The Sex Seminar

Uh oh, I was drinking wine and surfing craigslist again. This time I applied for a gig as a live demonstration model at a sex seminar.

The ad didn’t give too many details except for the only detail that counts: it pays $130/hour for 6 days of work. That sounded good to me, and since I’ve already modeled nude for roomfuls of people, I figured this was just one step further.

The guy who runs these seminars finally called me for a brief phone interview yesterday, as I was headed into Lowe’s to buy some sprinkler heads. People are always glaring at me for having inappropriate phone conversations in public (just last week, some a**hole on the airport shuttle bus admonished me to “use your indoor voice” because I was talking about my vagina on the phone), so I very considerately stayed outside the store to have this conversation — treating two Lowe’s workers on a smoke break to some verrrrrry interesting eavesdropping.

The guy explained how he runs these exclusive seminars for wealthy couples who are looking to improve their sex lives. These seminars are not advertised anywhere and keep a very low profile — no cameras allowed. What I would be doing is demonstrating different techniques on a platform in the middle of a darkened hotel suite, while no more than three couples at a time sit around and watch. Supposedly they do these seminars in New York all the time, but this is the first one in Vegas. Many of the New York models are coming out to do the seminar, but they also needed to hire some local talent to round out the crew.

He stressed over and over how it’s not “porn” and it’s not an “orgy.” Supposedly, it’s sensual and classy, with rose petals on the bed, music playing and mood lighting. Then he asked me if I would be comfortable in various scenarios, ranging from doing a solo show (masturbation) to girl-girl to ménage à trois. My end of this conversation must have been particularly interesting to those eavesdropping Lowe’s employees.

Honestly, I am not comfortable doing any of those things in front of an audience…if I were, I’d have started my own webcam site looooong ago, and would be raking it in playing with myself instead of subjecting myself to the torture of photographing mentally unstable Canadians every night.

But I had to ask myself why I’m not comfortable doing so. I consider myself an open-minded libertine and free-spirited Bohemian — so why does the thought of doing a live sex demo skeeve me out? If someone offered me $130/hour to eat donuts until I puked, I would. If someone offered me $130/hour to fart into a jar full of cockroaches, I probably would. So why the mental block about sex? I make such a big deal about living La Vida Sinvergüenza… but it looks like I’m not totally without shame, after all 🙁

Most importantly…do I have the right call myself Wonderhussy if I’m too scared to have sex on a platform in front of a roomful of tycoons and trophy wives? It almost seems like this is something I need to do, to prove to myself that I truly am free of society’s bullshit constraints.

All this was running through my mind as I talked on the phone outside Lowe’s. I was interested, but hesitant — and then the seminar guy (I’ll call him Ari) asked me if I would be able to do a live audition in his hotel room.


Ari said he needed to see how sensually I can move and react and touch and stuff. Well, I guess that makes sense…but it was still pretty weird. Also, he informed me that in addition to being the brains behind these seminars, he also just happens to be one of the performers — so if I wanted, I could use him as an audition partner. HMMM!!! The alternative would be to audition with one of the other applicants.

Ari offered to meet with me first,so I could ask questions and think about it before deciding whether or not to audition… so I decided to go over and at least suss out his vibe and see what was up. However, the only time I was available was after work that night…. so around 10:30pm I went over to his room at a certain upscale-douche-infested property.

I met him in the lobby and he seemed nice enough: a professionally dressed, well-groomed Middle-Eastern-ish-looking bald guy in his late 30s. He did have a faint whiff of the perverted libertine about him, so I kept myself on guard as we went up to his room, making polite chit-chat, and sat down to discuss the details.

The seminar runs from 10am-5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for two consecutive weekends. My job duties would be to perform only four or five 30-minute demonstrations a day, but I still get paid for all the time I’m there. So basically I am looking at a substantial payday…all for laying around having sex. Also, if I decide to proceed, I could also model for their seminars in New York…which would be verrrrry interesting indeed.

Throughout all this Ari was professional, but definitely pervy. He kept offering to let me use his bathtub (room was really nice and had a giant tub) or shower, so I could “relax.” HMMM!!! My inclination was to thank him for his time and leave to “think about it” overnight, then decline…but the longer I sat there, the more I grew comfortable with the idea of doing this. I kept thinking of this documentary I saw once about a sex therapist (Private Practices, on Netflix — check it out) who was the coolest lady ever — just totally straightforward and open about sex. Her job was to help dysfunctional men feel more comfortable with women, so she had sex with her clients to show them how it should be.

Finally I just got tired of thinking about it, and allowed Ari to give me a sensual massage. A very sensual massage! He enjoyed it more than I did, if you know what I mean…I was just acting, anyway, because I was not attracted to him in the slightest (bald guys aren’t my thing). It wasn’t altogether unpleasant, however — until he asked if he could bust a nut on my face!!! Supposedly this was one of the techniques they demonstrate in the class.

“ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! When you’re paying me $130/hour you can jizz on my face — but this is an unpaid audition. I’m not giving any FREEBIES!”

So he did his business elsewhere, and then offered me the job. I guess I passed the audition!! He also offered to hire me as his assistant when he conducts interviews and auditions with the other prospective models, and to help him out with setting up the materials and props and whatnot for the seminar (they have books and handouts and stuff, just like in high school biology class).

I told him I would call him today and let him know what I decided…and I’m still not sure. I’m leaning toward saying yes — I’ve never had sex with a woman, nor any interest in having sex with a woman…but I have no moral opposition to doing so, so why not? The same goes with all the other scenarios — I told him I was open to anything except anal sex. That, my friends, is a one-way street.

I feel like I should do it because it would be character-building, horizon expanding, boundary-pushing…and GREAT BLOG FODDER!

The only reason I have for not doing it is shame and embarrassment.

What say you, dear reader?

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Sue Dohnim

CONDITIONAL VOTE: I think you should do it.

1) Don’t perform without an STD clearance on the other performers.
2) Use birth control.
3) Reconsider if you are getting paid enough for this type of work.

Wonderhussy, Wonderhussy, Wonderhussy… where do I start with this one???

Lets be clear about what you are doing. This is prostitution. (Yup, I used the “P” word.) You are having sex for money. It might not be in front of a camera… (For all that you know, there could be hidden cameras.) And you might have responded to a craigslist advertisement instead of posting one yourself… but it is still a form of prostitution. You are having sex for money.

I have nothing against prostitution. At all. Period. Double Period. I think prostitution is a bonafide form of work with its hazards and long term consequences… like any job. I like sex. I like money. Why not have both? But if you have any moral issues with prostitution, don’t do it.

I would also ask you to consider what is the difference between doing this and porn? Is the difference a lasting legacy on the internet? Are you ok with doing the stage version but not the recorded version? If this is the case, why not become an escort? In a way prostitutes are porn stars that don’t have their performances recorded.

You do “softcore” fetish porn, but you won’t do hardcore porn. You’ll do live sex for “educational” purposes, but you won’t be a bonafide hooker? See the fine lines here?

So after considering this, ask yourself: Why are you doing this? Is money the real motivation? Or is the experience of having done it? Are you dipping your toe into the water before trying something bigger? Or did you already go swimming but don’t want to reveal your private profession?

I want to be really clear, that I have no moral objections to any of this. The perve in me wants you to do it. And do it on camera. The human being in me wants you to do an internal check an reconsider if this is really right for you. Can you live with it? Like gambling, establish your maximum limit ahead of time and head for the buffet when you’ve reached it.

What ever you do, please blog about it! I love this blog and I check it everyday. I enjoy your writing style.


Sue Dohnim

PS: You let that perve massage you for free? For an audition? You did give a freebie! You’re hooking career is not starting out on a good foot. You’ve been had. You don’t have to fuck to get the job. Fucking is the job.


I have no problem with prostitution…I’ve given it up in exchange for goods & services many a time, although indirectly.
I was thinking of doing this for the experience more than the money. I figured having live sex in front of people would be character building, plain and simple. Right now I am too shy and inhibited to have sex either on camera or in front of a live audience, and that chagrins me to no end! I thought I was fearless…when come to find out, I’m allllllllll talk…


Take the job! You can’t call yourself WonderHussy if you don’t. You have a love for meaningless relationships so what the fuck do you care if you have sex with a stranger? Plus, you’ll be helping people out. If you don’t take the job, I will.

Anne Simos

I say you do it! I’ve been doing simular stuff for private collectors with a local companies, most of which aren’t evenon-line. Just perve old rich guys want original porn no-one else has ever seen. Since I started, I’ve bought a new car and paid off my last one, paid 1/2 of my $96,000 morgage of my townhouse, and now starting retirement. I’m 32 years old too, so you have a better change of making better money.

Good Luck sexy!


