Selling Out

Winter in the desert
Winter in the desert

Just the other day I was naked as a jaybird, soaking in the warm winter sunshine at the Tecopa mudhole with two girls from Arkansas named Lisa — friends of mine who were in town to sell weapons at a gun show along with a third colleague, a beautiful blonde pageant queen named Savannah. Savannah, being somewhat less adventurous, had opted to stay back in town…but the Lisas had implored me in their honeyed Southern accents to “take us somewhere iiiinteresting!” They come to Vegas all the time, and were tired of the same old shit on the Strip; they wanted to see something different.

the Tecopa mudhole in winter
the Tecopa mudhole in winter

So I took them on a modified version of the Mojave Mystical Tour I’d gone on myself, back on New Year’s Day — we cruised out to the desert, stopping at Cathedral Canyon and the China Ranch Date Farm, before ending up in the sunshine at the good ol’ Tecopa wallow. We had a drink and a smoke, then laid back to bask in the winter sunshine with the usual collection of kooks and oddballs who frequent that lonely little soak: that day, our company included a poker player, a poet and a beautiful, busty Dutchwoman who only removed her bikini top once she saw that I was nakers (the Lisas, being nice Southern gals, kept their swimsuits on).

Also joining the crowd at the mudhole that day was a friendly retired couple from Montana who were traveling around Death Valley in a beautiful vintage Airstream trailer. When they saw my Wonderhussy-branded trucker hat, they were thrilled: “Oh, we watched your video last night when we were looking for stuff to do out here! That’s how we found this place!”

nudity Photos by Kevin
Photos by Kevin

Come to find out, the poker player had also been to my site! It seems like everywhere I go lately, I run into people who have checked out this blog; it’s really cool…but also kinda weird, especially with that nice Montana couple, knowing that my ass and twat are plastered all over the place in between my hot springs reviews. I mean, have no problem with nudity…and the rational part of my brain insists that no one should. But the sad fact of the matter is, some people are put off by nakedness. I don’t think the Montana couple was….but it made me wonder how many visitors to this site I alienate because of it.

In a weird Catch-22, however, I’m sure I lose even more visitors because there’s not enough nudity — my site isn’t porny enough to satisfy the likes of these pervs who stumble on me looking for stuff like this:







The fact is, I’m in a real existential quandary: these days, I get as much traffic from desert adventure seekers as I do from mouth-breathing “gost” porn fans…but to whom should I be marketing myself? I’m tired of being broke; I want to make some money off this bitch, already!

You can't HANDLE the truth! By Mike M.
You can’t HANDLE the truth!
By Mike M.

The whole mess is of my own doing — ever since I started blogging back in 2000, I’ve been posting nude/salacious photos to generate traffic, hoping that at least a few incoming pervs would stay to read the shit I write. And it’s worked; this blog generates a respectable amount of traffic on a daily basis. But the problem is, it’s tough to monetize.

Because of the nude photos, my blog is considered “adult” content, and thus ineligible for Google AdSense. But when I look at using one of the AdSense alternatives, the reality is disheartening: do you (or I) really want shitty webcam/escort service/penis pump ads popping up on my page?

I don’t! So for the past few years, the only money I’ve made from this blog is when someone hires me for a photo shoot, or when the occasional generous reader makes a donation — which is depressingly infrequent. Most of the time, I bust my hump posting this shit for nothing. It’s a labor of love….but love doesn’t pay the phone bill.

I’m caught between a rock and a hard place — the no-man’s land between Art and porn, and I need to shit or get off the pot! And so, rather than wading into the murky waters of porn…I’m caving. I hate to kowtow to the bourgeois moral code of the day…but I feel I have no choice.

I’ll continue to maintain this personal blog, for fun…but I’m also starting a new site, along with my sister, devoted exclusively to desert adventuring. This new site will be PG-13: no nips, no twats, no drugs…just 100% adventure tips. Yay!! Um….right?

My sis and I, fearless desert adventurers
My sis and I, fearless desert adventurers

You see, my sister and I have been traveling around exploring the kookiest depths of the desert for the last few years now, and my posts regarding these excursions have been among my most popular (incoming search terms notwithstanding). So in the depths of broke-ass desperation one day, I decided to try a little experiment, and bought the domain name, with the idea of turning it into a sort of guidebook for the Vegas visitor who wants to see more than just slot machines and shitty Elvis impersonators. I already have most of the content here on this site, under my “desert sites” and “nude modeling location guide” tabs; it should be fairly easy to sanitize it, re-format it, and post it up on the other page…and see what kind of traffic we get without the T&A.

