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I am a foul-mouthed, flat-chested bon vivant and adventuress who likes to curse, drink, smoke and run around nude, and I refuse to kow-tow to the bourgeois moral code of the day. I’ve lived in Vegas over ten years, and have a few stories to tell.

But I keep it clean for my YouTube channel πŸ™‚

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  1. craig says:

    bucket list, how about fucking while on Farris wheel, naked camping all day nude , pose naked on hood of my car photo shoot. sit for me to do a naked art drawing of you.

    • wonderhussy says:

      nude camping — already done. ferris wheel sex — zero interest. naked art…….hmm!

    • Nobuo says:

      Sex is cool, but it isn’t really cool trying to do it in an awkward place like a Ferris wheel. lol

      Maybe this woman could do something like this.
      1. Go to a bondage night club and act as one of the dominatrix women in front of the crowd (basically tie up another woman and put pegs on her nipples etc). (unsure if she has already done this)

      2. Get on a boat and drive the boat alongside a populated area where people walk etc, be having sex on the boat deck. The people could look as it goes by but you are safe from them touching you, lol.
      Have sex with either a man or woman (whether you are into men or women).

  2. Zach says:

    This woman is WONDERFUL! You’re a good one WH.

  3. ROFLguy says:

    A piece of shot hooker, avoid her she’s an asshole!

  4. Foxy Roxy says:


  5. George Soros says:

    Is your CLIT an innie or an outie?

    • wonderhussy says:

      Wow, George Soros! I’d have thought you had better things to do with your time! Any fool with halfway decent vision can see the answer to this with a casual glance at the DOZENS of nude photos of my vagina out there…..

    • Nobuo says:

      I know of innie and outie belly buttons, I have even heard of an innie and outie vagina (though really no such things exist, it’s just some women have bigger vulva’s and they I guess hang more).

      But a clitoris?
      Pretty much all clitoris’s are out, I mean the clitoris is like a tiny penis without the urethra, the only thing I can think that you may be talking about it a woman who’s clitoris is clearly visible vs a woman who’s clitoris is covered by the hood. Both which would range in reasons for both circumstances.

      As far as the woman in question, there are no real detailed pictures of that area of her to determine.
      Only ones from a bit more distance and not aroused, but it’s clear what kind of vagina she has, she doesn’t have meat hangers (that’s a good thing to not have them), and her clit probably is normal sized and under a small hood it would seem.
      Overall she has been born with a good pussy I think.

    • Mr. Day YumYum says:


    • Mo Williams says:

      She literally has so many pics of her pussy all over the web lmao. You could easy just click on one of them and zoom in onto her pussy. Her clit is an innie btw.

  6. Monte Light says:

    Sarah Jane is one of the most articulate, professional, and wonderful people my wife and I have ever met. SHE IS VEGAS, (the personification of everything we still hold dear about that wonderful city, even years after leaving it). Reliable, hilarious, exotic, wise, sophisticated, invective: Wonderhussy is positively a public service.

  7. david kerr says:

    enjoy your writing and photos…
    I see that one one the things on your bucket list is to hike to the top of Mt Tallac … its great hike I do it ever few years … find the best time to go is 4th of July and spend the night on top … while it can get cold that time of the year the view from the top is outstanding plus if you do the hike on the 4th get to see most of the fireworks over Tahoe

  8. Steve Parkman says:

    Your “gonzo-journalism” article made me cringe. You’re a hack of a writer, and I threw up a little associating that term with whatever it is you do, because it’s not writing. You know who I don’t get all the fuss about? Shakespeare. I mean, I’ve never read any of his stories or seen any of his plays, but I just don’t get why he’s such a big deal.

  9. Richard says:

    Your blog site was awesome! I was just cruising/perving the internet looking at hot girls from Burning Man…. you popped up..

    You call yourself ‘gash’ and told a guy to “go suck a dick :)”

    Fucking hysterical!

    I hope to meet you at Burning Man this year, it will be my first time… going w/friends.

    Your totally hot, but the last photo of the x-mas pussy made for a soft sausage… used to work in the ER and it looked like nits…. sorry!


    Thanks for cracking me up.

  10. Michael Lipscomb says:

    Ms. Wonder, (Ms. Hussy?) In my opinion (and don’t you love sentences that start out that way?) the three sexiest things in the world are women who are good at what they do, women who can make me laugh, and women who are frequently naked. You are all of these things! What a treasure you are!! Thank-you, so much!

  11. Bob Naquin says:

    I found you on Model Mayhem, not that you were lost. First I was taken with your portfolio and then followed the link to here.

    What a refreshing person you are. Well you are lovely too but mostly refreshing. Don’t ever change.

    While I mostly dislike Vegas I would make a trip there just to shoot you and I probably will.

    Good luck and stay safe.

  12. Ey… Ms. Hussy.. (great name btw), I’m a Hot Springs JUNKIE.. and I happened to find the “Alkali” hot springs as a passing clip from another YouTube vid, which lead me to your vid.. and My question is.. did you go in the BIG POOL? I ‘m google earthing it, and there’s a pic (plus areal) of why looks like a swimming pool size collection …well.. pool. So.. did you, and if so, what was it like? Hot, warm.. cold?? clean, nasty?? Hit me back, plz.

    Oh.. I’m S. Scott Conner, the talk show host, designer, and a hand full of other things.. you can “google” me… (LOL) ta’ make sure I’m not a .. well you know., lol.. Anyway.. HIT ME BACK!!

    • wonderhussy says:

      I did check out the big pool; it was lukewarm as I recall, or maybe not even warm at all. Either way, it didn’t seem very appealing to soak in.
      I’m heading back that way later this month…I’ll try to confirm!

  13. Joe Parks says:

    Have you checked out Summer Lake hot springs north of Lakeview, Oregon? A lot of burners have stopped there before and after the event for years and now it’s more burner friendly than ever!

  14. greg says:

    “I am a foul-mouthed, flat-chested bon vivant and adventuress who likes to curse, drink, smoke and run around nude” this actually should read as follows: I speak my mind, have enough chest to feed a baby or quiet an obnoxious guy, love a good drink, smoke because it bugs my mom, and run around nude because I don’t have a clothes dryer”

    None of which makes you any less A beautiful, intelligent, self-sufficient, outgoing, self-confident woman who could have any man (or woman) you choose all of whom would be lucky to spend time with you!! Now there

  15. dave says:

    What’s up W.H.!?!?!

