Brothels and Clowns: Exploring Goldfield and Tonopah

The open road, always beckoning photo by

The open road, always beckoning
photo by

Holy shit, I’ve had so many bizarre adventures lately that I don’t even know where to start! I just got back from a doozy of a working road trip — from an abandoned brothel to a biker rally in Reno to a tradeshow in San Francisco, plus a day in an isolation tank at a New Age wellness retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains — and along the way I met so many kooky characters and fucking weirdos that I would have a really tough time shoehorning it all into one blog. So, I’m splitting it into two parts: I’ll address the biker rally and the other stuff in a few days; meanwhile, here’s what happened on my trip to Tonopah and Goldfield…and at the abandoned brothel!!

desert laundromat

desert laundromat

As mentioned in my last blog, a lady photographer friend hired me to take her out to an “unusual/photogenic spot” in the desert for a one or two day trip. Well if there’s one thing I know, it’s unusual/photogenic spots in the desert; the hard part was choosing one! I ended up suggesting we go check out Goldfield, NV — a weird little semi-ghost mining town about 3 hours north of Vegas that I pass thru every year on my way to/from Burning Man, but have never had time to stop and explore. It always looks so tantalizing as I pass thru — lots of rusty old cars and mining equipment, plus plenty of dilapidated old buildings; I was totally stoked for the opportunity to go check it out in detail!!



Meanwhile, there are few people I would rather make such a journey with; this lady photographer friend is simply amazing — a grouchy desk clerk at one of the more run-down no-tell motels on the north Strip, who also happens to be a chainsmoking ex-New York stand-up comedienne with a mild case of misanthropy. She tells it like it is, in language as salty or even saltier than my own, and truly doesn’t give a rat’s ass. In short, a woman after my own heart!

the most beautiful skies

the most beautiful skies

I picked her up at her apartment one Sunday morning in late September and we headed north up U.S. 95, straight into the heart of the windswept desolation that is central Nevada. A monsoonal thunderstorm had just passed, so the sky was scattered with clouds — an unusual sight around these parts, but absolutely perfect for photos (she’s a photojournalist, and you can see more of her amazing Vegas street photos at A clear blue sky is nice, but not very interesting for photos…ya know?

Fertility Temple to the Goddess Sekhmet in Cactus Springs

Fertility Temple to the Goddess Sekhmet in Cactus Springs

I took my role as tour guide very seriously, pointing out all the attractions we passed along the way: “There’s Creech Chair Force Base, where pimply-faced jug-eared recruits sit in darkened trailers all day jerking joysticks, blowing shit up halfway around the world in Yemen.” (I should know; I dated one of them.) “There’s the Goddess Sekhmet Fertility Temple, erected by some barren old hag who, while on vacation in Egypt, prayed to a statue of Sekhmet that if the Goddess would impregnate her withered old uterus, she would erect a temple in her honor out in the Nevada desert, just upwind from a U.S. Gov’t-sanctioned zone of death and destruction.” Ironic!!!

this amazing photo says it all... photo by

this amazing photo says it all…
photo by

Then, just before we hit Goldfield, we stopped at a particularly interesting archaeological site: an abandoned brothel!

the abandoned brothel

the abandoned brothel

As mentioned in my last blog, before heading out on this trip I had tapped into the collective knowledge of my database of Facebook friends, asking if there was anything particular I should see while in Goldfield; one photographer friend tipped me off to this abandoned brothel. Apparently, despite (or maybe because of) its remote location, it used to be Howard Hughes’s brothel of choice…and since it had only been out of business 5 years or so, the place was still pretty much intact. So my lady friend — we’ll call her Ninotchka — grabbed her camera…and in we went!

photo by

photo by

***Note to photographers: this brothel is private property and is surrounded by a chain-link fence…so don’t even think of trying to trespass here!! Ninotchka and I were lucky and didn’t encounter any cops or homeless murderers…but you never know. Be advised!***

Into the wild by

Into the wild
photo by

Going inside this brothel was a trip!!! The location is so remote that no one really fucks with it, I guess…so the place was pretty much as it had been left on the day the ladies vacated the premises; there was still a coffee can on the kitchen counter, and the mattresses and everything were still in the bedrooms, a thin layer of dust covering everything like a musty silk stocking. Just like at the abandoned Rock-A-Hoola water park, it was as if the decision to flee came suddenly.

