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I am a full-time art nude model based in Las Vegas, NV….and I am available for hire!

 modeling info

Unlike most Vegas gash, I have NO TATTOOS, no silicone and no nappy hair extensions. Also, my skin isn’t orange.

I am currently offering a deal where for $500, I will personally drive you in my busted-up old pickup truck to all the beautiful desert locations shown to the left, plus pose nude at each location, over the course of an 8-hour day.

I also know of many other amazing locations in the desert that are farther away — an abandoned brothel, an abandoned water park, ghost towns, sand dunes, a junk car forest, Death Valley, etc. These locations are mostly outside the scope of my 8-hour daily rate, but I’m always open to working out a deal. I am also available for half-day or 1-2 hour bookings…just ask! I’m flexible simple smile modeling info

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot a nude model in the desert, check it out! My entire modeling portfolio and rate info can be seen at…and if interested in booking a shoot, you can contact me there, or at

*Note: my rate includes hair & makeup (I always do my own), wardrobe & props (I have a TON of costumes and accessories) and a wealth of local knowledge. Plus my sunny disposition (which counts for a lot…many models are bitches/divas/flakes/lazy whores who look nothing like their way-over-Photoshopped photos).

Anyway, here’s some info about shooting nude models around Vegas:

prnude1 300x200 modeling infoShooting Models in Vegas

Photographers traveling to Vegas usually want to do one of two shoot types: in-room at the hotel, or out in the desert on location. Both types have their advantages.ctmirror2 183x300 modeling info

Shooting in a hotel room might sound boring, but it’s most convenient for both model and photographer. Because most Vegas hotels have excellent security, as a model I feel pretty safe shooting in a room, so I’m likely to be more comfortable and creative.

A few tips on hotel rooms. I’ve shot in most Vegas hotels, and my personal recommendations are:

  • Cosmopolitan suite (if you can get one with a Strip-facing balcony, you can get awesome shots at night). The suites themselves are full of funky knick-knacks and artsy furnishings which come in useful as props, and there are a lot of cool patterns and textures on the walls. Aria has a similar vibe, only not quite as cool. Also Palms Place suites are futuristic and very cool. Vdara has some GREAT suites with excellent natural lighting, as well.swbride4 225x300 modeling info
  • Suites at Bellagio, MGM, Venetian and Mandalay are also nice, if not somewhat bland.
  • If shooting at Mandalay Bay or THE Hotel, get a room with a view of the opposite tower. Because both towers are gold-plated, they act as giant reflectors and the rooms are suffused with warm, flattering light during golden hour.
  • The Flamingo’s GO Suites are funky, retro and visually very interesting…for a reasonable price!
  • Rooms at the Wynn and Encore have huge floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing for lots of natural light. You can’t see much of the Strip from down there, though.bmsweater3 226x300 modeling info
  • The Artisan is a fun, super-ultra-funky boutique hotel… but in my experience, the lobby and bar area are the only really cool places to shoot. The rooms themselves are kinda blah (it used to be a Travelodge, and you can totally tell…they basically slapped on black paint and added a few paintings). Not recommended.
  • If a grungy vibe is what you’re after, there are plenty of busted-up crack motels in downtown Vegas. Allow me to steer you in the direction of the most photogenic ones simple smile modeling info

To be honest, if you’re a good photographer then it doesn’t matter where you stay. I’ve gotten great shots at the freaking Monte Carlo!!rffence 198x300 modeling info

The other type of shooting I do is location…a/k/a out in the desert! This is much more fun, but also more time-consuming. Many visiting photographers seem to think there are ghost towns and abandoned motels right on the edge of town…but this is not the case! If you want to shoot somewhere really cool, you have to drive AT LEAST an hour outside the stucco sprawl of Vegas. I enjoy exploring the desert, so I don’t mind driving an hour or even two to get to a really cool spot. But most of the locations I use on a regular basis are within a one-hour drive of the Strip.

Here’s the skinny on location shooting around Vegas:

