Ross to the Rescue!

I might be in YouTube jail…but they can’t keep me off the damn platform altogether!

Many viewers were concerned when I didn’t post new videos last Wednesday. Those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram saw my updates there, explaining what happened. I also got a bunch of emails from people who aren’t on FB/Instagram, so I was able to answer those people, and let them know. And, of course, those of you reading this were smart enough to track down this blog — so you know, too.

But there are still a bunch of people who don’t know, and the only way I know to reach them is through YouTube itself. But I can’t post there! What to do?

This is where my friend and neighbor Ross, the One-Legged Miner, came in handy. He has his own channel, all about living in a giant mine complex on the edge of civilization with two adorable dogs…and together we came up with a way to get the news out to at least a few more people!

Ross hasn’t had a channel for very long, so he only has around 8,000 subscribers. But many of those subscribers are also followers of my channel, so we decided to make a fun video together, for HIS channel, explaining what happened. That way, maybe we’ll reach a few more people.

I didn’t expect Ross to go through this much trouble with the video — and I must say, I’me very impressed with his creativity, comedic chops — and editing! Good job, Ross!

We are planning to shoot part 2 today — so stay tuned! Check out Ross’s channel, @Tecopa Mines, and subscribe if you’re interested.

Thank everyone! 4 more days to go!

Robert Lee

I’m living in Springfield, IL, right now, where there is also a lot of corn. Nevertheless, I agree that nothing in this blog should be removed; however, some links to Model Mayhem should be fixed, especially that first gorgeous picture in the “Free Las Vegas Area Nude Photography Location Guide” section.


Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to delete all the nude photos from the blog, if I want to link it with my YouTube channel. They don’t allow links to pornographic sites, and I have a feeling they would consider this pornographic

RALPH D Hutson

Hey Sweet Sarah Jane, just wanted to drop a line. Been following for 2 years or so. Love your videos and your tasteful nude shots. Much love for you and sis.

John Noneman

Hi Sarah,
Have you considering using Rumble as a video platform. They are less restrictive and independent of Google. It is a growing platform, so you may not get paid as much as YouTube, but the more people that join the platform, the more chance it can be a platform seek out.


I didn’t care for Rumble when I checked it out…everyone seems so ANGRY over there! All the thumbnails are people YELLING ABOUT STUFF and everyone is outraged! I couldn’t handle it.


Love your pictures and blogs and how much fun you have I hope you keep the pictures on this page they are always great viewing

Ralph Guest

What a story about winding up in YouTube jail. Glad you’re out. Great idea about upgrading your website. Signed up for your newsletter. And I will continue to support your ‘magic beans’ lol!

Amanda Stewart

They did the same with my video I was smoking CBD weed and they made it a 18+ even though I said not made for kids. I’m done with YouTube going to make a video about it and we’re il be posting. YouTube has made it so hard to be your real self so I feel ya wonderhussy I’ve signed up for your newsletter and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Much love

Jan Ward

What a great friend you have in Ross! Way to go Ross!
My husband and I guessed you made it to “Jail” because my husband spent the majority of his FB time in FB jail, we no longer support that platform.
It’s 2023, last time I checked, seems as though we’re going backwards instead of forward as a people. We love you and enjoy your channel and all that you have to offer.
Keep on Wondering!


Congratulations! Currently at almost 50k views, of (Back On The Streets: I survived A Week In YOUTUBE Jail.) We all love and miss you! Please take me outta Wonderhussy Jail, I’m zealous,and fun especially when I’ve have a few to many adult beverages. Peace

Harold Roy Jordan

Sara Jane,
YOU NEED to consider PULLING THE PLUG ON YouTube!!!
Wonderhussy Adventures SHOULD NOT BE SUPPRESSED BY YouTube OR Any Other Internet Provider!!!
You CAN Produce Wonderhussy Adventure Videos and Post them ALL ON YOUR WEBSITE!!!
Charge a Membership Fee to Access Video Content PLUS Expand & Promote your Merchandise Inventory!!!
I would PAY To Access Your Video Content & Merchandise Inventory!!!
REALLY ENJOY EXPERIENCING Wonderhussy Video Content & HOPE YOU CAN Continue Producing MORE Wonderhussy Videos INTO THE FUTURE!!!


I’m glad to hear you are going to be updating your blog. There’s a wealth of information here, and I appreciate the unfiltered version of Wonderhussy. No need for magic bikinis here. Looking forward to Basecamp updates. Keep up the great work!


Hi again France from Moving targets channel here. Sorry you got convicted of a YouTube crime. The episodes on your neighbor channels was tenuous and fun to watch. Anyway glad you be back and yes I’m in for the newsletter, too ! Take care !

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