Ho Hum

Ho Hum

You never know if a murderous methhead is lurking around the next corner in places like these, so you have to be careful! Neither Ninotchka or I had a flashlight, and I had lent both my stun guns to my friend Justin for one of his wacky pranks, so we were unarmed and in the dark…but we still ventured in, tiptoeing gingerly around the premises, looking for interesting artifacts and photos. I got a flyswatter and a swatch of the amazing Alphonse Mucha-print wallpaper as souvenirs 🙂

Sunday afternoon in an abandoned brothel photo by

Sunday afternoon in an abandoned brothel
photo by

Some graffiti artists had been in there at some point, and the place was pretty busted up…but it wasn’t really that bad, considering how long it had been sitting there abandoned, the jizz-stained mattresses baking dry in the desert sun. We poked around in every room, and I insisted on getting naked and posing for a few photos while I was at it, Ninotchka obliging me despite her stringent warnings not to sit on anything. But my name is Wonderhussy for a reason — I ain’t skeered of no dusty old brothel mattress!

hi Mom!

hi Mom!

Anyhoo, after a few photos we climbed back in my truck and went up the road the rest of the way to Goldfield. As mentioned in my last blog, Goldfield was at one time a booming gold mining town — in the early 1900s it had a population of 20,000, making it the largest city in Nevada, and it even hosted a Lightweight boxing championship match between Joe Gans and Oscar Nelson that drew a crowd of 8,000. Once the mine ran out, however, the place dried up like that Sekhmet lady’s uterus…and these days fewer than 300 kooks, artists and hermits live out there, hunkered down in cabins and RVs and all manner of ramshackeldy desert fortresses. Fabulous!

junk car forest

junk car forest by

Our first stop in Goldfield was this Junk Car Forest some artists had erected out there — basically, a patch of desert valley with a bunch of rusted-out clunkers buried nose-first in the sand, standing up like graffiti-covered metal trees. FAR OUT! This place is AMAZING, and is free to enter and take photos at. It would be an amazing spot for a photo shoot — anyone who wants to hire me, hit me up! This time of year is fabulous for outdoor shooting around these parts 🙂



After exploring the Junk Car Forest awhile, we rolled into downtown Goldfield to check out the Santa Fe Saloon, home of the alleged “World’s Meanest Bartender–” the one my friend had said was really bitchy to him when he asked about the Great Goldfield Flood of 1913. (He asked her “How did Goldfield flood if there’s no river?!” to which she snarled “Ain’t ya ever heard of fuckin’ rain?!” then muttered, “Take yer city money and spend it somewhere else!!”) I was really looking forward to experiencing her bitchy shtick, especially since Ninotchka can be pretty gruff herself and as an ex-New Yorker, doesn’t take no guff from no one. Would there be a fight?! I certainly hoped so! It’s been 108 years since Gans vs. Nelson — high time for more fisticuffs in Goldfield, I’d say!!!

drinking at the Santa Fe Saloon

drinking at the Santa Fe Saloon

The Santa Fe Saloon is off a side street, about 1/2 mile east of the highway…so they have a big billboard advertising the turn-off, and this billboard also advertises it as being the “Home of the World’s Meanest Bartender.” Hmmmm. That much ballyhoo reeks of carny shtick; was this bartender really mean? It appeared so; I went inside ahead of Ninotchka, who was outside taking photos, to ask if they served food. The bartender, a gruff, bespectacled woman with a no-nonsense haircut and a Chicago Bears sweatshirt, drawled, “I got some frozen pizza.” I was looking around agape at the astonishing display of old-timey bric-a-brac they have in there, so didn’t answer immediately, so she repeated herself, louder and angrier: “I GOT SOME FROZEN PIZZA.”


World’s Meanest Bartender, captured on camera!!!!

“Ah, ok! Thanks!” I scurried back outside and relayed this info to Ninotchka, who was delighted — so we both went in and ordered drinks at the bar. We were very polite, so the bartender was cool…but when Ninotchka asked if she could take her photo, she firmly declined: “I don’t allow my picture to be taken.” Fair enough!! But OMG, I accidentally captured this elusive creature on my cell phone, when I was taking some establishing shots of the saloon interior. Whoooooops! She didn’t see me though, so she didn’t freak out or anything. And honestly, at this point…I was pretty sure this “World’s Meanest Bartender” stuff was pure shtick.

