Delamar Ghost Town

Stone ruins at Delamar

Stone ruins at Delamar

The crumbling stone ruins of a once-bustling mining town, about three hours northwest of Vegas via roads that get progressively worse — the last part definitely requires high-clearance and 4WD .



the road to Delamar

Once you leave the pavement (from U.S. 93), you follow a pretty good dirt road through an astonishingly dense forest of Joshua trees. There is also a massive dry lakebed nearby, which because of its remote location is fairly pristine and unmarred by redneck tracks, beer cans, shotgun shells, etc.


Overview of the valley

Overview of the valley

The ghost town is in a desert valley dotted with yucca, cholla and Joshua trees. There are stone remains of probably 10-15 buildings, plus lots of rusted metal mining detritus and a few cars. There is a lot of old broken glass and pottery and stuff in the ruins of the buildings — fun to sift through!



Delamar cemetary

Delamar cemetary

In its heyday around the turn of the century, Delamar had a population of 1,500 and was a profitable gold mining operation — although the gold was embedded in quartzite, and so many miners died of silicosis from breathing the dust that the town’s nickname was “The Widowmaker.”



there are tons of stone ruins out here!

there are tons of stone ruins out here!

Nowadays, Delamar is a super-quiet, remote place to camp out for free — there are several makeshift campsites scattered around, with beautiful views of the ruins and the valley. Due to the remoteness of the location, the stars here are fantastic at night. So if you’re looking for a spot to do night sky photography or just a cool place to shoot art nudes undisturbed…it’s a great spot!

GPS: 37.460654, -114.776151

Wonderhussy rating: 10/10

8 Responses to Delamar Ghost Town

  1. Jim Menotti says:

    Just the kind of place I love to explore
    I really need to burn my desk lol

  2. Scott says:

    ever done any nighttime photos with lights in the buildings, kinda Backlighting. sound like it would be a lot of fun trying things. sounds like a cool place.


  3. greg says:

    I have been to this place a couple of times and taken pictures as well

  4. Tom Frye says:

    I like the part about being able to see the stars. Whoever owned this place here
    built a house on it and had power run in…along with one of those night lights
    on a pole…the type that comes on automatically about dusk. I’m so tempted to
    shoot that thing out…it draws bugs and makes star gazin’ tough. But, I can take
    a little walk and get away from it…

  5. Shawn says:

    You can reach Delamar by bicycle. You don’t need a high clearance 4WD

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