    Effing BRILLIANT BLOG! I found you whilst (is that even a verb?) Google saline valley hot springs. You remind me of my friend becca… Google “nopantsistan becca” and you’ll find her. Anyways, carry on.

  16. JakeZero says:

    Hi!! Came across your site while doing some searches on Deep Creek Hot Springs, you’re very entertaining!!

    I did a thru-hike on the PCT a few years ago, and there are a ton of hot springs all up and down the middle of CA. I know you mentioned the ones in Mammoth, but there are also some really neat ones just north of there, outside of Bridgeport on US395. Another set right there by Mono Lake, which itself is quite a trip!!

    If you’re ever interested in seeing some of the more remote, “secret” springs off the PCT, shoot me an email. I go back every year now!!

  17. Mimi says:

    Dammit, I just became your newest fan, but you don’t have a Pinterest! Yes, I’m one of them. *sigh*

    • wonderhussy says:

      I do have a Pinterest! I just don’t use it much πŸ™

      • Mimi says:

        It’s all good. I know you’re very much into modeling in the desert and some of your pics are taken near or on hiking trails. Would just want to pick the brain of a fellow nature lover via Pinterest. lol. I also like your photos…my fave is the one where you’re dressed in vintage clothing with a powdered wig and you’re flipping off the camera. My daughter is an aspiring model but more into hip hop modeling. Anyway, done rambling. Keep up the great work!

  18. wonderhussy says:

    Hmmm….a nature Pinterest board is actually a good idea!! πŸ™‚ Thanks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  19. Troy says:

    Hello WonderHussy, I am curious about why you like the Arizona hot springs (white rock canyon) over the Goldstrike hot springs, I see that you said the hike isnt as bad. But that is what I am hoping might keep most of the tourists out. My wife and I like to appreciate the hot pots as you do al natural. If you can lead us in the right direction it would be very helpful. thank you for your blog we find it very interesting.

    • wonderhussy says:

      I personally like the soaking pools at AZ better…it’s a technically easier hike, but longer, and the trailhead is farther from Vegas than Goldstrike so less ppl go there anyway! πŸ™‚

  20. John says:

    Sarah Jane
    I stumbled upon your site a week ago and have not stopped reading yet. Great stuff!
    I noticed on your bucket list you had Missoula and hot springs in Yellowstone. I currently live in Vegas but I am from Montana. I have done many a drunk trip to the “hot pots” in Montana. I fly my plane up to Montana several times a year. Tag along some time and knock off the Montana items from your list. I can show you around my home state. I promise it will be blog worthy!! Keep up the great work!!!

  21. wonderhussy says:

    Yikes!!! I kinda need my ass; it’s my moneymaker. I think I better wait til spring or summer πŸ™‚

  22. Eric says:

    Hail to the first lady of the desert. I bow down and pledge my allegiance thee. I have to say I’m totally hooked on your blog(s). I relocated here (LV) from the beach area of the OC some years back trading my boogie board and sports car for hiking boots and a 4 wheel drive. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed my weekends exploring the wonders of our glorious sun drenched deserts. Until coming across your extremely entertaining and tantalizing stories of your desert (and mountain) exploits I was under the illusion that I was the top desert dog around these here parts. In a such a short amount of time you’ve been able to accomplish what I’d hope to in a lifetime. Well I’m here, down on all fours submitting to being your eternal bitch. But on a serious note, I would love to sit down with you (at your hourly wage of course) and share a couple of secret spots I’ve come across over the years and I’d definitely love to hear some of yours. If this is something that would be of interest to you please let me know and I’ll hit you up via email. I thank you for your time O Diva of the Desert and I hope to hear from you soon.

    • wonderhussy says:

      Fuck yeah! No need to pay a wage…let’s party! I’m headed out to Death Valley tomorrow to camp out at either Ballarat Ghost Town or the abandoned Warm Springs mine…then on to the Geologist’s Cabin and the Barker Ranch! Short notice, but you’re welcome to join!

  23. Brent hansen says:

    Wonderhussy you crack me up! Glad I bumped into your youtubes. Keep it going!
    PS We have more hotsprings than you can shake a stick at here in Idaho (quiet)

    • wonderhussy says:

      Yeah,I know!!!! I went to Idaho last summer and thought I’d died and give to heaven…my sister and I camped all over, and there were astonishingly beautiful springs around every corner!!! I will definitely be back!

  24. Davis says:

    It was nice to meet you a Tatiana the other day at the hot springs you seem like fun people. I like your website its very cool I love the desert shots quite stunning.Β 
    I will shoot you guys a email next time I’m out in Vegas if you and Tatiana or anyone else for that matter are free, I’m always looking for hiking buddies and new place to hike and you seem to quite the expert. Have a good one.


    • wonderhussy says:

      DAVIS!!!!!! I’m so stoked you bothered to look me up…enjoyed meeting you as well, and please do let us know if you’re ever in Vegas. We have some bitchin’ hot springs near here as well!
      Hope you had a nice trip!

  25. Dewey Quong says:

    Are you planning any more road trips to Northern NV, Reno Tahoe?

    Took a medical retirement and now I don’t travel much anymore and would like to meet up for a short photo session. Spend most of my travel time looking around the world through the computer screen.

    Also not into the social media scene with phones and computers since most people I know aren’t on them so please let me know of any future travel by email.


    • wonderhussy says:

      No immediate plans to be in the area anytime soon….but I might be able to swing through the area in July. I bet there’s beautiful places to shoot up there πŸ™‚ Haven’t figured out my summer travel plans yet, but will let you know!

  26. Chris says:

    I hope you’re well. Great blog and photos. I’m currently looking for a place to hike nude. I live in Las Vegas and am willing to travel 1-1 1/2 hours by car. Can you tell me any safe locations. Thank you

    • wonderhussy says:

      I would just recommend going waaaaay out into the boonies anywhere, and none of the major parks (Red Rock, Mt Charleston, Valley of Fire). Try someplace less popular, maybe the Desert National Wildflife Refuge or somewhere out in the Mojave Preserve!

  27. Gary says:

    Hello you little Hussy,

    I found your blog when I was looking for a place to camp around Goldfield. Great site, you obviously have put a lot of work into it. If you’ll be around Reno anytime let me know and I’ll give you a couple of cool areas to check out.