At the same time, my sis and I aren’t idiots — we know sex sells, so we can’t be too bland. My sis thinks we need to come up with a more interesting, quirky brand name than “LasVegasOutdoorAdventures” — something with a broader appeal, that covers more territory but also makes us sound fun and interesting. (I suggested Twats R Us, Desert Poontang, and Ghost Town Vaginas…but she nixed them all. Sheesh!)

Non-nude adventures, for the win!
Non-nude adventures, for the win!

If you have any cool ideas for a name we should use, message me at…I sincerely appreciate any and all input! In the meantime, please forgive me for slacking on this blog; I’ve been pouring all my time into writing shit for the other site, as well as hustling to pay my bills the old-fashioned way: with my twat, ass and nipples. Sometimes, it’s all a gal has to fall back on.

To than end, the weather is finally getting warm(ish) enough to where I can get back out into the desert and start doing my nude photo shoot tours again; this past week, I had a booking from a delightful photographer from back east, who had traveled to Vegas with another model, and hired me to take them out for one of my day tours in my busted-up pickup truck. I advised them that they should probably rent a car, as it would be a tight squeeze for the three of us in my Ford Ranger…but they insisted that part of the experience was being in my truck! So I picked them up at their hotel one morning, we all piled in….and off we went.

It turned out to be an absolutely fabulous day — unseasonably warm and sunny, with not a cloud in the wide, blue sky. We headed out past the last suburbs on the edge of Henderson and into the wide open desert — and they loved it!! I’ve lived here so long that I often forget how astonishing our wide-open vistas are to those from other parts of the country; to me, it’s just desert. But to many, it’s amazing…and I get a genuine thrill watching other people’s enthusiastic reactions to it 🙂

Why do I always have to be the naked one?! Pic by Photos by Kevin
Why do I always have to be the naked one?!
Pic by Photos by Kevin

Our first stop was my favorite secret red sandstone location, a place with lots of caves and slot canyons with all kinds of interesting shapes and nooks and crannies to pose in. This location is so breathtakingly beautiful, that many photographers want to spend the entire day shooting there — it’s like Disneyland! But my clients this day had read about some of my other fabulous locations, and wanted to see more…so we headed on after only a couple of hours.

Rogers Spring by Shutterbug Studio
Rogers Spring
by Shutterbug Studio

Along the way to the next location, by request of my passengers we stopped at a little warm spring out in the middle of nowhere. This place is a true oasis — in the middle of the vast, barren desert on the north shore of Lake Mead, a sudden cluster of palm trees and grasses appears out of nowhere, and there’s a beautiful little warm spring pond! This isn’t one of my regular soaking haunts, as the water is only about 80 degrees… and it’s not on my regular photo shoot rotation, either, as it’s not classic “desert”-type scenery. But it’s a beautiful spot, and totally surreal — like a tiny piece of Hawaii, in the middle of the desert. After the Martian-like landscape of the first location, it made for an interesting contrast — and we were lucky, as it was a weekday in January, and no one else was around. Usually, it would be tricky to shoot nudes here, as it’s a fairly popular stopping point for tourists…but this day, we had the place to ourselves 🙂

With @LovelyHoa at the abandoned cement plant by Photos by Kevin
With @LovelyHoa at the abandoned cement plant
by Photos by Kevin

After posing in the waterfall for awhile, we headed on toward the next stop on the tour: the abandoned cement plant. This location is so dramatic and ginormous in scale that it pretty much blows everyone away, and my two passengers this day were no exception. As with the red sandstone location, a photographer could easily spend an entire day shooting here — the options are limitless!

But again, my clients wanted to push on and squeeze in one final location before sunset — the ever-popular dry lake bed. This is a classic desert landscape that every photographer and model wants in their portfolio, and these two were no exception. So just before sunset, we rolled out onto the desolate, cracked plain and banged out a few more shots before we lost the light completely and had to head back into town.

