Roy’s Motel


There’s really not much going on at this roadside “cafe…” which as been closed since dog knows when. But it’s a very Instagrammable place…for those who are interested in that kind of thing!

2013-03-05_11-51-42_742There’s also an adjacent old motel that has been decorated all Mad-Men style…but is not open for business. I think you can do photo shoots out there, though….so photographers, hit me up if you wanna go!!

2013-03-05_12-04-10_512The location of this jewel is on old Route 66, just south of Interstate 40 near the Amboy Rd. junction. There’s not much else around for miles. YAY! Although if you do head west about another hour, you’ll hit the Bagdad Cafe.

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Watch to original movie “The Hitcher” with Rutger Hauer. Roy’s is featured in movie. Amputated finger in the fries scene. Must see.


OMG I’ve seen that movie, but didn’t realize it was shot there…..I *LOVE* Rutger Hauer; I even named my gun after him (Rutger Hauer, der Sig Sauer). I’ll have to check it out again!!

Tom Frye

I thought the guy who calls himself “The Yankee Marshal” on YouTube was nutty(8-). He named his Glock Gary, and has had troubles with that spoiled, delinquent critter ever since (8-). In
one episode, Gary got to hangin’ out with some Barettas who still had connections to “the mob”…wasn’t pretty(8-). Then he got to hittin’ the gun oil pretty heavy…he got hooked on the synthetics.
Bad deal(8-).


Cool place. We pass this while taking the scenic and quiet way via Kelso on the way to Desert Hot Springs. Great views and better than taking I-15 from Vegas

Byron Allen

You mentioned that you wanted to know and befriend the owner of roy’s ,well his name is Albert Okura 909-885-6324. He owns the Juan Pollo chicken restaurants ,there are videos on his dream. It might make a good return story and allow you to dig into all the bldg. s there. Would love to see you do a follow up story on the Amboy area and also on him

John Cummins

Hello……..I’m John, John Cummins aka Johnny Sea.
I’m a retired Cartoonist…..retired….yecchh!
I have been following your self exploits that you have been sharing.
My question here is to ask…….Have you ever thought to a have a book(comic style) of yourself in a fun adventure setting, your lifestyle. You would have total control of your image and storyline. Photo cover for ‘The Titillating Adventurer, Wonderhussy’. Nothing vulgar. I can forward to you samples or maybe a copy of my last book published. Brink Stevens had something done on that line of herself, no, not by me.
I shared a table at a Comic Convention with her years…er.. decades ago
I ask for my name credited on the project. If it sounds like something fun that you could sell on your site or on your travels please get back with me. No contracts, I believe in a handshake. As I said, get back with me and we could share more information.
Thank you, from a fan.


Hey John, thanks for writing! It’s funny you mention it, I have often thought about doing a comic book…. I mean, the name “Wonderhussy” just SOUNDS like a comic book character, LOL! I was actually an art major myself, so I always sort of figured I could draw it on my own….but obviously, I’ll never get around to doing that! I’m open to the idea of working on something with you… You can email me samples or whatever at…. Thank you!


I remember stopping here back in 2015 on the way back to NM from a CA visit. I was able to get some snapshots in some of the rooms further in the back and poked around the area. That old school behind the hotel is definitely a sad looking one. The nearby Amboy Crater was a pretty good climb. Nothing like wandering around the long, dead crater of an ancient volcano.
Like many have said, the channel is amazing and definitely opens my eyes to things I wish I got to see while I was living in the Mojave.

Roy Ackerman

I have traveled Route 66 in California and Arizona a few times. One time I stopped at Roy’s and took a few pictures. Then I went to the Amboy Crater and hiked to the Crater.
I think it is a three mile hike. This was is August when the temperature is 100+ degrees VERY HOT The hike wore me out. Have you ever done the Amboy Crater hike?

Nancy Wegner

In the late 80’s – early 90’s I worked for late enforcement in the area (stationed in Needles, CA) and gave classes at Amboy School. One room schoolhouse with one or two students from each grade level (K – 9). Older kids helped the teacher with the younger ones and all helped several migrant worker’s kids who spoke little or no English. The most well-mannered, genuinely sweet kids, all of them. I usually ate lunch at Roy’s Cafe before the long trip on a two-lane road back to the station. I also taught classes at Essex School, with an even smaller student population, which is between Amboy and Needles. I think the only thing left in Essex is a tow yard for all the wrecked vehicles from I-40 accidents. Again, It was a one room schoolhouse. Now the students from those areas are bussed into Needles for school. Hours per day just on a bus! If you do ever get permission to explore the Amboy property, make sure you see the school. It was one of the best times in my life and I will always remember it feeling like a safe home town with friendly people and tourists from all over the world.


Oh my gosh, I would love to explore Amboy and the school in particular someday! Thank you for sharing your memories of your time in that area very interesting! Side note, I was just in Essex last year, and I stumbled on that I-40 wreck yard. One of the most fascinating and sobering places I’ve ever explored for a video!

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