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What It’s REALLY LIKE to get a DUI in Vegas!

These days when I go out (which is every day), I just don’t drink as much or party as hard as I used to. Is it age? Ennui? NEITHER!! My problem is that I was spanked pretty hard by the … Continue reading

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Giving up Sleep Restriction Therapy in Favor of a Hillary Clinton Mask and Naked Yoga

So as you may recall, last week this neurologist put me on a very strict sleep restriction regimen, in the hopes of curing my insomnia. I was supposed to got to bed at 3am, and get up at 7am — … Continue reading

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Zombie With a Yeast Infection!

My name is Wonderhussy, and I. AM. EXHAUSTED!!!! This exhaustion is mostly due to the bogus program of sleep deprivation I’m engaged in, to combat the chronic insomnia from which I’ve been suffering the past two years. (Basically, by limiting … Continue reading

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A Drugged-Out Desert Party and Another Fake Seizure

What a DAY! It all started much too early, at 8am. My insomnia has gotten worse of late, and I finally decided I’ve had enough, and it’s time to get serious about curing it. For the last 2.5 years, the … Continue reading

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