My Dearest Wonderhussy,
Let me start by saying that I would rather call you by either one of your MM profile names (as this is how I first discovered you in the first place), but I guess with your blog there has to be a polite protocol, so Wonderhussy it is.
My own personal feeling is that you should ask a few more pertinent questions. But later on you will read my reasons to decline this offer (and in doing so you may just discover a new friend as well as a fan).
1) These models who are coming in from NY…are they also members of either MM or OMP? If so, you may want to contact them directly just to make sure that this is indeed a legitimate offer. (That and also more info from them personally as to what to expect during these seminars).BTW if you were a model trapped in NYC, wouldn’t you give just about anything to take a trip out to Sin city? The not having enough models attending statement just doesn’t jive with me on this point.
2) About these wealthy people (couples) who will be in attendance…what other information can he share with you about them? I have never been to Las Vegas myself, but I would be lead to believe that those who have money love to sit around the tables in the casinos or possibly other venues around Las Vegas (you know the city better than anyone else) bragging about how they achieved their success. Certainly as the party host he would have infinite knowledge about them. Yet he didn’t seem to want to talk too much about them.
A simple enough question would be “Hey Ari? What is a philanthropist and how many do you know personally?”
3) While you described Ari as being “a professionally dressed, well-groomed Middle-Eastern-ish-looking bald guy in his late 30s. With a faint whiff of the perverted libertine about him.”
All I can see is the wannabe sheik from the climactic scene in the Liam Neeson movie “Taken”. As he is trying to make a plea deal with the Liam’s character (the father) over the life of his own daughter (while the sheik is holding a knife to her throat) just before dad puts a bullet into his skull killing him instantly.
If you didn’t see the movie it paints a scary portrait on the human sex trafficking trade which unfortunately isn’t exactly a myth. It does in fact exist.
4) Let us remember that this all started because you were searching in of all places “Craigslist”, which since they went and removed all of the escort profiles has since become the cleaner version of, Not exactly a positive endorsement.
Now on a personal level, in reading your blogs of the past, for all of the wonderful “paid activities” (If you aren’t paying taxes then it can’t really be considered work, now can it?) that you have done, they are all more or less to secure your financial independence and security (less we forget paying off your huge mortgage). Having established that and mentioning earlier your 2 MM profiles (SJ & BB for short), I’m wondering if the recent appearance of Wonderhussy’s picture (Entry made here back on June 25th) on the front of one of those profiles may have taken away a few paid modeling possibilities for yourself.
It certainly wasn’t done with malicious intent. After all as we know Wonderhussy has a wonderful sense of humor about herself. But placing that particular photo on your MM profile (and that same picture being possibly the only image that a first timer would have to that particular profile home page) they might not understand the Wonderhussy joke and probably would shy away from viewing your truly impressive portfolio taken over the years.
Perhaps in that simple picture change, more job offers (in a field of which you certainly feel more comfortable) would come up. But it’s just an observation in the hopes of your continued success.
While you make the point that you are indeed Wonderhussy…that makes for a great title for your online blog character, but it certainly doesn’t define who you truly are now does it. Be cautious my friend.
P.S. By the way when will you write a blog about your published work “BB To the Max!” Of which I just received a copy myself.

Editor’s note – after making all of these points and suggestions, I just read your reply in which you decided not to do it. What this also means is that I really don’t have to submit my comment anymore. But I will anyway, just to let you know how proud I am of you Wonderhussy.


Hello again Wonderhussy,

My apologies for the misunderstanding. Upon viewing your Brandi Bottoms MM profile home page (the page with just the profile picture and all of your information) I see that you changed your picture once again.

My suggestion was that with your previous picture (Showgirl outfit while sitting on the commode) may not be exactly the right first impression that you would a first time visitor to see on your profile.

My fear was that those who have never read the Wonderhuusy blog’s before simply wouldn’t understand that the previous MM picture was actually part of a joke (certainly not to be taken seriously). You certainly wouldn’t want to give the wrong MM impression that you have a fetish for commode pictures.

That was the point that I failed to get across earlier, and for that I certainly do apologize.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to elaborate.

Angelia H.

Since you are still interested in the sex seminar thing, why not have your own?You can pick the guy(s) and invite your fans to be the people who watch… It would satisfy your interest in this, and make very happy fans and another interesting thing you can add to this blog, plus your life story! This way you would also be in complete control of location, people watching and partners. What do you think?If you do this I would like me and my husband to be considered for the people viewing. Let me know @


I respect your decision and think you did the right thing. Not because you should not have done it, but because you stuck to your gut feeling. Sometimes you do not know where the line is until you are asked to cross it. You can talk all day about what you would do, but you may surprise yourself when you have to make the decision. You can deem yourself Wonderhussy with pride as far as I am concerned. Keep doing what you are doing, I am a fan.


You could do that, or simply get a few scripts of movies you like and see the format. Every pro in Hollywood uses the same software “Final Draft” which is not to expensive if your morals don’t permit you to get a hacker friend to get you a copy on Pirate Bay. Plenty of short books on the subject too – Syd Field’s is often a good one to start with. Writing scripts is a whole lot easier than writing books and the paydays are potentially HUGE!

Bruce R Bacon

Yeah Sara,

You have a certain business skill, actually a good perception of value. I can only guess the sex industry is not for everyone. I think you made a good decision. Take time to think this route over. Talk with others who’ve been through it.

You just might look in reverse at the great presentations and interesting videos you’re produced. Talent is one thing, and selling sex is another. You’ve traveled to so many different presenting a strange brew of courage and personal interest. I’ve always thought this is why your readers stay on topic. Your human interest videos are actually the most interesting I’ve watch.

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