Big Dune

photo by DespayreFX
photo by DespayreFX

One of the best dunefields in the Vegas area is just off U.S. 95 about 2 hours north of Vegas, just past Amargosa Valley, down a well-marked turnoff marked “Big Dune.”


If you’re looking to shoot at some sand dunes, these are a good bet — they’re fairly remote, free to access and even free to camp out at (unlike Dumont). You can reach the site by a good dirt road that just

photo by DespayreFX
photo by DespayreFX

about any car could handle, but you’ll have to hike into the actual dunes, unless you have 4WD — the sand for about 1/4 mile around the dunes is very soft.


The only downside to these dunes is that they are open to off-road vehicle traffic, so you may have to deal with a few sand-railin’ rednecks. But the place feels relatively unspoiled nevertheless.




Boy scouts photo by MG Imagery
Boy scouts
photo by MG Imagery

Also, one time I came here to shoot and there was a troop of Boy Scouts camping out…which made the Scoutmaster very nervous. The photographer I was with promised him we’d hike out pretty far for our shoot, away from the prying eyes of the pubescent boys…but wouldn’t ya know, those little fuckers still came sniffing around. I guess they were trying to earn their merit badge in Perving!

GPS: 36.648737, -116.581145

Wonderhussy rating: 8/10

Joseph Jakresky

Hi Sara Jane! I am an older man and I have been to very many places in this world. However, you have taken me to so very many different and very interesting places which (if it weren’t for you) I would never have had the opportunity to see. I have watched (pretty much) all of your videos and I love all of them very much. I love the way that you express everything that you see. You make everything even more interesting than it actually is. Thank you so very much for all that you have done for me and for so very many other people as well. I welcome you to visit my Website, if you have the time: MY PHILOSOPHIES – MY OPINIONS


Hi Joseph! Thanks for taking the time to write…I’m so glad you’re enjoying my stuff! I checked out your blog and you seem to have some well-written and well-thought-out entires, which is increasingly rare in today’s online world — good for you! I will read more in depth when I get the chance…thanks for sharing the link! Stay tuned for more videos, coming soon….and enjoy!

Tom Frye

Hi, Sarah(8-)

Here I am…Again(8-/. I understand your concern regarding the boy scouts. A majority of them would have become smitten. You look far too good for their own good(8-).

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