Martin Reed

Thanks for sharing – I am sure many people will find this blog post really valuable when considering this treatment option.

I have no doubt that brain training can help some when it comes to improving their sleep, but we’re all different – and that’s what makes treating insomnia so difficult.

It’s also the reason why there’s no universal insomnia cure.

It’s well worth practicing good sleep hygiene as a first potential insomnia remedy – as you say, it’s free and often extremely effective.

As a second step, I’d recommend looking into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I can’t remember whether you’ve tried that or not, but studies often conclude that CBT is the most effective long term treatment option for insomnia.

When it comes to alternative therapies such as brainwave entrainment or brainwave optimization, I’d always look for some kind of money back guarantee before spending money – especially when it’s such a large sum.

Again, thanks for sharing and do keep in touch over on the Insomnia Land forums!

John Rush

You probably know this, but for those who may have a similar problem, and live in a state where at least medical marijuana is legal, the two major types are sativa and indica. You’ll want indica for insomnia; sativa will raise your energy level.


Yes, marijuana remains the most effective treatment I have found for my insomnia.. I’ve been using it for that purpose since 2010. The most effective way to administer it is by eating it, which really knocks me out and keeps me asleep…but has the unfortunate side-effect of leaving me groggy the next day. since I don’t want to spend half my life in a fog, I usually just vaporize it now. mostly, I would say the benefit is that it calms me down to where I don’t worry about sleeping… And am able to fall back asleep better.

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