I Need Your Help to Become Miss Las Vegas Hempfest!!!

photos by Adam Sternberg, Shutterbug-Studio and some old porno poster
photos by Adam Sternberg, Shutterbug-Studio and some old porno poster


So they’re having this huge festival here in Vegas this October, the Las Vegas Hempfest…and of course, a cheesy contest to go along with it…to find Miss Las Vegas Hempfest.

Well, I submitted for it, and I would REALLY like to win! I mean, who better to represent the stoners of Vegas than moi?!

If you can spare 30sec., head to this link:


and vote for #67 (me).  I mean….look at the chick who’s currently in the lead!! Surely we can do better than this!!

Come on, guys!! I have a humdinger of a blog coming on Monday…but meanwhile I need your help with this!



Now that America is just a one party state masquerading as a two party state, it’s nice to finally be involved in something where my vote actually matters!

And holy shit you’re right! How in the hell are the two people in front of you even in the top 10? How are three-quarters of these dits even in there?? Ms Hemp Fest, it’s more like “upload a blurry selfie and hope a stoner likes your tits.”

You were #3 when I voted, with 12% of the vote. The “#1 girl” only has 15% … so I’m gonna be super fucking pissed if you don’t win this! GET ON IT PEOPLE!



I call shenannigans. I just checked the site to confirm you won/are winning… and you’ve since dropped to 4th! But that’s not the ridiculous part.

Two of the girls ranked higher than you are not only flat ugly, they’re wearing plain ole boring clothes looks like they bought at a strip mall 6 years ago. Shit’s not even green! Nothing to do with weed, they’re not smoking… nothing. Just a picture of a plainly unattractive girl in boring clothes, and yet they’re ranked higher than you. WHAT THE FUCK, PEOPLE?!!!

Get off your ass and VOTE! >)


I tried to vote for Wonderhussy, but apparently they are now requiring that you attend Hempfest to cast a ballot. It also says all contestants must be present to be eligible. From the looks of your ‘smoking’ hot Mary Jane showgirl ensemble, i’d say your chances of winning are high. Sorry I won’t be able to attend in support of your campaign.

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