Either way, after a drink, Ninotchka and I passed on the frozen pizza and soldiered on ahead to Tonopah instead, where we could get some real food and a room for the night. It’s only about 20 minutes farther north up the 95, so no biggie. We hit up the diner at the Tonopah Station Casino for some good-old-fashioned diner breakfast food, and chatted with the waitress, who used to work in the bomb disassembly plant up the road in Hawthorne, this creepy military town an hour farther up the road that is home to all the unwanted, retired munitions of the US Army. Seriously — the desert up there is dotted with dozens of bunkers built into the desert, each containing god knows what kind of explosives. WEIRD!



After dinner, we went over to the registration area for the hotel — speaking of carny shtick, they run this game out there where you can “ROLL THE DICE FOR A FREE ROOM!” The front desk has this little birdcage-type thing with three oversize novelty dice in it, and you spin the cage to roll the dice. If all three land on the same number, you get a free room. I personally know someone who has won before, so I know it’s not rigged….but neither Ninotchka nor I were lucky that night. But it was all good, as we didn’t really want to stay there anyway — we wanted to stay at the CLOWN MOTEL!!!!



OMG, this Clown Motel has been on my bucketlist forever — every time I drive by it (on my way to and from Burning Man each year) I literally start drooling with lust: a beat-up-looking old dive motel with clowns all over the facade, like they’re trying to scare away business instead of lure in customers. AWESOME! I love contrarian shit like that 🙂 That’s Tonopah for ya!

We drove into the parking lot in the dark, and it was really creepy: the manager’s office is a tiny little wood-paneled room chock full of hundreds and hundreds of clown figurines, clown dolls, Precious

More clowns!!!

More clowns!!!

Moments clowns and one or two extra-terrifying life-sized clowns sitting around in chairs. Kind of like your grandma’s house, if she lived in a double-wide out back behind the Barnum & Bailey Bail Bonds Office. YIKES!

Still, we asked for a double room. “Smoking or non-smoking?” asked the clerk. “Smoking,” Ninotchka replied (as previously mentioned, she is a chain-smoker…plus she had brought me two joints for my birthday, so we were looking forward to getting baked with those).

Oh hi there!

Oh hi there!

At this, the clerk handed us the key: “Why don’t you go check out the room first, then come back and let me know if you want it.” DOUBLE YIKES!! As mentioned, Ninotchka is the desk clerk at a super shitty motel herself…so she knew what he meant by that. But when we went over to check out the room, it wasn’t that bad: stained carpet, torn curtains, two black velvet paintings of clowns on the wall. I’ve stayed in worse…well, actually no I haven’t, but it was cool. (Note to future patrons: the smoking rooms are old and beat-up and haven’t been remodeled like ever. But the non-smoking rooms are updated, and presumably much nicer.)

So we took the room, and then walked next door to the historic Tonopah cemetery, where all the early pioneers are buried: victims of the flood, victims of the 1911 Belmont Mine Fire, victims of life in general (suicide, influenza,

a suicide in Tonopah

a suicide in Tonopah

eating library paste) (really!!). We got high among the old tombstones, then went back to the room, baked out of our gourds, and had a loooong discussion about Abba. Did you know Abba has a song about an escort agency? Ninotchka used to be the phone girl at an outcall service, so she knows all about it — in fact, she knows a ton of interesting stuff about the escorting biz, and has a lot of good

the graveyard

the graveyard

stories. In fact, the last time she came up U.S. 95 this way was in the company of a black pimp who was headed to buy weed in Portland — she accompanied him for the adventure, and had to pretend he was her servant when they tried to check into one of the rural redneck motels out there and met resistance (the rednecks weren’t going to rent them a room until Ninotchka dropped her suitcase and barked to the pimp, “Take my bags, boy!” Then they were welcomed with open arms.) (That’s Tononpah for ya.)

