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The Goddess vs. the Grape

This week, I got an exciting new gig as a model for…one of the Internet’s oldest foot fetish websites! I’m particularly stoked about this gig because a) it’s ongoing — they shoot twice a month, every month and b) … Continue reading

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Channeling My Inner Man, Name That Tune Redux, and Mixing Garlic Olives with Blueberry Yogurt

Halloween is almost here, and it’s a very stressful time of year for me. Which costumes to choose? And which parties to attend??! I can’t BEAR the thought of missing anything really cool, so please let me know if there’s … Continue reading

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Musical Dildo and XXX Karaoke (among other, less titillating things)

Last Saturday night I faced a veritable Sophie’s Choice: should I hit up the Renaissance Faire afterhours party, or go to a secret underground warehouse rave downtown? Hitting up both was not an option, since a) I didn’t get off … Continue reading

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Protesting on the Strip, and Belly Shots at the Heart Attack Grill

This is a two part blog. The first part is about boring mortgage-related stuff. The second half concerns my drunken hi-jinks (as pictured at left). So read whichever part you like! Yesterday was the big #OccupyLasVegas protest down on the … Continue reading

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Jumping on Ye Olde Bandwagon….. but really, I didn’t realize how FUCKED I was until I started adding up the numbers to make this sign. REALLY??? Fucking bloodsucking greedy bastards!! I hope Jebus comes back to Earth soon and smashes … Continue reading

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Jerry Springer, Part II

Time for the latest installment of All My Children…which is what my life has felt like lately! This week’s episode is brought to you by Charles Shaw Vineyards: when your life is a mess, Two Buck Chuck makes it allllllllllllll … Continue reading

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