Happy 4th of July

Wonderhussy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July
Hi Everyone!

Wonderhussy here…feeling more like a Wonder Wussy.

We all know a Wonder Wussy — that person who sits at home and watches the TV news and just WORRIES all the time. Life is too dangerous! Nature is too unpredictable! The world is full of hazards, so it’s safer to just stay home and never leave the house!!

Well, I’m starting to feel like a Wonder Wussy, myself. By now, you’ve probably seen my latest Death Valley Life video, in which I compare my situation to being shipwrecked –I’m stuck in Death Valley waiting for some car repairs, while everyone else is off having summer adventures.

I’m trying to be smart, and take care of my vehicle — but part of me wonders if I’m being TOO cautious! Sure, my front shocks are leaking…and now my engine is making a chirping sound, too. My inclination is to get these issues addressed before I leave…and that’s why I’m STILL stuck here in Death Valley, in July, all by myself.

Does that make me a Wonder Wussy??

Should I have just headed out on my trip anyway, consequences be damned? I mean, what’s a little leaking hydraulic fluid??

Or…am I doing the right thing in being cautious?

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re being a Wussy — or just being smart!

Either way, I talked to my mechanic yesterday, and with any luck I will have these car issues resolved by the 7th — so I can still set out for a few weeks of exploring…which is certainly better than nothing!

And that means I’ll be back to being Wonderhussy soon. WOO HOO!!!!

The bright side of being stuck out here alone is, it’s given me plenty of time to think — and is stirring up my creative juices. Thanks to recent events and the way I’ve been feeling, I’ve been inspired to create a new character: WONDER WUSSY!

Wonder Wussy is too afraid to go exploring, off-roading and solo adventuring, because the news has given her the idea that there are rattlesnakes under every rock and serial killers in every abandoned building. Until one day, she finds a mysterious bag of magic beans…that changes her life!

Since I was stuck at home anyway, I was inspired to make a little video about Wonder Wussy.

I had costumes and props and everything, and it was pretty funny — and turned out being a great commercial for my magic beans!

Alas, I can’t post it on my YouTube channel –you can talk about marijuana and edibles on YouTube, you just can’t directly share a link to a place to buy them.

So, the commercial I made will have to wait for when my website redesign is finally done — I should be able to post it at Wonderhussy.com then.

In the meantime, the company that manufactures my gummies is posting it for me — so you can watch the video for yourself here:

or Here: https://deviatecbd.com/blogs/news/wonderhussy-adventures-new-magic-beans

And speaking of my magic beans, we are running an Independence Day sale.

If you prefer vaping to gummies, for 1 Week ONLY we’re offering new 4 gram Alien Exotics vape pens — regular retail is $100, but for 4th of July you get 20% off…and as always, free shipping on orders over $50.

Order here: Wonderhussy Gummies and Vapes

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Anyway…whatever you do for 4th of July, I hope you have a great time celebrating being FREE! That’s what this holiday is all about — our freedom as Americans, which is something I cherish above just about anything else.

As for me… I’ll have to celebrate Independence Day a few days late, when my car is finally ready to roll again.

And with any luck…I’ll be celebrating by wallowing in a hot spring in a cow pasture somewhere far from the edge of civilization, a glass of champagne and one hand and a magic bean in the other!!

Down with Wonder Wussy! Up with Wonderhussy!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Thanks for your support and keep your eyes out for more videos coming soon!

Sarah Jane

Contact: wonderhussy@gmail.com

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John Rush

The shock leak shouldn’t be a major issue on flat, paved roads, but it could adversely affect another part of your suspension if you take it for a jarring drive on rocky trails, so you’re probably better off waiting until they’re replaced. Don’t know what to say about the engine chirp; without pinpointing its cause, it could last for months without hurting anything, or a key pulley could seize tomorrow. So I think you’re right to have these repairs made, but the timing is bad. At least you’re spending some time on your web site.

Both of my vehicles recently lost their a/c. When I tried putting R134a into the Impala, it wouldn’t take, so it might be something else. My brother helped me diagnose and repair a leak in the truck’s a/c when I visited him in March, but it leaked out again, so I put the refrigerant into it instead. No telling how long it will last; I’ve yet to see or feel another leak.

I’d like to try a 10-pack of your sleep-aid gummies, but I don’t have a credit card, and I’m not on PayPal. Would your company take a check? If so, how much is the total with shipping, where would I send it, and what info should be included?

John Rush

I posted above before seeing your most recent video, in which you said that the chirping noise was from the tensioner pulley. That part broke on a ’92 Dakota shortly after I bought it. When it came off, it also broke the transmission line to the radiator, and all of the tranny fluid leaked out. I came to a stop across the road from a parts store, and was able to replace the part, patch the transmission line, and refill the fluid there. But had I the foresight to replace the pulley earlier, I’d not have had to spend more $ on the fluid, and waste time repairing everything on the road (I also had to cancel a dental appointment). Your situation could be far worse, if it breaks in the middle of nowhere. So yes, have the tensioner pulley replaced before you resume your adventures.

Robert Lee

Well, I’ll tell you what—after watching your most recent Death Valley Life video on temperature and heat—I won’t be visiting there any time soon, though I might go in October.

Robert Lee

Well, Sarah Jane, it looks like you are the only game in town. I’m exaggerating, of course, but with the writers and now actors on strike, you can pretty well take advantage of the situation and produce more videos.

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