Goldstrike Hot Springs

My favorite local hot springs are the ones in White Rock Canyon, on the AZ side of the Hoover Dam. But there are some pretty cool ones on the NV side, too…about 45 min outside Vegas, just before you get to the Hoover Dam.



lots of picturesque waterfalls along the way

lots of picturesque waterfalls along the way

The hike to these springs is more challenging than the hike to White Rock. It’s about the same distance, but this hike has a lot of bouldering, with some pretty steep drops that require the use of ropes (which are already there). It’s a challenging hike and a great workout!






You reach the first springs pools about halfway to the river. Some of them are pretty nice…but in my opinion, it’s definitely worth soldiering on to the actual river. Down there, the hot water from the springs meets the icy cold water of the river…so you can wade in just as far as you want, to find your optimal temperature πŸ™‚





entrance to the sauna cave

entrance to the sauna cave

As a bonus, there’s a sauna cave nearby!! This cave is more of a tunnel that goes back pretty far into the side of the canyon wall, and is really hot and steamy and amazing. You can swim to it from the Goldstrike beach area, or just take a boat. There’s a tiny beach in front of the sauna cave.



in a cave

in a cave

If you do take a boat down here, you should launch from Willow Beach, about 14 miles downriver in AZ. The trip along the river is AMAZINGLY beautiful, with all these beautiful emerald-green caves along the way in the water. The light in these caves is best in the afternoon.


Video of the hike:


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  1. in 2-3 days I’m heading to vegas to see a good friend of mine, we always trade out limo’s,hotel room’s,drinks,I think you are beyond fun and entertaining, I would love to spend an afternoon with ytou, or help you on a shoot, or just talk and b.s… here’s to hoping you contact me, I have followed you on twitter and on facebook, if you want to take a look, here’;s my cell I hope to hear from you, Rob (801)499-6336

    • wonderhussy says:

      Hey, I just got back from Mexico and I’m really sick…got some kinda fuckin’ norovirus or some shit from the fucking cruise ship πŸ™ I won’t be going anywhere…but thanks for the invite!!

  2. Rich says:

    You should let me know next time you go to goldstrike. I’ve been wanting to go but haven’t because I never have anyone to go with.

  3. Wonderhussy says:

    I just hiked it, but when I’m ready to do it again, I’ll let ya know πŸ™‚

  4. Roger Wood says:

    True there many other beauties like Sarah in the world,but, to me, anyone who says anyone is more beautiful has rocks in their head

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