    Like my favorite swimming hole:


    Thanks for the smiles….

    • wonderhussy says:

      OMG I’ve seen photos of that swimming hole….I’d love to check it out! I’ll be in the area in early July and then again in late July…maybe I’ll check it out then! Glad you found my site useful/amusing…hope you camped at Alkali when you were in Goldfield, cuz it’s awesome!

  28. Keith says:

    Howdy from Texas! . . .Love you website! . . and reading about your adventures. Good-looking gal too.

    Would love to camp out in the desert!

  29. Curt Holman says:

    Have you thought about that new rock display out by Jean,NV yet? Love you work and the info you provide. Keep it up.

    • wonderhussy says:

      Yes, I really dig that piece! It’s called Seven Magic Mountains, but we call it the Gay Stonehenge πŸ˜€ I’m gonna try and shoot some nudies there tomorrow….but it’s pretty popular right now since it’s new. Might be too crowded….we’ll see!

  30. Lyla Una says:

    Hi Wonderhussy! I just came across your blog not long ago. After reading some of your articles, i just wanna ask you that do you actually have those fetishes that you are doing? or are you doing it because it’s part of your “career”? Like do you have a tickle fetish, so you do tickling shoots? If yes, what kind of fetishes do you actually have or enjoy?

  31. John Hill says:

    Sarah, did you unfriend me on Facebook?

    I’ve been a fan since Binders Full of Women.

    Say it ain’t so!

  32. Wonderhussy says:

    My FB account was suspended for 7 days for posting a shadow nude. They also froze my account on suspicion of being fake….but I emailed them a copy of my drivers license, so hopefully they reinstate it.

    Meanwhile you can still message me/comment/follow my page, https://www.facebook.com/wonderhusssy/

  33. Frank says:


    I love your site… very original… I love that you are fun, independent, and sexy.
    Thank you for being you.


  34. Howiefelter says:

    You are a wonderful human being. Really love your natural look in your shoots.(a little hair is awesome) Keep up the videos, a real joy to watch.

  35. David says:

    I love your youtube videos on abandoned places and warm springs soaking spots. After just a few videos I realized you are a very well spoken and intelligent woman with a keen sense of adventure and free spirit. Please keep up the good work. I am very impressed with your narration of the abandoned places videos, you know your stuff. Many of the videos made by men make me shake my head at how little they know and how poor they are at describing things. An example is the video on the old mill where you found all the balls in barrels, you were able to understand what they were used for and describe the equipment that used them, although not a centrifuge, you were on the right track. Keep up the good work.

    • wonderhussy says:

      Thank you!! I do try to understand the world around me….OK so I get a few things wrong here and there, but I am willing to learn!

      • David says:

        Good for you, the sexiest part of a woman is her brain, what’s on the outside just makes it more fun! After watching more of your video’s I have such a desire to come hike the desert, the old mining sites, shacks etc are fascinating and the hot springs are just a bonus after hiking all day. Here in New England the scenery is beautiful but the weather claims anything abandoned in just a short time, in the desert an old cabin will last for years (save for vandals)

  36. Harper says:

    Hey wonder hussy,
    I saw all your hot spring videos on YouTube, and it got me thinking, I’ve never gone skinny dipping and I’ve always wanted to, is there any place you would recommend in the north or south Carolina area?

  37. Todd says:

    Hi knuckle head, trying to reach out to you. Nice to see you and your sister out in the desert!

    Send me your number on my email, I left mine on facefuck for you now I have to find out how to remove.

    Love to hear from you

  38. cw says:

    a video of yours appeared on my youtube list randomly and I wound up watching 4 or 5 of them – very entertaining. I used to drift about those parts in out of the way spots here and there, so yeah, stirred some recollections. I didn’t go into abandoned crazy shit like that so much – but , found it fascinating, in a sad albeit humorous way. I remember driving by that ‘hawaiian motel’ place in baker, ca – never considered entering it though, ha-ha. amazing how people just leave their shit behind like that- fuck, if I should kick the bucket or for whatever reason not be able to recover my scant possesions ~ my shit will be organized at least. ha-ha. … if you haven’t been, you’d probably find ‘manahattan, nv’ worth a trip – some weird shit for sure, more than I got into.

  39. Paul Heymeson says:

    Hi just got into watching your vlogs on abandoned stuff , really loving your style and informative chat . and your really cute to look at as well . well done keep going and doing these videos

  40. Sage says:

    Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, Wonderhussy, destined to wear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow. It is I, her chronicler, who alone can tell thee of her saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

  41. John Henry says:

    Sarah Jane, I hope I’m not being too forward, but I’m from Texas, we all have two first names, and your’s rolls off the tongue. I’ve lived in Vegas most of my life and have been to a few of the places you have shot video. You do a great job of narrating your trips into the wild. I know you’ve been to the big ponds outside Tecopa, but have you tried the tiny one under the palm tree that you can walk to from Delights? I love that one on a starry night. And Darlin’, you are not flat-chested. As near as I can tell, your body is perfect, and I photographed a few hundred ladies back in the day. Thanks for keeping Vegas weird!

  42. Mike Roads says:

    Oh I was so glad to see your post retreat post! It seems that I’ve become quite addicted to your adventures and discoveries. As a child my parents packed me up in the back seat of a ’58 Volkswagen (my dad always called it a poor man’s Jeep) and explored many back roads of the Mojave, Death Valley and southwestern Nevada. Your unique way of examining and discovering the hidden beauty and mystery of these places really strike home with me. Please keep them coming, I’ve been away from the desert for way too long. Oh and p.s. I’m gonna send you a friend request on FB. Puleeeeeze be my friend!

  43. mike says:

    I enjoy your videos in exploring the out of the way places close to Vegas. I have found some close to Vegas that you may have missed. If you wish to know these spots you may contact me at the email that I provided. I just like to find areas that people lived at and also wonder why they left. And yes you are extremely pretty . But I still like to share my explorations with others .

