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I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people lately, asking if I’m OK…because I haven’t posted any new blogs in awhile.

I am definitely still around, but I’ve been having SO MANY ADVENTURES lately that I haven’t had time to write about them! I went on a 3-week cross-country road trip, hiked to a plane crash site in Death Valley for a Canadian scavenger hunt, played a nagging pregnant yoga wife in a porn movie, went to Disneyland and am now working on a new performance of my Electric Vagina at the BEquinox festival in Joshua Tree next week. Whew!



Laissez les bons temps rouler
Laissez les bons temps rouler

Additionally, I am working on a sort of quirky, NSFW web series with my photographer friends Mike and Kit, who have already posted a bunch of stuff on their Vimeo page. If interested, check those out here. The official web series episodes aren’t up yet, but will be soon — and they wrote a REALLY bad ass theme song about me for it 😀

But really, what I’ve been spending most of my time on is my YouTube channel! Ever since I realized I could make money off it last fall, I’ve been focusing more on vlogging than blogging. It was somewhat of a bummer to realize that most people prefer watching video to reading scathingly well-crafted diatribes…..but that’s the reality, and I needs to pay my bills! So I’ve been spending most of my blogging time vlogging instead.


thankfully it wasn't real!
thankfully it wasn’t real!

Most of my top-earning videos feature my exploration of abandoned buildings, ghost towns, mills, mines and factories. This genre of video is called “urbex,” short for “urban exploration,” and I had never heard of it until I uploaded that video at the abandoned mineral resort up near Jackpot, NV last July. I got such a great response from that video, it made me start to think I should make more videos, and… we are!

I also post a lot of videos featuring me wandering around different interesting places in the desert and the world in general. If interested, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me there…..


Or, if you want to stay up to date with scathing mini-diatribes, you can also follow my Facebook page. I know everyone’s not on Facebook, but it’s the easiest platform to post stuff while on the go, so that’s what I’ve been using.

On my cross-country trip, in Marfa, TX
On my cross-country trip, in Marfa, TX

If you’re not offended by my nude photos, then you can also follow me on Instagram, where I upload censored/PG-13 stuff several times a week….and on Tumblr, where I post my uncensored nudes. 

Anyway, I can’t WAIT to blog about my 3-week roadtrip and my Canadian plane crash adventure — both are GREAT stories! But in the meantime…..

…gotta go make some new videos 😀





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Don Kravig

Glad to hear your travels are bringing monetary rewards . The spiritual and life rewards of “Wander and Wonder ” are obvious in your writing. I hope you find time to continue telling some of your story’s the old fashion way. I’m a fan. Just read your description of a night out with the Playmate and the Nascar Bartender. You absolutely cracked me up.
Anyhow thanks for sharing your gifts I look foreward to your future adventures and I hope somewhere in your future a book comes out of all this.
Good Luck

John Dynia

I watch and enjoy your youtube stuff but have to admit I miss your blog entries, there’s a wonderful snarkiness and sense of humor that comes through better with what you write than the videos. Of course, getting paid is cool (we all have to eat right?). It’s not that one is better than the other, just that the two are different. And I must say that your visit to Trona was great. I mean it was like the beginning of every cheap horror film I misspent my youth watching (believe me, I mean that as a compliment). But I can only imagine what a blog entry about it, or about Roswell or Marfa would have been like, Pulitzer here you come! Here’s hoping your adventures continue and only get better.

Ryan Storm

Hello Wonderhussy, my name is Ryan. I am 40 yrs old, and love to do the same thing you do. I live here in Vegas, and go all around to Cali., Arizona, and Nevada looking for cool places to explore. I do a lot myself because no one else that I know think that stuff is fun. (which they have no clue what they are missing). Anyway, if you would ever be interested in teaming up once for a exploration, I would love to meet someone else that enjoys the same thing. Let me know if you are interested, and we can go from there. Hope to hear from ya…


Here are two ideas for videos for you….
The plane crash site at Mount Charleston and a slow approach towards Area 51 up until you can’t go any further. I did a personal video of that a long time ago when I went there.
See you at Burning Man!


….that Coaldale video reminded me of the local Exxon station we had about 20 years ago …….the owner told me that he would have to replace his gasoline storage tanks or go out of business >>>> $ 70,000 per ! ……they were not even leaking …..they had to be upgraded to double – walled leakproof tanks …… the business closed down ……sounds like a scheme to shut down the independents ! …….

Daniel Davis

As a newby to your videos, you could show how you make them. From video to editing, and music etc. I want to thank you for posting your travels, enjoying life as a Free Spirit. I knew one over 45 years ago and I wonder how her life has been all the past years. I’d like to start from your first postings and follow your travels, is their a listing showing your travels. Again a Big ThankYou for posting your travels. Dan in Longview, WA


Aww, thank you! I wonder what became of you free-spirited friend…I hope she’s enjoying herself, wherever she is!
I guess I could make a behind-the scenes video showing how I make my videos….but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be very exciting! I mostly just sit on my ass and fool around with iMovie 🙂
As far as a listing of my travels, I don’t really have one 🙁 I have been uploading once or twice per week since about last October, so a little over a year’s worth of videos…I think I have about 150 of them on my channel! But you’re right….I do need to make a list of all my videos, and put that on my website. Maybe I’ll try to do that tonight!