  • There are no “ghost towns” closer than 2 hours from Vegas. You can shoot at Nelson (, which is a fake ghost town stocked with rusty antiques and bric-a-brac about an hour from Vegas, but you’ll have to pay for the privilege and there are usually a lot of nosy tourists around, precluding any nude shots. I’m not even sure they allow nude shooting out there.ringmistress 300x199 modeling info Most of the other abandoned shacks and stuff I know of are all at least 2 hours out of Vegas, in the middle of NOWHERE…I know of several places and would be happy to share them with you if you hire me for a shoot simple smile modeling info
  • The dry lake beds are all about 45min-1 hour outside Vegas. My personal favorite is Apex (to the north), but there is also one outside Boulder City to the east, and one to the south in Jean. Whichever one you choose, you can get really cool, dramatic photos…just be sure to go late in the day, when the light isn’t so harsh (there is NO shade out there, and lighting can be tricky). UPDATE: I just discovered an amazing new lakebed about 90 minutes from the Strip…but it’s pretty remote, and 4-wheel drive is advisable to reach it.
  • For red rocks/red caves and that kinda stuff, Geoffrey22 225x300 modeling infoDON’T go to Red Rock National Conservation Area, unless you want to drown in Chinese tourists and fanny-packers. Shooting nudes here is nigh on impossible (unless you hike waaaaay back into a canyon…and who wants to lug all that camera equipment that far?). Shooting at Valley of Fire State Park, while extremely beautiful and dramatic, is also not recommended — the ranger is a real hardass and I’ve been kicked out by him before. I have done a few shoots out there without incident, but these required hiking back into the brush pretty far…dbunretouched.z 300x225 modeling info
  • Instead, if you want to shoot in a red sandstone-type area, I know a secret place which I’m not going to name here. It’s pretty remote (about 1 hour from Vegas), and if you hire me for a shoot I’ll take you there simple smile modeling info
  • There are beautiful sand dunes 2.5 hours to the south, in Kelso, and also 2 hours to the northwest, near Amargosa. Death Valley also hasrfsand 300x198 modeling info some amazing dunes about 2.5 hours from Vegas.
  • If you want to shoot outdoors but stay in the city, options are limited. We don’t really have any cool parks, and the Strip is choked with drunken idiots and Looky-Lous 24/7, making shooting nearly impossible. There is an area of open desert in Sunset Park which is minimally scenic, but overall it’s worth the 30 minute drive to get outside of town into the desert if you want to shoot outside.
  • As far as shooting on the Strip itself…I do have a few tricks for getting the lights of the Strip in the background of nude photos…hire me and I’ll tell you simple smile modeling info
  • I am also willing to shoot guerilla-style nudes in public, as well 😀 But be advised, you can get into serious trouble doing this.

Overall, you can get AMAZING shots out here…you just have to know where to go. And you need the kind of model who will help you get there!

To book me, email me at or go to:

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20 Responses to modeling info

  1. Chad says:

    Just wanted to throw out a blurb to anyone considering “Wonderhussy” as a potential anything, that she is one of the most sincere and genuine people I know. She treats *everyone* with high respects and is a total blast to hang with. She will no doubt go out of her way to help people get what they are after, and ask for little in return.

    She did not ask me to write this, but good people deserve to have their horns tooted and Wonderhussy friggn’ rocks!

  2. charlie says:

    I can attest to all that was written here. Especially VOF. Beware the evil ranger!

  3. Wonderhussy and Sarah rock! She knows her shit…is a blast to follow or even be around…and shooting in the desert with her is dreamlike thanks to her beauty, creativity, humor and spontaneity! She came up with the fabulous outfit which you see as her main pic @ wonderhussy and I just was lucky enough to be asked to shoot her in it! Hugs, kisses and anything else you can throw her way!!!!

  4. Adding my two cents to the list above! Sarah showed up for our shoot with a huge set of outfit options, fantastic make-up, and much more importantly, an enthusiasm and sincerity that is impossible to fake. She made our shoot easy, comfortable and fun! If you’re in Vegas and are looking for a fantastic model, look no further!

  5. Ed says:

    Sarah / Brandi Bottoms / Wonderhussy…

    shows up as advertised.. comes with wardrobe…

    Charming to talk to.. creative.. and attractive..

    Put her in front of the lens and rock on…


  6. Sandor says:

    So . . . I’ve never hired or worked with Sarah. We know one another from the events we’ve worked at and have been at during the same time. I’ve seen her do her thing and I suppose the purose of this “response” post is to let others know she is 100% fun, real and amazing. Again, that’s from being at more than one of the same events she was at and getting to see her do her thing.

    Our company works with artists and illustrators, but not models. If it did, we would run, not walk to asking Sarah to be part of one of our projects. She is happy-crazy, and a gift to be near.

  7. Tom says:

    I think Wonderhussy is the person I’d most like to meet when next in Vegas (which happens to be later this week). Not only is she hot, but her Yelp review of the Clark County Detention Center is priceless.

    I would absolutely buy her a drink…a meal…whatever, just to be in her exceptional presence!

  8. SW Images says:

    This is one super lady! I am so honored to have worked with her and I do so look forward to shooting with her again, soon! (the Captain and Coke are awaiting her arrival!)

  9. Cory says:

    You are simply amazing.

  10. Pete says:

    Hey… just wanted to let you know that your contact page isn’t working… there is just a bit of code there and no form… don’t want you to miss out on any business 😉

    If you need any help with it give me a shout.

    Pete x

  11. SW Images says:

    Today we celebrated our ninth shoot together, almost exactly 4 years to the day of our first shoot in November of 2008. Heck, she wasn’t even shooting nudes at that time, but I knew that we would be working together many times in the years to come. She is such a professional and class act that I know I will continue to work with her for as long as my camera finger and eye hold out. We’ve published a book (Brandi Bottoms) and several calendars, which I am sure she would love to help you purchase! Show her the respect she has earned and deserves and she will give you one awesome photo shoot.

  12. Rob says:

    Thanks for all the info,… you really are a beautiful intelligent girl ….Im spending a lot of my time researching the different Fetish material, that people love and if I ever get to Las Vegas , Id hire you just for a contact …thanks

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