Thank You!!! Now I’m Exhausted and Disappearing Into the Wilderness For 12 Days!

Yesterday was our big Volunteer Fire Department Fundraiser party, and OMG! I was completely flabbergasted by the number of people who showed up!

I didn’t expect that many people to come, so it was slightly overwhelming, mildly terrifying and thoroughly humbling to meet and talk to all these amazing people who watch my videos. People came from as far away as New York, and waited in line in the hot sun for over 2 hours to get a photo with me — which completely blew my mind! 
I did the meet and greet from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. non-stop, with only one 5 minute pee break…which was exhausting, but so much fun! I couldn’t believe how many cool, fun, kind people showed up — AND, thanks to their generosity, we raised almost $19,000 for the fire department!!!
Everyone in my funky little town was so grateful — including the fire department!! One of the firefighters even bought my sis and me dinner, to thank us. (Huge shout out to my wonderful sister, for helping out and taking many photos with viewers herself!! That’s right, my camera-shy sis stepped up in a big way for the cause!)
This money is a HUGE deal for our first responders….so, from the bottom of our hearts, I offer a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who attended, everyone who donated online, and everyone who was there in spirit. It was an amazing day, and we will probably do it again — and be better prepared next time! Our little town was woefully unprepared for the number of attendees — next time we will have food trucks and port-a-potties :-p
I must have hugged well over 100 people yesterday (!!!!), and I am thoroughly wiped out and ready for a break — so now I am headed out to a very remote part of Death Valley for some much needed R&R at one of my favorite hot springs. Unless I befriend somebody who has a Starlink out there, I will be totally off-grid for the next 12 days.
That means I will have no cell signal or wi-fi, and will not be able to respond to email, messages or comments until April 28th. I’m not looking forward to facing my inbox when I get back…so go easy on me
But, never fear…. I have plenty of videos uploaded and ready to go live while I am away — so no more Wednesdays will be missed.
Once again…a great big mushy gushy THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who helped make our fundraiser a huge success! Now I’m going to the middle of nowhere, taking off my clothes, and not getting dressed again until April 28th.
See you then!
Jennifer E Ferris I

Wonderhussy you are such a great spirit. I’m so glad everyone came!! Not surprised in the least. Xxxxxxooo

Richard Sallee

Wonderhussy & sister are the ‘coolest people’ & meeting y’all in person! & what a cool picture! Posted 10 little videos Tucson to Tecopa & back to Tucson for my YouTube channel! When I walked by your tent filming, the line was big! Wonderhussy & sister were busy inside the tents, & weren’t even in the video!! So I posted it as ‘Everyone met Wonderhussy & sister at the Tecopa, California Fundraiser’ 94 views so far!

Gloria A Brooks

It was absolutely amazing to finally meet you and your sis after watching you for 3 years. I had looked for you at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous 2023 in Quartzsite, AZ, but, alas, you were not to be found. I’m so THRILLED that I’m only 3 hours from ya’ll. Marci and I will be back again next year to support you and your adorable hot springing community. Love those hot springs! They left my hair silky soft! Cheers, big hugs to you and sis and happy dowsing on your retreat.

Mark Seyfried

Coming from Oregon, I had no idea who you were until my buddy Ronn and I met you at the upper springs in Saline. Learned about Bicycle Day, Frito Pie and what a intelligent, genuine person you are. And what a story teller. Love your Youtube videos. Keep it up and hope to run into you again!


That is WONDERFUL. Your videos are a pleasure to watch. You seem like a most pleasant person (which events bring out as proof). Let’s face it, you’re very easy on the eyes too.
Most of all you seem to be a brave person as well (and smart enough to be non-political). You let it all hang out with little hang-ups. That is refreshing in this day and age. You gun toting son of a gun you. I happen to also enjoy the desert. It makes me think of days gone by. YOUR a BUDDING STAR!!!

Harold Roy Jordan

Greetings Sara Jane,
What’s the latest Status Update regarding V.I.P Newsletter Progress?
Always look forward to new “Wonderhussy Adventures From The Desert Compound”!


Sara Jane, long time fan here! Love your fun free spirit and attitude and a big part of that is your love for hot springs and healthy nudism/naturism! You posted elsewhere that you no longer care that you cannot post nude, on so many of your media platforms, considering there is already so much nudes and porn out there. What is missing however is the normalization of more natural nudes, the non-porn content you so excellently and unapologetically demonstrate! I have chosen to support you specifically for your fun and yet natural approach ( unshaved armpits and all! Please keep up the good work! My wife and I both enjoy your adventures because you keep it interesting and down to earth! Real beauty is seen in all body types, even as we age!


Thank you so much for your insightful comment! You’re absolutely right, there should be more normal nudes out there… I do still post nudes on one of my Instagram accounts.. but to be honest, it just generates a lot of pervy comments so I’m not sure it’s even worth it. But I agree 100% with everything you said, and I will continue to go naked in my personal life!

James Volpone

Hi Sarah ,
I discovered your videos 3 years ago and they are in doubtably the best best and most entertaining videos on YouTube.
You have a great vibe and free spirit to you and I just love your witty take on everything, you make me smile!
I have been buying your magic beans too, great product and nice affect!
Keep being the great person you are and be safe out there.

Chuck C

Sarah, you are one hilarious (and good looking) woman. Just found your blog page and have enjoyed reading several. You’re quite the adventurer and brings back memories of my own adventures from years ago. I’m a naturalist like you and have followed many naturalist websites including ‘truenudist’ on YT, which has several videos you posted about your WNBR in LA and also your Florida Hualover Beach videos. I was wondering why you stopped posting but didn’t have to wonder long… YT suggested I checkout Wonderhussy Adventures!

Your Vagina blog is so funny… if you’d like to know why guys have a fascination with women’s bodies, just ask and I’ll tell you! (wink)

Chuck C

It’s great to hear back from you Sarah. I’m not sure you have a complete picture of what I was saying about “guys having a fascination with women’s bodies”. If you have the time, email me and I’ll explain why the French say “Vive la Différence”. We’ll start with a history of burlesque, which is actually Italian. lol

Have a great day!

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