  44. Rob says:

    Ok now I am hooked on you and your adventures.
    I am the guy who somewhere on your site told you about Tulum,Mexico.
    I am in Vegas many days a year for work and find myself bored during down time. I generally read to fill time off but stumbled across you last week when I was googling hot springs near Vegas. It was cold as crap out here last week and I was considering a soak and a massage on a day off.
    Anyhow after poking around on your site, your blog, and every other social media thing under the sun that you have going on I have to say you are the most clear thinking, honest and refreshing person I have come across lately. Your fire the truth over the bow of the boat attitude is freakin right on. Your obviously liberal state of mind is not affected, offended or otherwise hampered by the other side. A true realist and life trooper. god only knows if there were more people that could see through the bullshit like you and come to a rational thought we would really be in a better place.
    Keep having fun. Your newest fan Rob.

  45. wonderhussy says:

    Wow, what a great testimonial!! Thank you so much for appreciating what I’m about πŸ™‚ I’m a compassionate realist for sure!

  46. Dawn Strom says:

    While traveling through California to visiting family there is a unique place there called ((pioneertown)) where they Shot old Western Film’s in the fifties or sixties could be a very cool place to check out for any up coming shoots, definitely something to look into that’s pretty awesome.

  47. Jon Dow says:

    About 30 miles north of Elko is a place called Tuscauora. I haven’t been there in over 10 years, but unless its changed, it’s the kind of place you like. It’s a ‘semi’ ghost town with wonderful old buildings, an incredible grave yard and lots of old relics scattered about.

    I stumbled upon it by accident and stayed two days photographing it. There is not much left of these old towns and pretty soon they will be lost to history. I try to do what I call ‘positional photography’. I find an old picture of a town, stand in the same place and take a photo. A ‘Then and Now’ type picture.

    Keep it up girl, you’re doing a wonderful thing.

  48. Dewey Quong says:


    Been watching your Youtube videos. Seeing the end of the Ballarat video and your going non revealing topless to the stone homes made me realize I miss your more revealing videos.

    Any chance of seeing any more more revealing videos?

    Didn’t want to post this on family friendly Youtube.

  49. wonderhussy says:

    Yes, I also have a vimeo channel for my nude adventures… vineo.com/wonderhussy

  50. Seth says:

    Wish I was closer to vegas. You have been to some sweet places. I’d love to check them out with you. Honestly I’m no photographer, but a like minded spirit. Do you take folks out to explore cool sruff even if they don’t take pictures of you?

  51. Keith Robinson says:

    Hey have you ever been to Slab City?

  52. ‘found a video errantly – have been to Victorville, CA hot springs

    this past Friday – Parkway Film Lounge

    from the stages of Europe and beyond- solo original piano and guitar songs

    “His writing is like Jack Kerouac and Douglas Adams.” – A Novel Way

    “There’s a thin line between sexiness and absurdity and Mr. Mastro is determined to find it.” ~ Tony Norman – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Crafthouse July 2017 Song Challenge judges said
    I like his style
    great voice
    nice song structure
    well composed lyrics
    winner – song of the event – ‘summer’

    0:00 – summer
    7:00 – baseball
    10:20 – a dog
    14:30 – pittsburgh​

    Moon Over Mangroves New York City https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MihqiYE3h6c

    Half hour cast interview with Charlie Lyttle-WNYU – https://soundcloud.com/wnyu/a-c-e-moon-over-mangroves – Interview highlights – 17:43-17:50 / 24:20-24:4 / 4:20-4:30 / 12:25-13:20 / 14:07-15:33


  53. Mr. Day YumYum says:

    your youtube films are addicting. I also like to explore the abandoned sites.
    you have a great personality in these videos. keep posting and stay safe.

  54. Carl Metzski says:

    I wouldn’t feel bad about being flat chested. I dated a woman for 12 years who said she was flat-chested.

    I told her, “Anything over the size of a champagne glass was too much & a waste to me!”.

    It made her feel good about her self presumed deficiency. It was enough to satisfy me because to the stimulation I could arouse.

    So it is not “how much”, it is “how it affects you.”

    You may be curious about her, she succumbed to leukemia many years ago. It has been a long while without her! — Cockroach

    • wonderhussy says:

      Aww, I’m sorry to hear about your woman friend… Yeah, I have never let my flat chest get in my way of having a good time. And I make a reasonably successful living as a nude model… Tits or no tits. So I guess most people don’t care either!

  55. DANIEL YOUNG says:

    dear sweet thing but I have seen you before just did not put it together until recently and some great work you have done showing off some great tourist attractions bravo well done! and you are NO. 1 @ CES I will be looking forward to seeing you wow LOL!

  56. Lump Sum TOM says:

    Dear W.H. ,Our Whole family are big fans.Never miss an episode. We’re Nevadans from way way back although we now live just across the border in Surprise Valley Ca.- Lake City to be exact,like 90 miles North of GERLACH.I’ve been to some of your locations others are complete surprises. ANYWAY WHY I’M WRITING IS; I’ve got this goofy radio show-THE VELVEETA UNDERGROUND-it airs on KLAP-Gerlach,KDUP Cedarville Ca,KORC Corvalis Or. and on the web and soon some other stations and I would love to record a quick & painless phone interview for inclusion in the show sometime-anytime (oh and you are always welcome up here at our house my wife even likes you). I quit FaceBook so I’m hoping you’ll read this message and thanks for doing so in advance. Sincerely Tom

  57. Curtis W Lambert says:

    I’ve been reading about your sleep issues. You aren’t alone! Can’t shut the brain off. Difficult to go to sleep, stay asleep, and go back to sleep! Used to drive me crazy. But in reality, I think it’s a blessing because WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO GET THINGS DONE, who are interested in everything, want to do everything, and go everywhere!

    I’m 77 years old, still riding motorcycles, still curious, still travel, still excited. Eventually I’ll die of old age, but I won’t be from from boredom!

    Love your blog, YouTube channel, photo shoots, and of course your Vimeo videos.

  58. cynicalanddisgusted says:

    Love your blog (and your butt).

    Desert camping is wonderful. I once spent a week driving across Nevada entirely on dirt roads. It was a wonderful trip.

    Would love to run into you out in the desert – or even in Vegas. Having a cold brew/glass (‘nee bottle) of wine and swapping stories would be great way to spend an afternoon – with or without clothes.

  59. Charlie O says:

    I just discovered your vlog! You are awesome. And you are a natural! I am hooked! I was stationed at Edwards AFB from 1991 to 1995. I rode a motorcycle there and I must say that the best places I visited were in the desert! Now that I have found your videos, you bring back so many memories of the high desert. All that time and I know I did not get a chance to see it all. You are filling in the blanks! I started by riding up 395 at Kramer Junction or go to Mojave on 58 and took off riding from there. Would find a name on the map and just go there! I did not get to see it all. You bring it back with these adventures and I am totally impressed and hooked! Keep it going and don’t stop exploring! You have a natural talent, uncanny in a good way. Stay awesome and keep having fun!