Dry lakebed Photos by Kevin

But…what a day! Total time elapsed: 8 hours, from pickup to drop-off. Total locations shot at: 4. Total photos taken: 100s! Total fun: UNQUANTIFIABLE! My passengers couldn’t emphasize enough to me how much fun they’d had, and the photographer in particular kept singing my praises as a tour guide, even more than as a model. It was really cool, and it made me feel really good about myself! I got to show these two a little bit of the awesomeness outside Vegas…I love doing that 🙂

I'll pick you up! Photos by Kevin
I’ll pick you up!
Photos by Kevin

And guess what? You, too, could have this experience! For the very reasonable price of $500, I will pick you up at your hotel, take you around to these same spots, and spend an average of 1.5 hours posing nude at each location before moving on. It’s a wonderful way to spend a day touring the desert; next time you’re in town for a convention or a conference, why not take an extra day and bring your camera? It’s either that or piss your $500 into a slot machine or the coffers of some douchebag celebrity chef!

Anyway, my experience playing tour guide on the photo shoot hearkened back to my experience earlier in the month, with the Lisas from Arkansas  — I got the same satisfaction showing those two around the desert! After hitting the Tecopa mudhole, we headed on into Shoshone for a late lunch at a dusty little saloon called the Crowbar, which they absolutely loved. Just being in an area with no cell phone coverage was kind of a big deal for them — the sight of the old-school phone booth outside the Crowbar was a real novelty, LOL.

I'm cleaning up my act by Shutterbug Studio
I’m cleaning up my act
by Shutterbug Studio

And after lunch at the Crowbar, we headed on back across the desert toward town, making one final stop at the summit of the mountain pass separating Vegas from Pahrump, to have a nightcap at one of my all-time favorite biker bars…a rustic old-time saloon nestled in a grove of Ponderosa pine, where I’d stopped off at the end of my previous Mojave Mystical Tour.

This time, the bartender remembered me….and introduced me and the Lisas to the owner, who bought us a round of shots. Uh oh! Before you know it, we had ordered another drink…and next thing one of the other grizzled locals came over: “Hey, do you girls wanna smoke some weed?” Hi-Yo!!!!!

As the designated driver, I couldn’t really smoke or drink much…but this didn’t really seem like something I could say no to, so we followed a group of the local mountain men up the hill behind the bar in the darkness to the converted chicken coop where this super-cool hardcore rock climber lived; one of those guys who lives for climbing. He was around 60 years old, and his entire cabin was basically a shrine to climbing — gear hanging ALL over every wall, with nothing but folding camp chairs and ashtrays for furniture, and a climbing movie on silent repeat on the TV.

In Joshua Tree last December By Shutterbug Studio
In Joshua Tree last December
By Shutterbug Studio

The Lisas, being in the self-defense industry, were a bit apprehensive at being locked in some converted chicken coop in the woods with a bunch of burly mountain men and nothing but sinister S&M-looking climbing gear all over the walls…but it turned out great! We all hung out and socialized, and the climber guy in particular turned out to be super cool! He told me his whole life story, how he was in something like 23 foster homes by the age of 14, and how learning to rock climb at one of those summer outdoors programs for troubled youth basically saved his life; the state sponsored him on a climbing trip to Mt. Thor on Baffin Bay one summer, which he had to take a dogsled for two weeks to reach, and it basically changed his whole outlook on everything, and fueled his lifelong passion for the outdoors and for climbing. He had a really cool philosophy about climbing and life and everything, and I really enjoyed talking to him!

Even better, he said that any time I happen to be up there at that saloon, I don’t have to worry about drinking and driving; it’s a long, winding road back down the mountain to Vegas, so usually I limit myself to just one or two drinks up there, even when there’s a rip-roaring party going on and I’d like nothing more than to get royally shitfaced…but now, I have a standing invitation to crash out in the hammock on the front porch of the chicken coop cabin any time I want. Hells, yeah!!

Take this to the bank, mofos! By Shutterbug Studio
Take this to the bank, mofos!
By Shutterbug Studio

Anyway, that’s the reality of my life: nudity, drugs, booze, cussing….and adventure!! Monetization or not, never fear… I will continue to blog about it here at as long as I can — you can count on that! No matter how many others sites I start, you can guarantee that my twat, ass and nipples will continue to grace the pages of this website until they put me out to pasture — and you can take that to the bank!

Meanwhile, alas….the number of twat, ass, nipple and porn references in this blog entry alone is probably gonna garner a whole new legion of clicks from horny pervs. And to them I say, WELCOME! And….

Sorry, motherfuckers…nothing to see here!



“Nakers” is my new favorite word.

Nudity shaming is something I don’t get either. Although, I am never the first person to get “nakers.” Second or third person, sure. But never the first.

Sent you my bid for your new website name. Hope you like it.


