Don’t Be A Wonder Wussy!

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here’s the latest ad I made for my “magic beans!”


Magic Beans

♬ original sound – deviatecbd – deviatecbd

I couldn’t post this on YouTube, for obvious reasons…so the people who manufacture the gummies shared it on their TikTok.

If you’re confused about the whole YouTube thing….YES, they show ads for cannabis products on YouTube. But creators aren’t allowed to promote sales of “regulated substances” directly in their videos.

This is because they don’t want to alienate advertisers — not all advertisers want their ads places on videos promoting the sale of such “regulated substances.”

But if the ADVERTISER is the one promoting regulated substances…then it’s fair game.

So that’s why, though it may seem like a double standard…it actually makes sense, from a business standpoint.

Anyway…enjoy the video, and take advantage of the 4th of July sale going on at — we just launched a new vape pen, if you’re into that!

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