    • wonderhussy says:

      Right on! How fun…sounds like you really made the most of your time in the desert! So many hate it, and just can’t wait to leave…good for you! Glad you are enjoying my stuff πŸ™‚

  60. Ron says:

    I’ve been watching your vids about a year now and now I just discover your cute naked little ass self. Curious, have you found that little hot spring/tub just south (I think its south) of Goldfield? I used to hit that once a month on my pill run from Scottsdale to the bay area hitting my dozen or so docs. Then I’d usually meander my way home stopping in every brothel along Hwy 95 trading K4’s for, eh, you know!
    On my way up and back there was another REALLY kill hot dip stop in Bridgeport California (you drive this dirt road up behind the road maintenance yard about 1/4 mile) That ones a MUST bucket list hot spring. There’s the main pool/tub (really well built into the rock) right off the parking area.
    Then if you hike over the 6 foot rise and follow the 8 foot high travertine about 60 yards, there a series of natural pools fed by a hot trickle that runs along the top of the travertine. I’d always roll with a bottle of Napa champagne and hit it at night, crash the night and drive on the next morning. There’s no words in ANY language for soaking in those pools on a chill winter full moon night, a light snow fall dropping on you and lit on a couple of K4’s, a couple lines and sipping Domaine Carneros!
    There’s some more pools straight across Hwy 395 pocked in the hillside but they’re muddier.
    “Sigh” god I miss those fucking days!!! Did I ever tell you about the trip when I made this cardboard beggar sign? I wrote: “Spare Change For Pussy”! Stopped at every brothel with that sign and spun my pitch telling the girls how I stood on the side of 95 in the hot sun ALL DAY LONG begging for sex change but nobody stopped. True story, I’m like low on the shame scale. I actually had pills to trade.
    Then there’s the time I was rolling with this aluminum piece of X-ray gizmo I bought for a dollar at a Phoenix (Washington St.) swap meet… pulled off 95 and drove up to Mercury, three giant combat like monsters wearing terminator shades came out of this ‘toll booth’ kind of thing with M-16’s and shit, they point out I don’t have some top secret sticker on my Bronco to be there then they noticed the gizmo. At the time I thought it was funny telling them I was returning the “death ray” to the scientist I borrowed it from cuz the batteries died as I was frying jackrabbits in the desert. No fucking sense of humor whatsoever!
    Yeah so, that stunt delayed me a bit as I got a ride in one of the two black Suburbans that came screaming in my direction while this Blackhawk gunship hovered over my Bronco. They took me to some block building, lots of questions; like was my mother a fucking Arab and stuff. After about three hours of that they cut me loose. Did I learn anything… shit no, as I re-headed toward Vegas I pulled into the Hamilton AFB gate and ran the same line of bullshit. Fucking stupendous afternoon! (I even met this old A-bomb guy, he thought I was crazy but we had a great conversation. He even set me up to come back to tour the actual A-bomb making shit out there. He sent me to Bechtel in LV to arrange it.
    I hope I didn’t put you on overload with my adventures as you’ve been very generous sharing your adventures. Figured I’d give you a couple of soak tips if you ever run that route. Unless you want a honest to god Men In Black adventure, I recommend you skip having some unidentifiable metal shit on your front seat and cutting down that Mercury road! However, if you are up for crazy shit, go strip some parts off those tanks or that B-58 Hustler and light up their humorless lives!
    Uhhh, PS: Pardon the email addr, that’s my cynical id.
    Yeah, PPS: BTW, that “flat-chested” bit, me like, + you’re HOTT, n’ love your voice…yeah!

  61. Ron says:

    Fuck me, now that I’m looking at it, sorry, I wrote an entire fucking BOOK!

    • wonderhussy says:

      It’s ok, I like books! GREAT stories….I have been to both hot springs you mentioned, and love them both! The sex change story was amazing too! Glad you are enjoying my shtick…..we loonies must stick together in solidarity!

  62. Jerry Ihnen says:

    Hi, I enjoy your blog and videos very much. You spend a lot of time poking around junk piles and abandoned trailers. Are you concerned about rattlesnakes hiding there?

  63. miss wonderhussy, hi, my name is jerry ashbrook and i would absolutely love to make your aquaintance,if you are ever in indiana please look me up, i can guarantee you a smile for your pretty face,,,,( good smoke ) im sorta like you….nothing but a good time!!!!! theres no hot springs here, but you would be more than welcome to a nice shower, if one was needed. i love watching all of your adventures, i dont see how you come up with the time it takes to do them tho…i wont take up any more of your time thank you and you be safe and take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. my #317-422-9887

  64. id love to hear from ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  65. cmblake6 says:

    I’ve said it somewhere on one of your videos, forget where, but I just want to say it here as well, YOU ROCK! You are everything I find attractive in a woman. Well spoken, very adventurous, and dislike clothing when not necessary. I would be nude far more often than I am if I could (kids and grand kid live with me) but I have nowhere near to go, and very little free time anyway to go there. Do you know of anyone in the Clovis NM area?

    • wonderhussy says:

      Thank you for the compliments! I don’t know anyone in Clovis…but I spent a lot of time traveling around New Mexico this past summer, and I found it to be a wonderful state! So much natural beauty πŸ™‚

  66. Mike Reed says:

    Hi Wonderhussy. I have been following some of your great videos for the past year and love them. I can’t believe that there is someone else out there exploring those special places in the deserts and mountains. Of course there are others but I don’t run into them all that often off the beaten track. So thanks for recording your explorations. By the way, Saline Valley is also my favorite. It’s a long way from Northern Calif but it is good for the soul. I do a lot of my exploring these days in the jungles of Guatemala investigating archaeological sites, the ruins of forest-covered ancient Maya cities. It’s a little-known and barely explored wilderness down there, and beautiful beyond description. Thanks for your very cool vids, Wonderhussy. You have real spirit.