Great decision, Wonderhussy! I look forward to the parallel blog. I always wondered if you would eventually create like, some sort of Wonderhussy Adventure Tours of the cool, sleazy underbelly of Vegas, or some sort of Wanderhussy tour of the Mojave or Clark County…then again, there are insurance issues with tours, and you also a huge time commitment and overhead.

Personally, I have never mind the blend of sensuality and adventure on this blog. The American West invites a sensual, erotic experience for any traveler by its mere openness and loneliness, and the sensuality and eroticism of its landscape has probably informed the lives of both its indigenous and immigrant peoples for centuries.

BTW, there is another blogger who I read who dispenses a whole bunch of really essential, valuable tips and info for cyclists going through the Great Basin, NorCal and the Mojave…but…as he does so…he also shares details of his sexual encounters as well as his bigoted, warped conclusions about Islam, lesbians, etc. Now THAT is an offensive blog.

Your blog? Your blog is great.

Tards Are Dead

I’ve come to some warped conclusions about lesbians too. I offend myself all too often, even. How’s that for a sensual, erotic experience? Pershing County invited it so don’t blame me, honeybuns. I’m just doing my indigenous thing.

Your blog? Your blog is fucking nifty.

Seriously, though, you should write a book. Make a million bucks.


I was just snapping my towel at lowkey. Getting my snark on, you might say. A bad habit with me.
I think your concept has some merit but I have to agree with theMTNman in that the click-for-profit model ( no pun intended, I’m just naturally unbelievably subconsciously witty ) is maybe a little bit over optimistic. Not that it can’t be done. If it can I’m sure you will find a way, what with your canny ( oops, I done it again ) marketing canniness. Panache is the word I’m looking for here. Or how about brio, now there’s a word, possibly a hip new fondue restaurant. Or a floor wax, take your pick. Uberzesty. I made that one up right here and now, just for you and with a side of hash browns. You get the point.

I’m thinking that Wonderhussy without the naughty bits, without the shrooms and “all the rest”, is a little like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas rewritten by Lorne Greene. How’s that for a bowl of Alpo? ( Am I stoned? I sure fucking hope so, phew … ) It’s like trying to tell the tale of Little Timmy without mentioning “horsecock” or “sucking” or “getting banned from Yelp”. I dare you to even try. It’s like a lot of things gray and dull. It’s “The Delicious Dish”. It’s a 1983 Plymouth Reliant with a blown head gasket and you’re late for work again.

I guess what I’m saying is that you should be pointed in the opposite direction. Your actual life ( not the features of the Mojave Desert ) is the thing that has marketing potential. Just a thought.


1> Whether it’s penis pumps or garbage from WalTarget, ads don’t do shit for me. Maybe it’s just the circle of people I hang out with, but I don’t know a single person that has ever ONCE said “hey I saw this ad, and I bought something!” When I need an item, I do my research INDEPENDENT of any fucking annoying ads, and make an informed decision. So, really, it wouldn’t make a difference to me I’d either be casually ignoring it regardless, or AdBlocker would save me the trouble anyway.

Seriously, don’t advertisers know AdBlocker exists?? Does every ad agency still live in 60s? But if it meant you could get paid, then by all means…

2> Your profession may imply it, but you’ve never really claimed to be a NUDIST, exactly. Which I am. And in the last 3-4 years, I’ve been more .. I dunno.. more “forward” about it. It was something the gay-movement really resonated with me, when their rallying cry was “I was born this way.”

Well guess what, I WAS BORN THIS WAY TOO!!! And more universal than even sexual orientation, we were ALL born this way!!! lol Absolutely nothing could be more natural and NORMAL than being nude, and yet people generally have a real problem with it.

It’s that aspect that I really like about your blog and the nude pictures. Granted your writing is exceptional and I greatly enjoy just reading your stories, but the inclusion of nude photos connects more with me because that’s how ** I ** would be/ want to be experiencing those situations. I don’t care about the stuffy, Disney soccer-mom point of view. I want to enjoy life nude, I want to read stories from someone else who knows what that’s like!

I think selling your knowledge as a tour guide is an AMAZING idea, not just because of how profitable it would be, but because you can sell that knowledge well past the point of when nude modeling is more than just a niche audience. I don’t doubt there are 55+ nude models, but let’s agree that market is smaller than simply showing people where to have fun.

I played the 1.5 billion dollar Lotto a few weeks back, and I assure you if I had won, I would have set you up with a generous trust fund. :^) Until then I hope I can keep enjoying life nude with you, however indirect it may be.