Mizpah lobby

Mizpah lobby

Anyhoo, the next morning we’d had enough slumming with the clowns, and headed back down into central Tonopah to have breakfast at the über-swanky Mizpah hotel. This hotel is simply astonishing — a grand old fully restored turn-of-the-century luxury hotel that is said to be haunted by a ghost called the Lady in Red. Alas, the hotel has been so meticulously and luxuriously restored that it’s a bit pricey to stay at…but it has a fabulous lobby area with an amazing, elegant bar, all filigreed robber-baron-chic. I wonder who the fuck stays there?! The rooms were about $150 I think, and this was a Sunday night in the off-season. Crazy!

these are the artifacts that define our times

these are the artifacts that define our times

We loitered a bit in the lobby, checking out this amazing collection of framed personal checks endorsed by various celebrities (my favorite was a check made out for $3 to “Valley Shoe Repair” in 1979 by Jamie Lee Curtis) and had breakfast in the cafe, then walked around checking out downtown Tonopah. There’s not all that much to see, but it’s a cool old town with a lot of history, so it’s definitely worth a visit — and the star-gazing is said to be exceptional, since it’s far from any urban light pollution. We even drove around and checked out all the back streets, too — we really covered that town!

Then we headed back down toward Vegas, stopping in one more time at the Santa Fe Saloon — and this time, the bartender was even less grumpy, so I’m saddened to report that her reputation is almost definitely 100% shtick. Booo! After drinks we stopped at this kooky art car museum on the highway in town, where some old Burning Man vet stashed all his old art cars when he retired to the desert. I had a long and interesting conversation with his daughter, who sort of runs the place, and she told me about a bunch of kooky desert shit including the story of this poor deluded shaman.

Nevada is vast

Nevada is vast

The story was sparked by this map they had hanging on the wall of the State of Nevada — the map was color-coded to show all the land that is privately held, vs. US Military land and BLM (Federal Bureau of Land Management) land. It was crazy — around 85% of the state was yellow (BLM land), with tiny pockets of white (privately held land) around Reno and Vegas. The other 13% was all US Military land — the big government base where they used to detonate atomic bombs and stuff (and which Area 51 is part of) stretches all the way from Vegas to Tonopah, pretty much! Nuts! I had no idea it was that big.

one of the willow branches

one of the willow branches

Well, one time not too long ago, this poor addle-brained shaman had a Vision that if he would only walk all the way from Hawthorne (the munitions bunker town) to Mercury (the base headquarters, down near Vegas), and if he would only plant a willow branch every mile or so, if any one of the willow branches took root and started to grow, world peace and harmony would ensue. So this poor fucker did it — he walked all that way, toting all those willow branches….and for what?! The Middle East is ready to blow, and Russia’s not far behind…not to mention the mess in Africa. WTF!

no, not THAT Desert Inn

one of many places I plan to pose nude

Anyhoo, after listening to that downer tale it was time to get the fuck out of there — I had to drive to Reno the very next day (for the bike rally), and that night I was also having a sort of birthday party at a local gay bar that I had to get to. (It was my birthday that day.) So we hauled ass back to town, and I dropped Ninotchka back at her apartment. But we had such a good time, and made such good traveling companions, that we decided we need to figure out a way to get some funding somewhere to do a tour of the entire state of Nevada — all the weird little towns in in the middle that everyone passes by, like Ely, Pioche, Caliente and Battle Mountain. Real fucked-up towns, ya know?!

in the Tonopah book store's  special section

in the Tonopah book store’s special section

Ninotchka was gonna try and pitch our road trip to some local magazines, but if they won’t fund it, I’m turning to you guys: I’ll do a Naked Nevada Kickstarter campaign, and go around posing nude in every Nevada town with a population over 5. There really aren’t that many towns, so I’d only need about $4,000 to do it — so watch out, that may be coming soon!!!

Anyway, I raced home, freshened up, and hit the “birthday” party — it wasn’t really my birthday party, but the local Burning Man community was having a get-together that happened to be on my birthday, so I sort of piggy-backed onto it to avoid the suicidally awkward unpleasantness of last year’s botched birthday “party.” It worked out great, since there were a couple others who also shared the same

Happy birthday to me!!!

Happy birthday to me!!!

b-day, and they got us a cake and everything. Awwww! Also, they had a costume exchange going on, so I was able to unload a bunch of leftover wacky shit from my garage sale. Winning!!