    • wonderhussy says:

      Oh wow, thank you so much! I can’t imagine how fascinating it must be down there in the jungle, excavating archaeological stuff… I have come to develop a real appreciation for archaeology and anthropology… almost enough to make me want to go back to school, but for now I guess I will just stick to making YouTube videos:-) Anyway, thanks for taking the time to write!

  67. Rick King says:

    Just for the record, being flat-chested is totally sexy! Way sexier than big old floppy tits full of fat!

  68. Jason Rarick says:

    I’m a mostly fan and watch most of your YouTube am a subscriber and have cliCked the bell. Ill give you 500 to hike mount Whitney-with me. I I tent to be a PCT thru hiker in 2019.

  69. Jason Rarick says:

    I’m a mostly fan and watch most of your YouTube am a subscriber and have cliCked the bell. Ill give you 500 to hike mount Whitney-with me. I intent to be a PCT thru hiker in 2019.

    • wonderhussy says:

      Dang! good for you, I’ve always wanted to hike the PCT but I am not that hardcore… Yet! If you are going to thru hike the PCT, you can do the Whitney Summit as a Day hike when you get to that part of the PCT. Lots of PCT hikers leave their heavy packs at the trail Junction and just Summit with a small Daypack.

  70. Hamza Khatib says:

    You have sexy beautiful feet wonderhussy that I want to lick and kiss them. I also want to carry you around like a princess you are.

  71. Michael Goff says:

    If you ever want to explore Texas hit me up. We got it all desert, beaches, mountains, forests, and plains.

    • wonderhussy says:

      just saw this, thank you so much! I actually just went to Texas last weekend and absolutely loved it. I only had one day to spend in Big Bend National Park, but I needed at least a week… So I will definitely be back!

  72. Gordon says:

    Yur gorgeous!

  73. rob says:

    Hi Sarah: You indicated in one of your vlogs that you use a cell phone for your personal ubex videos. Is that true? If so what make and model is it? You get sweet video& snaps with it.
    Also at: https://www.instagram.com/p/BNAUBPZgFrx/: just curious why the photographer is naked. One more thing,what would you charge per hour to be my tour
    guide around the strip and say….areas within 1/2 hr-45 min thereabouts ? Lunch on me.
    Will look forward to your reply…………………….Bob

    • wonderhussy says:

      Hey Bob! Sorry, just saw this comment… I use a Samsung Note 8, which really does have an excellent forward facing camera and a pretty good selfie mode camera. My only complaint is that it is kind of big for my little hand… but otherwise I am very pleased with it!
      I have decided to focus on YouTube 100% this year, so I will be traveling much more…. And won’t be in Vegas very much for tours

  74. Meegaman says:

    Hi Wonderhussy, my husband and I love your quirky, insanely curious, enthusiastic and genuine personality. You seem like an old soul; it’s amazing all the obscure details you bring up from a bygone era, almost like you had much older siblings as a kid. We enjoy your abandoned whatnot, hiking and hot springs videos β€” we will be retiring at a young age very soon and will be retracing your steps in our Sprinter van to as many soakers and roadside oddities as we can find. By the way, you totally had us rolling in the aisle with your video about the Mormon undergarments. Hilarious! One question we had … have you ever considered getting a 4×4 camper van? Seems like a perfect vehicle for your explorations. High five on the great content!

    • wonderhussy says:

      Hey guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to write and let me know you enjoy my stuff! Congratulations on your early retirement…traveling around in a sprinter in is definitely one of my life’s goals! I have thought about living in a van for a loooong time, especially after having just gone to the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous and seeing all the people there who live in their vehicles. I always wanted a Sportsmobile, but a Sprinter would also be pretty sweet. Either one can get to most places worth going! I’m sure it will happen sooner or later… Van dwelling is my destiny Anyway,thank you especially for appreciating my quirky personality! I feel like I have had to dumb it down quite a bit in the past couple of years to appeal to a broader audience… Glad you guys appreciate it Naybe I’ll run into you guys on the trail somewhere down the road… Until then, Happy adventuring!!!

  75. Art Ellis says:

    Hi Wonderhussy!! Just wanted to say that I think your adorable and I love seeing your adventures. Great personality, too. Keep up the good work. Art

  76. Kevin Donehoo says:

    Greetings Wonderhussy.. Sarah Jane
    Love your work and exploration .I was a/am a LV resident for over 40 yr.as a heavy equipment mechanic I was able to travel allover southern Nevada repairing machines on road jobs and in mines ,a lot in the very places you explore. I have a few stories but ,I tend to think them as just another day at work .
    Pulling a well in Sunnyside between Hiko and Lund me and my helpers caught the desert on fire used all the water and was about 30 second from high tailing it in the trucks . Had we left you would of seen the fire on the nightly news as it was in the dead of summer and sqare miles of the dry desert would have gone like tinder .We had to stay 8hrs. longer to pull the well. NO water. Irony ,,,It was a water well with NO pump .
    Thank you so much for your reports I am trying to catch up and watch them ,so many places I recognize.It makes me miss treking in the desert.
    Anyway I would like to extend an invatation to you if you ever go international …
    I know its not hot,dry and brown . Its hot humid and green but it is amazing..I know a list of things you would be interest in here would be long but for some samples…
    S****N Elephant festival I do not want to name town ,so it won’t get flooded with westerners but it is something to behold (must like elephant)
    Night market, Floating markets , Train runs thru market,
    Food ,,,lots and lots of food
    Old things ,,lots and lots of old things ,,,talk about a challange to figure out.
    Well thanks for listening ,
    I will be in Vegas for the month of April so if so inclined please contact me , you have my email ….. I bring gift boxes from the other side of the world… you will like

    • wonderhussy says:

      Hi Kevin! Wow, thank you for the comment… I have always wanted to visit Thailand, and that elephant Festival you mentioned sounds pretty amazing. I like that you didn’t identify it, so it doesn’t get overrun with westerners and backpackers! Haa!!! Hopefully someday I can take you up on that and check it out for myself!
      I’ll be traveling for most of April, but if it works out I would be happy to meet up with you. In the meantime, thank you for taking the time to write and glad to hear you are enjoying my stuff!