Paul d

Hey kid….love your utube vids…interesting and fun to watch..I’m stuck here in super boring connecticut wishing I could get out west…back in the day I’ve hitchhiked..thru the desert more than once..ahh…those were the days..just wanted to give you a big thumbs up and keep it up till you get sick of it or to old to walk the hundreds of miles….lots a love your way..Paul aka bonez

Doug Walker

I read your page on Janies Whorehouse. When I was a teenager back in the 80’s our family did alot of camping as rockhounds in California, Arizona, and Nevada. One of our yearly trips was to Montgomery Pass. We camped behind Janies Ranch and used it as or base to scour the local area for indian artifacts and rocks. There was an airstrip and a tower with a flashing red light. A couple planes would land everynight.

Pete Miller

Hiya Hussy! –
I have really been enjoying the exploration videos! I have watched most of them, thank you for all the work you do on them. As a former career film editor (W Peter Miller on I know how much work that takes. I am too burned out on it to do any more editing, but I love taking pictures… You inspire me!
PS – I am retired early and love to go on adventures… If you are ever in LA area again, I’ be happy to help any way I can… Fun Utah pics on my facebook!


Thank you Pete! Coming from a professional editor, your kind words mean a lot… Glad you are enjoying what I do! I can see how you could have gotten burned out on editing, it really is very time consuming. But so far, I still enjoy it quite a bit!

Randy johnston

Sar,Randy here from Hardluck Castle
Lost all e-mail and ways to get to you. Phone had a fatale attraction with Wall. Got new phone. Send how I can contact you.


WonderHussy you are the breast I mean best. I have never met you but I love you. You are every man’s dream come true. So to speak. Keep doing these videos. Love them and love you.

John Rush

Since your Joshua Tree road trip, a father/daughter exploration team went to the old Mojave Phone Booth site, and even further inland to an abandoned settlement:

More recently, they visited Colorado City, and reported that the people were friendly, though somewhat curious about them. While there, they found “baby land”, a cemetery where FLDS babies are buried:

Their videos have some interesting information, but I think your camera work, editing, and organization are better.

John Rush

Don’t know if you saw it, or when it happened, but on under your Community heading, Youtube removed your Las Vegas outtakes video for violating their nudity and sexual content standards. I don’t recall any sexual content, and the only nudity was from the back, and it wasn’t complete.

Nice version of Stavin’ Train.


Yeah that wasn’t on my channel, fortunately — that was on the photographer’s channel who made the video! It was his idea to do Stavin’ Chain…I’d never even heard of it!

John Rush

Sometimes, I think they should rename themselves Prudetube, or maybe Youprudes.

I’d like to listen to your photographer’s music collection.

John Rush

Another exploration of the Mojave Road, from earlier this year:

Yours is more detailed. They have a vehicle similar to yours. They also started from the Laughlin end. Is the road one-way in that direction because much of it is too narrow for two vehicles to pass?

Starting at about 4:50, they show an old school bus that’s not in either of your first two videos. According to one of the comments, it was moved by the property owner, so it’s no longer a landmark on the road.


yeah, there were a couple of things described in the book that were no longer on the road. But for the most part, everything was pretty much as it probably was 200 years ago!
As for which direction you travel, the original pioneers would have gone east to west, so I guess that’s just sort of the traditional direction people take. For my group, we wanted to go in the same direction as he describes it in the book, as it’s easier to follow that way. Oncoming traffic wouldn’t really be an issue for most of the road, there are plenty of places to pull over..

John Rush

The Mojave frog shrine reminded me of the Tango Frogs, six 10-foot tall frog sculptures created by an artist for the Tango nightclub in Dallas during the 1980s. Shortly after they were installed, the city deemed them in violation of some sign ordinance, and ordered their removal, which became a huge story locally. The club owner appealed, and they were allowed to stay, but the club was out of business the next year, and the frogs were sold at auction to the owner of a truck stop along I-35E just north of Hillsboro. I took pictures of them at that location some time ago. The truck stop was eventually sold, and 3 of the frogs were returned to their original location, which is now a Taco Cabana. More info here:

They even made the Roadside America site:

John Rush

Interesting report on Josie Pearl and where she lived. Her life spanned many cultural changes, but she was far removed from most of them, and probably better off for it. The property might be worth another visit in the late spring to see how the flora responds to warmer temperatures.

Evidence you showed indicates that the property was occupied after she died. The phone jack was invented in 1965, and didn’t become common until the 1970’s. The electric outlet with the third hole for a grounded plug was invented toward the end of her life, but wasn’t a requirement for some appliances until after she died. Given what she used, she probably wouldn’t have needed one. Those tires at about 11:10 could be another clue if they’re radials, which also weren’t common until the 1970’s. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, the tire size was represented in numbers such as 8.00-14, which changed in the 1970’s to G78/14; currently, the size would be something like P215/75R14 (P meaning a passenger tire; LT in its place would mean a light truck tire).

Agreed, spirit isn’t the best term, but it’s too often the first that come to mind. She could instead be called a good influence, since influences don’t necessarily need to be alive.

Yours is a creative version of Jingle Bells. Here’s another one, with much more snow:

Vegas Insight

I’d love to tell you something profound, but I’m on fumes.

As a boring writer much of the time, and a creative writer occasionally, I haven’t taken the time to read your blog much in the past, but I plan to start reading it, even though you sold out to the video overlords. You have a gift for storytelling that translates to the written word, and not all storytellers can do that. I’m glad you have as many stories as you do, and I can appreciate why you don’t carve out the time for blogging these days. Something is better than nothing, and all good things come to an end. If you never end up blogging about your adventures again, a few of us will be worse off because of it.

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