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Strange Goings-On at Hooters

Wow, what a week. Not much really happened, but it was still a doozy. Work was slow, which made me antsy, which made me apply for all kindsa crazy Craigslist nonsense that I shouldn’t have bothered with…but it’s toooo laaaaate … Continue reading

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I lack gravitas…but I make up for it with shenanigans

I’m barely back from the artsy-farsty lovey-dovey hippiefest of Burning Man, and the seedy Vegas underworld has gotten her claws into me already. I can’t be in this town two minutes without an Irish transsexual inviting me to a bondage … Continue reading

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Burning Man, Maaaaaaaan…

  Well, I'm back from Burning Man…and sick as FUCK!   The playa definitely took its toll on me — it was an exceptionally dusty year, and I got a bad case of playa lung, as they call it. Burning … Continue reading

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