  77. Kevin Donehoo says:

    How best to contact you to . to send a gift box or email .. is it possible you can email me and I can send reply ??
    Kevin Donehoo .. Thailand

    • Wonderhussy says:

      Hey Kevin!! I got the awesome care package you sent….but I somehow misplaced your email address, so I couldn’t email you directly πŸ™ Anyway….I FREAKING LOVE IT! I am very interested to try the coffee…never had Thai coffee before. And the beautiful little elephant and that freakin’ gorgeous cup! <3 <3 <3 And the little spoon! You totally made my day/week/month!
      Email me at wonderhussy@gmail.com if you like….I'm headed to Namibia for a couple weeks, so my internet access will be spotty until I get back in mid-May.
      Thanks again!! You are awesome!

  78. Level 1 says:

    Besides having a sexy sultry look and a great thin, fit body your skin is silky smooth.
    Love those thin sexy ladies with nipples that look like top hats when erect.

  79. Doc says:

    What about going to devils throat sink hole to ck. It out seen some pictures it looks so peaceful and nice place to go…

  80. Brian schuler says:

    I love your channel how do I book you for a shoot I am planning on visiting Vegas soon I am looking for an actress for a student film a photo shoot

  81. Abbe Kulhanek says:

    Dear Wonderhussy: thanks so much for your delightfully enthusiastic and informative videos. They have been so much fun to watch. I hope you never tire of doing them. They have been not only helpful to me while I travel and stop on my nursing route-Big Bear to Baker-but they have been instrumental in helping me get over a weird break up. Anyway, between you and oddly enthralling tsunami videos I think I am on the mend! See you at Alien Jerky. Or, Bagdad Cafe. Or…Eddie World…Thanks for the good info and the giggles. Watch out for hanta virus! Abbe Kulhanek-Apple Valley.

  82. B H says:

    Baron Harris
    Mon 6/17/2019 11:15 PM

    ———- Forwarded message ———
    From: Baron Harris
    Date: Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 23:10
    Subject: Suggestion for a new YouTube video subject that you will not believe, about Las Vegas
    To: wonderhussey@gmail.com

    Suggestion for a new YouTube video subject that you will not believe, about Las Vegas.

    Go to Hoover Dam and record the 6 minute repeating message that is given at the US Flag Pole Monument at Hoover Dam, and then listen to it very carefully.

    This recording among other things explains why there is a star map on the ground at this US Flag Pole, and you will not believe what it says.

    It is difficult to even hear the whole thing as the traffic and the people and kids yelling make too much noise, so most people ignore most of this message. And it is difficult to wait around to hear the whole message again, to verify what one thinks that this message may have said.

    But the reason given in the recording for the Star Map on the ground is because it is expected that in the future there will no longer be any human people on the earth, and this Star Map will help any traveling alien unearth like star creature visitors who then visit the earth and Hoover Dam after all the human people are gone, to determine the exact date that the dam was exactly dedicated from the 1935 time that is somehow indicated in this Hoover Dam star map.

    This star map is a very expensive thing that was paid for during the US depression years after 1935.

    This repeating message fails to state that if there are no people on the earth, then Hoover Dam will completely disappear very quickly. Humans now place tar continuously inside of the biggest pipes to prevent their rusting. If there are no people then the big pipes will disappear quickly due to rust, and then all the concrete and stone will then erode away next in a short time, from the water flow, and Hoover Dam will be completely gone. They used the wrong kind of steel in the big pipes, as it rusts quickly.

    Another possible interesting video subject may be to demonstrate to your YouTube people how this Star Map will supposedly somehow tell traveling alien earth visitors the exact time of the day when Hoover Dam was dedicated.

    Actually I have more strange stuff about Hoover Dam if you are interested.

    I tried emailing you, but your given email was not recognized.

  83. G H Allen says:

    You are a hoot darling

  84. rob robinson says:

    found you on utube, your videos give me a chance to see more of the state besides las vegas, my exgf stays on the strip and we have no car!!!

  85. Jay says:

    Love your Vids! Have you ever been to Berlin NV, or Fort Churchill? Neat places. Would love to see more of Virginia City area. Explore North Carolina sometime, especially the coast. We have lots of cypress trees and Spanish moss for ambience.

  86. Steven l samland says:

    I just saw the video you did on my dad’s cabin between Baker and Shoshone. I just want to say thank you very much you made us cry

  87. Aaron says:

    Hi I love your blog. Do you contact people if they comment on your website?

  88. Aaron says:

    I love your blogs and videos. Do you reply to people personally on your website?

  89. Paul Cicero says:

    I have yet to find a butthole picture in your available nude portfolio. And it’s a portfolio of great taste. It’s just missing that one element, butthole.

  90. Michael Hartman says:

    a fine body with pubic hair…..lovely pubic hair…….dont ever shave. It makes
    the woman. It was meant to be there, and its a turn on, when wet and tasty.

    Please dont shave like the other 95%

  91. James Oliver says:

    I love all the places u go thats very interesting , Your very good looking woman, anyways I like all your journeys you take ,you really have your facts down . Keep on exploring from North East Pennsylvania friend

    • wonderhussy says:

      Thank you! Glad you are enjoying my exploring Adventures….I make new videos every Wednesday, so stay tuned for more coming up soon!

      • James Oliver says:

        Hi there I’m still enjoying all your past videos they are great. I still didn’t see all of them yet but I do watch 2-3 a night, anyways I watch other you tube videos which there great but I love your sense of humor you have about anything . Love your videos

  92. wonderhussy says:

    Awesome! I have many more Adventures planned, so stay tuned

  93. james krant says:

    I am happy for you, I hope you continue to explore and blog for many years to come.
    I am a little sad you no longer model. I consider you an authority on desert area and was hoping to get you to act as a guide for me some day. However it would be much appreciated if you could share some advice or pointers from you on interesting places to visit. I am an amateur photographer who has wanted to come out see the desert for years. Can you recommend some of you favorite locations.

    • wonderhussy says:

      thank you! I recommend any location that is off the beaten path, where you are not likely to be stumbled upon by tourists or Boy scouts! for that reason, I like to avoid popular trails in Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire and places like that. There are so many other side canyons outside of Red Rock Park, and outside of Valley of Fire, that are just as good to shoot in and much less busy.

  94. Dale Bruce says:

    I stumbled onto your YouTube channel about a month ago and have been mesmerized ever since. You are an absolutely amazing person and I wish I had stumbled onto your content years ago. You have an amazing attitude towards life and if I was twenty five years younger and in better health, I would be moving to Vegas.