Until you finally come to Fantasy Fest, I guess. ;^)



Awesome! I’m sure you’ll have a good time– as long as you’re in the mood to drink! Key West is a very alcohol-fueled town.

You can basically split KW into two sections: the North end, which is very touristy and predictable. Hogs Breath Saloon, Sloppy Joes, Irish Kevin’s, Jimmy Buffet’s, etc. The two standouts I’d recommend in this area are The Parrot Bar which is a block off Duval, and just being one block away makes it so much cooler and “local” than everything on Duval. And the restaurant Kelly’s, which is pricey (everything on KW is) but the food is great!

But the South end… is the gay area. And when I saw gay… it’s CRAZY, SUPER fucking gay! lol San Fran seemed tame to me compared to the South end of KW. lol Walk by the Bourbon St pub with it’s tall, open windows with the male employees dancing nude on the bars and you’ll know what I mean!

As long as REALLY openly gay people (it’s mostly men, but women too) don’t bother you, the South end tends to be a LOT more fun. And I’m saying that as a straight guy! I’m fortunate enough that I’ve been around gay people my whole life and nothing about that bothers me.

But as long as you can hold your own with a drink, you’ll love Key West! :^)

Ronnie daisomont

Hi sweetheart, love all your pics !!!! Don’t say your flat chested. I think you are most extremely pretty, whitty. Your body is beyond words !!!! Flat chested, I don’t think so. You have ” perfect ” tities, don’t ever, ever put yourself down. I am not hitting on you, just being honest, you are gorgeous girl !!!!

Justin Black

Ghost porn huh? haha! Now there’s an un-tapped market.
This was another fun read hon. Great job!

I’d pay to hang out with a fully clothed Wonderhussy! That’d be a fun day. (piss prank involved? extra sawbuck!)

I’m no longer on Twitter, but saw this & thought of you:
Did you experience anything like this? Hope not!
There’s some creepy dudes walking around.


Alas, no!!! I was on the show before Twitter existed 🙁
The irony is, I dressed provocatively ON PURPOSE, to psych out my fellow contestants, whom I presumed would be men….little did I realize I’d be playing against Ken Jennings, who is a repressed Mormon cyborg. He never even noticed.

Justin Black

Oh that’s right. I forgot you had to face Lucifer himself during his inhuman run. Brutal luck!
Reminds me of meeting NYY’s Don Mattingly & my Pop telling him: ‘So God gives you not only a ton of talent, but also two tons of shit in timing? Ain’t fk’g right!’


I do love reading your blog, Wonder. I originally found you via your Burning Man posts, but stayed for your well written adventures. If it helps keep you writing, some well curated ads wouldn’t bother me at all.


Hi Sarah:

Have you considered airing live footage of your desert adventure hotspots using your very own channel on Twitch TV? You can even re-visit some of the spots you did previously, only do it live for 3-4 hours pointing out the beauty and wonders of the “location of the week” (ie. Charles Manson’s cabin, the abandoned brothels, etc.). You could be a live tour guide, so to speak, and yes you would have to be clothed and hide your natural beauty to make this project work.

Lots of people solicit tips and donations on Twitch and even open a Patreon account where people “subscribe” to your service (for $5 or more per month) where you give them something a bit extra over what free watchers of your show normally receive. (You’ll have to figure what that freebie would be.)

Something tells me you’d have a good shot at pulling in some part-time income in a more reliable fashion than starting a sanitized blog, but I may be wrong about that..


One good idea of what you could offer subscribers or big donators to your Twitch channel would be to send some souvenir of your donor’s or subscriber’s choosing from each spot you visit, perhaps?

A special colored rock from one abandoned building, a cool seashell or other knick-knack from that dried out lake you visited with all those abandoned homes? It would make your subscribers feel a bit as though they were actually there with you?

B and B

Hi Sarah Jane,

My wife and I are the couple from Montana (BTW, not retired but still working while being able to roam a few months of the year, not all bad). We love hanging out with passionate, fun people, the best part of our travels. It was pretty cool to run into you and your friends at Tecopa, especially after just seeing your video of it the night before. Neither one of us could give a shit if you are naked, it would take a hell of a lot more then that to even approach being offensive.

Your website is great, between the information you willingly share, the killer photos and your great writing with all the stories. The challenge for me is I would like to share it with more people but unfortunately a lot of my friends and family are boring, uptight types and would either be offended or think I’m a perv sharing a site that has lots of photos of a beautiful naked girl. I’ll be able freely share your new site.