And then, the next day I headed back up the 95 again to Reno…but I’ll tell you all about that in a few days. STAY TUNED!  🙂

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About wonderhussy

I am a foul-mouthed, flat-chested bon vivant and adventuress who likes to curse, drink, smoke and run around nude, and I refuse to kow-tow to the bourgeois moral code of the day. I’ve lived in Vegas over ten years, and have a few stories to tell. I roll around town in a truck stocked with a Breathalyzer and a swizzle stick, a spare pair of panties and two stun guns. Don’t fuck with me!
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30 Responses to Brothels and Clowns: Exploring Goldfield and Tonopah

  1. KonaCoconuts says:

    GREAT roadtrip story, the pictures are superb! Love the one of you sitting in the Santa Fe Saloon. Very atmospheric. You are the Road Trip Queen! And your friend is very very talented with the camera. KUDOS to the model and the photog.

    The brothel visit was gutsy! Can you imagine if those walls (and mattresses) could talk? Yikes!

    The skies and backdrop look a bit like New Mexico… your location was a little higher in altitude than Vegas right? I love the desert. Even though I’ve lived in Hawaii for 22 years, I miss the desert. I had a house in the high desert of California at one time.

    Some of my more favorite roadtrips have been through New Mexico and Arizona. You should visit Tombstone AZ one day. Yes it’s touristy but way out in the middle of NOWWHERE and VERY VERY cool! I bet you could find some amazing backdrops for photos in Arizona…

    Looking forward to the next posts but I think your desert explorations are the most interesting ones you do. :))

    PS. If you get to Hawaii before the lava flows hit Pahoa Town (quaint railroad-era town dating to the 1900s, with funky buildings, boardwalks, head shops, tie dye, yoga, etc..) have someone take you down there. We are about a week away from the lava hitting the road, and possibly destroying the town and cutting off access to nearly 9000 Lower Puna residents. As far as I know many of the merchants are staying until the end. Also there are hot ponds at the end of the road past Pahoa in Kapoho… access to all that will be near impossible once lava breaches the main highway.

  2. Big Pauly says:

    I just think you’re gutsy for staying at that Clown Motel, not to mention the abandoned brothel!

  3. TheMTNman says:

    You know how hard it is to get a pelvic exam in your town… and you sat nude on that cum-crusted mattress?! Now that’s sacrifice for art! :p

    The pic “Sunday afternoon in abandoned brothel” is great. What crossed my mind is the only thing that would make it better is if you were NOT in such great shape. The pose, the lighting, everything about it is so “tired, worn out, end of days” but then the model is in perfect shape. It’s still a great shot. :^)

    Happiness and craZyness to you on your birthday! 😀

  4. Porkchop says:

    Feliz cumpleaños. ¿Cuántos años tienes?

    • wonderhussy says:

      Younger than a redwood, older than a factory-farmed Christmas tree!!!

      • Porkchop says:

        Do you ever think about/want kids? (I know its crazy personal, but it crossed the mind.)

        • wonderhussy says:

          I’ve thought about this a lot! I like kids, and would enjoy having one or two, and would make a good mother. But I would only do it if I was financially able to support them…and to have a nanny or something to enable me to continue doing crazy shit. And to hire a personal trainer to get back in shape after having them!!! So….I will not be having kids any time soon :-p

          But that’s cool too, since I am 12 years older than my brother, and basically raised him, and my younger sister as well. I got the whole mothering thing out of system already!!

  5. Mark says:

    That’s the old Cottontail brothel at the intersection of US 95 and Nevada 266, isn’t it? BTW – the Mexican restaurant in Tonopah is pretty decent. Also, stop at Joe’s Tavern in Hawthorne if you get a chance.

  6. TheMTNman says:

    I was thinking more like droopy tits, more paunch, that sort of thing. A body that had been “used” in that worn out sense of the word.

    After digesting the picture a little more, I think the issue is that I’m projecting. I’m seeing the picture that ** I ** would have taken. Everything is old, worn out, broken… so in my mind I made the model the same, too. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    So this time around, I see it more as just the end of the day for, maybe, a girl that’s new to the trade. The room is old, faded paint, crusty bed, dusty windows, ancient light … but the girl is new. Reflecting on “what the fuck did I just do today??”

    Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I like it. That’s a great fucking picture! You’re amazing!!! :^)

  7. david kerr says:

    Here is some more info on the car forest in Gold Field… a friend was building it @ one point….

  8. Jim says:

    As a side note, that abandoned brothel looks just like the one used by Joe Don Baker in the classic 1973 film “Charley Varrick”. Not sure if it’s the exact one, but it might have some historical significance due to the movie.

    • wonderhussy says:

      No way! Maybe it is…I never even heard of that movie, but I’m sure the brothel was around then…

      • Jim says:

        I seriously think it’s worth checking out for the movie history aficionados. I swear to “Dog” (smile) the hallways of that place look EXACTLY like the one in the movie. The exact same wood veneer wall panels and the same width of hallway as shown in your picture.

        I can’t confirm this on my own because I’m too far away from Nevada, but in the movie Joe Don Baker is sleeping in one of the rooms in the brothel.

        Someone really needs to check this out eventually because it would be a shame to have the brothel torn down in case what I am suspecting is for real. “Charley Varrick” is actually a very good old crime movie well received by critics overall. Joe Don Baker is a mafia hit man who uses the brothel for uhm…..”a place to rest”.

        Anyway, here’s the movie on Amazon if one wants to research the brothel’s similarities: CHARLEY VARRICK

        • Jim says:

          By the way, the 1994 classic movie “Pulp Fiction” with John Travolta & Uma Thurman had a famous phrase in it: “A pair of pliers and a blowtorch…”

          Know where that famous phrase came from? “Charley Varrick”
          That’s why the movie is an old classic..

  9. Jim says:

    My sincerest apologies to all comment readers (sorry, Sarah!)

    It turned out to be the Mustang Ranch near Reno. Very sorry about the inconvenience. I was totally fooled by Sarah’s brothel hallway pics. Plz forgive???

    Here’s the link to the proper spot:

    My bad. Sorries!

  10. Hawaii50 says:

    Fun read. Found it on day 3 of being stuck in Tonopah. My wife and I are on an RV road trip between semesters…we both work at a small private college in PA…and our RV broke down. So as the mechanic across the street work on it, we’re holed up at the Station Casino and Hotel. No, we didn’t roll three-of-a-kind yet but we keep checking out in the morning and back in in the evening to give ourselves more chances.

    In the meantime we’re chasing down diesel engine parts all over northern Nevada and California. We were towing a Honda Element so we’re not actually deserted here. We’ve been to Bishop, CA for a fuel filter and then to Soarks/Reno for a turbo. During these parts runs we’ve come across a number of places mentioned in your blog. Thanks for answering so many questions that she and I have wondered during our trek. Hopefully we’ll be back on the road by tonight.

    Too bad your blog trip wasn’t happening in January of 2016. It would have been fun to run into you and talk stories.

    • wonderhussy says:

      Well honestly, being stuck in Tonopah sounds amazing right now… I’m stuck working a boring as trade show in Vegas! I’d rather be drinking with the world’s meanest bartender in Goldfield, kibbitzing with that mustachioed hippie lady at the Goldfield visitors center, or browsing the erotica section at the Tonopah used bookstore!!! Your bizarre predicament sounds weirdly fun to me, so make the most of it!! And good luck!

      • Hawaii50 says:

        We are, for sure. In addition you’ve gained another follower. I find your blogging pretty fun and interesting. Thanks.

  11. wonderhussy says:

    Right on! Hit me up if you need any more advice on what to do in the area!

  12. bob says:

    You are the stupidist person I ever saw on the whole internet.

  13. Lee R. (Tiger). Call Sign: Lima Kilo says:

    Was stationed at Tonopah Air Force Station (866th AC&W Squadron) from 1958 thru 1960. Remember the Buckeye Bar and Bobbie Duncan. Great Place for lonely GIs & Bobbie was a HELL of a Lady and Madam. Drink & Fork on credit until payday, but you better pay up or the First Sgt would be on your ass. The locals (Townies) were decent people to us Scopies. Fell in LOVE, became a sperm donor and shipped out to Germany in spring of 1960. Sent money until the kid was 18. Great Place to become of age. Will always remember Susie, Donna, Emily, Gail and most of all: The one and only, Toni Buffum, what a woman, great memories at the skating rink. etc……

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