    I have been to Vegas 3 times, but the last time was in 1994, so it has been a while. I did consider moving to Las Vegas back then as I did enjoy my time there. Ironically, it was not the town that I enjoyed so much, it was the desert around Vegas that I fell in love with.

    It looks like I got about 6 or 7 years worth of content you’ve created to catch up on, but I had to take a break from it and let you know how much I enjoy it.

    Keep the videos coming, and I don’t even mind the YouTube content that keeps you from being yourself. I definitely enjoy the Vimeo content much more, you are beautiful and watching you in your element is very soothing to the soul.

    Thank You, for being YOU!!!!

    BTW, Wonderhussy = Wonderful Spirit

  95. My husband and I stumbled onto your youtube channel randomly. We started watching your Donner Party Trail series and were very impressed with the details you provided about the people who were on that fateful trip and the areas they traveled through. We have been hooked ever since. We very much appreciate the amount of detail, about the places you are exploring, that you have put into each of your videos! You always have a positive attitude when you are exploring and acknowledge the good points of each destination, this makes your videos very pleasant. We enjoy all of your videos exploring interesting sites throughout Nevada and beyond. We would never have seen so many interesting places were it not for you! Thank you and safe travels!

    • wonderhussy says:

      Thank you so much, Betsy! I’m glad to hear you guys are enjoying my videos…I really enjoy making them, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon, so stay tuned for many more adventures coming soon!

  96. Artur says:

    I am glad that I found your site, you make a great job .Naked greetings πŸ™‚ Artur

  97. Kurt lehmann says:

    You should have a second title”THUNDERHUSSY” You’re ability keep the “audience” (me) completely entranced with your very quick wit and obviously keen mind in describing ANYTHING is fantastic. Have you looked into visiting the Ichthyosaur site in Berlin Nevada it’s neat but reading how you love desert views you would love the elevated vista. You truly resonant.

  98. Wonderhussy says:

    Haha, Thunderhussy…. I love it! Believe it or not, I haven’t been to the ichthyosaur park yet. And it’s right in my backyard! Hopefully they reopen the state park soon, I’d like to check it out this summer. Thanks for all your kind words!

  99. ruagr8d8 says:

    Been watching your videos on YouTube, Vimeo…reading about you on the web. You have a very unique style, something that’s rare these days. Admire your simple approach to life and how you embrace everything it offers. I evision you in a documentary-style feature film about your care-free lifestyle. Anything in the works?

    “I’d drag my balls through miles of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie!” (OK, so that’s that’s not an original quote, but just wanted to share it here for laughs. I’m sure you can google it.) You’re awesome!

  100. Sultan says:

    You like a Beautiful Butterfly…

  101. Jason says:

    Hello wonderhussy, my name is jason , I live in Pinon hills ca. On the 138, I was wondering if you might know of a place close to me that’s a private nude resorts around me close by. And by the way love your videos sex

  102. Larry Tolentino says:

    I , just this week, found you on the Youtubes and I AM HOOKED! You sure are a Fabulous Conversationalist! Colorful And Fun And Easy On The Eyes! So full of FASCINATING INFORMATION that KEEPS ME COMING BACK! Why do you call yourself Wonderhussey? Is it because , as I recall, you live with 2 guys? Not that I’m judgey! You seem to have a happy life, and I’m happy for you!………Hope you had a FABULOUS CHRISTMAS and a FABULOUSER 2021! Keep makin’ Great Stuff!❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️!

    • wonderhussy says:

      Thank you, Larry! The reason I call myself Wonderhussy is addressed in a video I made called “working as a freelance nude model…” you can find the answer there. It has nothing to do with living with two guys!

  103. Don says:

    Hey wonderhussy, I recently came across your Burningman 2020 video, which I quite enjoyed. Like you my first BM was also 2009 and have been every year since except 2014 due to knee replacement surgery, so I thought I’d share how I first got to BM. Labor Day weekend in 2008 my GF and I decided to do a Nevada road trip. We’re from Salt Lake City, so we headed out on HWY 50 and that night ended up in Austin. After dinner and drinks we grabbed a bottle of wine and headed back to the motel, I think it was called the Lincoln Motel. We’d both heard about BM but really didn’t know much about it. There was a little B&W TV in the room and the only channel that was clear enough to watch was the BM Chanel, after a few minutes we looked at each other and vowed to go the next year and the rest is history.

    • wonderhussy says:

      Haha, what a great story! Of all the stories I’ve heard about how people came to burning man, that’s right up there near the top! Hopefully they have it again next year… Or maybe even this year!

  104. Bob Vaughn says:

    Sarah Jane. You are NOT “flat chested”, as you say. I think you are “perfectly endowed”, and, “cute as a button”! But, more important than that, even though I am twice your age, you and I have an amazingly parallel mindset. As a widower of 3 years, the highlight of my day is to discover a new posting from you. You are so very “real”. I simply adore you.
    Bobby Vee, from Central Georgia.

  105. SJ says:

    Love all you do and how you do it!

    Question, if it came to it and the person was all for all you do, what would be the 1 thing in a person that you would consider marring them?

    Random curiosity question, when I was asked, being the person was into all the things I was, I said sense of humor. What is your?


    • wonderhussy says:

      I’ve thought about it a lot and I guess I would have to say a sense of curiosity –although since the humor is pretty important, too. But I think even more than that, it would have to be someone who was really curious to find out as much as possible about the world and life.

  106. John says:

    Hey wonderhussy, I would like to see you film with an amazon woman, she is 6’6 barefoot and +400 lbs

  107. Hirsute Whore says:

    Dear Hairy Naked Wonderhussy:

    I am an LGBT hairy male bisexual nudist who just loves a naked hairy body. I just love your adventures, loving attitude abou tbeing naked, and desire to show off yoyr hairy body indoors or outdoors. I do not posse slanguage to describe the beauty of your hair pits, your lovely tits, and marvelous pussy to complement your light haired hairy legs. I wish I had had the courage to have followed your lifestyle I share completely your disdainabout society’s prudish attitudes.

    Noting your Las Vegas residency, I always dreamed about living and working in NV as a whore servicing male and female clients.At heart I identify as a whore and am so proud of that identificationmMay somedayour paths cross.


    Hirsute Whore

    • wonderhussy says:

      Thank you! I have reached max hairiness…. I will never get hairier than I am now, so this is as good as it gets. I hope you make your dream come true one of these days; life’s too short…..

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