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I Need a Clone!!!

I NEED A CLONE!!! Many’s the time I’m confronted with a terrible dilemma that would confound even Solomon: which event to attend? One time I had to choose between a rave and a renaissance faire afterparty (guess which I chose?!), … Continue reading

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Peeps, Puke and Seizures

Last weekend was the big annual Viva Las Vegas rockabilly festival — a yearly event at one of the shittier local hotel dives that attracts legions of fanatical greaser-types from around the world. German rockabillies, Japanese rockabillies, but mostly East … Continue reading

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Porn Shops and Blood Wrestling

Finally, a week without anything shitty to gripe about! IT’S ABOUT FUCKIN’ TIME! It all started last Friday, when I volunteered for this Blood Wrestling event some local wackos had cooked up over at the Sci-Fi Center, a grungy little … Continue reading

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