web14 Nude Silo 012-BW_web




Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.34.51 AM

13 Nude Entertainment Room 002_web





Fabulous abandoned industrial site with several shaded areas to shoot in, even during the heat of day. Ultradramatic location, not to be missed.

4. Dry Lake Bed/Railroad tracks

IMG_7529keith holmesIMG_1490

20151118_16550501 PBR Can 015_web





The final location of Day 1 is a classic flat, cracked dry lake bed which photographs well at sunset. There are also railroad tracks and a giant graffiti beer can at the site, if interested.



1. Abandoned cabins (**4×4 REQUIRED**)










If you have or can rent a 4×4 vehicle, the first stop can be these old cabins and rusted out old cars/trailers/etc in a beautiful desert valley. (Easy dirt road, but 4×4 STRONGLY recommended.)

2. Memorial cross

Diverxity West Coast and Dead Clown Studios, 2015.







Otherwise, first stop is a granite boulder outcropping with a giant cross on top, surrounded by a Joshua tree forest beside a classic lonely desert road. The road is lightly traveled, so is very easy to shoot on.

3. Abandoned silver mine









Next is this fabulously weathered old abandoned silver mine. There is also a beautiful open desert out back with Joshua trees, cactus, etc. and a concrete drainage tunnel onsite.

4. Abandoned warehouse











Final stop is this abandoned warehouse, with great filtered light, tons of colorful graffiti and some busted up cars and concrete shapes out back. Great desert views as well, making this a good sunset location.

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