We wish you the best with the new venture and hope to meet up with you again someday on the road.


EXACTLY!! Great feedback…..thank you so much. My sister is currently on a 10-day silent meditation retreat, so the project is on hiatus…but when she gets out, we’ll fire it up. Thanks again and enjoy the spring/summer! Montana is on my itinerary this July!

William West

Just an idea for the name: Desert Mouse Adventures. You and your sister are true desert rats, in the best sort of way, but you are too little and cute to be rats, in my opinion. Desert mice are little, cute, and always hopping around from one place to another.
Of course, the little naked tails don’t hurt the image either…


Hello, do you know if LovelyHoa take any nude pictures or do you have any for sale? I saw her with you at the abandoned cement plant Photos by Kevin. thank you for your time

Gary McCartan

There is a wigwam motel in san bernardino ca. On route 66, of course. If you need someone to warm your wig or wig your wam ill meet you there!

William Anthony Babb


You are one of the most brutally honest people on the internet. Don’t change. You
may have hit on the answer yourself. YOu are a female Hunter Thompson.

Bright Star in a fake world.

PeaceLoveCharlieManson !


You are so beautiful Sarah Jane. Your nude pics are tasteful. Could look at you all day. Gorgeous hips and ass! Cute breasts and nips. Flat tummy, cute twat, pretty face and hair. A gal of my dreams. Also like your spirit and wit. And no tattoos. Keep it that way, Please take these comments as a compliment. Love your travel videos on youtube also. Keep safe.

Tom Frye

Angel face, I don’t care if there are ads for left handed foot balls before your videos.
My only concern is the question..If I don’t let the add play all the way through, do you still get paid? I don’t know how that works, so I just let add play through. They don’t
last THAT long…


I’m not sure how it works, honestly….I think most YouTuber make a BIT of their revenue from ads, but mostly it comes from Patreon and fan support. And corporate sponsorships!


Another awesome write!

Can’t see your uncertainty with your plan, tis time honored method. Get the job with the T&A, then wow them with your other skills. Slowly ween your market share to what YOUR comfortable with doing. Your “other” skills are many and impressive.

loved the “escape from a dryer” nude, truly classic art

P. T. Barnum; You can please some of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time. But you can’t please all of the people all of the time!

Jesus Montoya; If she just knew how to give a good b*** J** she wouldn’t be pregnant all the time. (friend of mine, I wasn’t going to give his last name but didn’t want the bible wowsers up in arms)

Unknown; build it and they will come!

Sarah Jane Jane Woodall

haha! I love the PT Barnum quote, I’m very familiar with it and I think of it all the time regarding my YouTube channel! Not so sure about your friend’s comment, though… if you really don’t want to get pregnant, best to just not be in a sexual relationship at all! That’s my MO


struth to that, can I get an AMEN! lol and after all no one really WANTS to
get pregnant. Mother nature is a psych0 Be’atch, gives us life then spends the
rest of it trying to KILL us.

Rick King

“Why do I always have to be the naked one?!”

Because you love it, Sarah Jane! And also because you’re the one who looks absolutely awesome, with or without your clothes!

Wonder Hussy is the best!


I am a tremendous admirer of you and your travel adventures around the Wild West and beyond. However, I take issue with you when you call us voyeurs/men PERVS. There is nothing perverted about even a prurient interest in the naked female anatomy which could exist side by side with a true loving admiration of that women’s many other virtues, talents and abilities. I only recently found out that you were a nude model, and it has only enhanced my already glowing admiration of much of your observations of life, liberty and the wide open spaces. Frankly, it would never have mattered had this nude and naked part of your life been in the shadows eternally, but since it’s out there, all the better.


Oh gosh, I’m sorry you took it that way! Unlikely though it probably sounds, I actually used that term sort of affectionately, in a weird way… I agree with you that it is just biology, and nothing out of the ordinary!


Love the blog but love the youtube stuff as well! Nude is great and your a natural and the camera loves you, you keep it up, freedom all the way……



“I’m tired of being broke; I want to make some money off this bitch, already!”

How broke can you be when you can take off into the desert anytime you want in your nice rig while the rest of us 9-5ers can’t take the time off without losing our jobs?

Cool adventure videos and modeling pics though!


Thanks! This blog post was from 2016…back then, I couldn’t just take off “anytime I wanted,” as I was still working full-time as a freelance model, and had to plan for around my gigs. Not to mention the fact that I was still driving my old beater 2wd pickup! I didn’t get my rig until the following year.

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